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rvs.1.5 May they bring bliss to thee the Sage.
rvs.1.12 7 Praise Agni in the sacrifice, the Sage whose ways are ever true,
rvs.1.13 2 Son of Thyself, present, O Sage, our sacrifice to the Gods today.
rvs.1.31 2 O Agni, thou, the best and earliest Angiras, fulfillest as a Sage the holy law of Gods.
rvs.1.51 Whose gracious deeds for men spread like the heavens abroad: sing praise to him the Sage, most
rvs.1.65 A Sage like Soma, sprung from Law, he grew like some young creature, mighty, shining far.
rvs.1.69 2 Agni, the Sage, the humble, who discerns like the cows' udder, the sweet taste of food,
rvs.1.71 10 O Agni, break not our ancestral friendship, Sage as thou art, endowed with deepest knowledge.
rvs.1.76 5 As with oblations of the priestly Manus thou worshippedst the Gods, a Sage with sages,
rvs.1.91 Him doth the mighty Sage befriend.
rvs.1.94 Knowing all priestly work thou perfectest it, Sage. Let us not in thy friendship, Agni, suffer
rvs.1.95 The Sage adorns the depths of air with wisdom: this is the meeting where the Gods are worshipped.
rvs.1.128 Beloved of all, who knoweth all, the Priest, the Holy one, the Sage?
rvs.1.130 As thou with eager speed, O Sage, hast come from far away to help,
rvs.1.145 2 They ask of him: not all learn by their questioning what he, the Sage, hath grasped, as it were,
rvs.1.160 3 Son of these Parents, he the Priest with power to cleanse, Sage, sanctifies the worlds with his
rvs.1.175 4 Empowered by thine own might, O Sage, thou stolest Suryas' chariot wheel.
rvs.1.188 Bear out oblations, envoy, Sage.
rvs.2.1 13 Thee, Agni, have the Adityas taken as their mouth; the Bright Ones have made thee, O Sage, to
rvs.2.6 7 Between both races, Agni, Sage, well skilled thou passest to and fro,
rvs.2.6 8 Befriend us thou as knowing all. Sage, duly worship thou the Gods,
rvs.2.36 4 Bring the Gods hither, Sage, and offer sacrifice: at the three altars seat thee willingly, O
rvs.3.2 He like a horse is led forth to the sacrifice Sage, graciously inclined, that he may win us
rvs.3.2 10 Mans' sacrificial food hath sharpened like an axe, for brightness, him the Sage of men, the
rvs.3.3 Hath entered heaven and earth that show in varied form: the Sage whom many love rejoiceth in his
rvs.3.3 11 By his great skill the Sage alone hath brought to pass a great deed, mightier than Vaisvanaras'
rvs.3.13 3 He is the Sage who guides these men, Leader of sacred rites is he.
rvs.3.21 3 Agni, Most Excellent! for thee the Sage are drops that drip with oil.
rvs.3.21 With great light art thou come, O praised by poets! Accept our offering, O thou Sage.
rvs.3.23 1. RUBBED into life, well stablished in the dwelling, Leader of sacrifice, the Sage, the youthful,
rvs.3.25 Bring the Gods specially, thou Sage, for worship.
rvs.3.27 2 Agni I laud, the Sage inspired, crowner of sacrifice through song,
rvs.3.29 5 Rub into life, ye men, the Sage, the guileless, Immortal, very wise and fair to look on.
rvs.3.29 12 With strong attrition rubbed to life, laid down with careful hand, a Sage,
rvs.3.42 6 We know thee winner of the spoil, and resolute in battles, Sage!
rvs.3.52 With offered viands and with songs may we assist thee, Sage, whom Vaja and the Rbhus wait upon.
rvs.3.54 6 The Sage who looketh on mankind hath viewed them bedewed, rejoicing in the seat of Order.
rvs.4.1 forth, brought forth the omnipresent Goddevoted- Sage.
rvs.4.2 12 This Sage the Sages, Never deceived, commanded, setting him down in dwellings of the living.
rvs.4.3 Sung to thee, Sage, the charming words of wisdom, to thee, O Singer, with. my thoughts and Praises.
rvs.4.19 10 To the wise man, O Sage and Sovran Ruler, the man who knoweth all thine ancient exploits.
rvs.4.25 Who seeks bond, friendship, brotherhood with Indra? Who hath recourse unto the Sage for succour?
rvs.4.53 2 Sustainer of the heaven, Lord of the whole worlds' life, the Sage, he putteth on his
rvs.5.4 3 The Sage of men, the Lord of human races, pure, purifying Agni, balmed with butter,
rvs.5.11 Sage.
rvs.5.14 5 Serve Agni, God adorable, the Sage whose back is balmed with oil:
rvs.5.21 Serving at sacrifices men adore thee as a God, O Sage.
rvs.5.26 3 We have enkindled thee, O Sage, bright caller of the Gods to feast.
rvs.5.44 7 Surya the Sage, as if unwedded, with a Spouse, in battleloving- spirit moveth over the foes.
rvs.5.45 Down on the Soma swooped the rapid Falcon. Bright was the young Sage moving mid his cattle.
rvs.5.54 13 Sage Maruts, may we be the drivers of the car of riches ful I of life that have been given by
rvs.5.65 We who have good steeds call on you, Most Sage, to give us strength besides.
rvs.6.1 8 Sage of mankind, all peoples' Lord and Master, the Bull of men, the sender down of blessings,
rvs.6.5 Sage who sends wealth comprising every treasure, bringer of many boons, devoid of malice.
rvs.6.7 The Sage, the King, the guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
rvs.6.7 7 Vaisvanara, who measured out the realms of air, Sage very wise who made the lucid spheres of
rvs.6.11 When the Angirases' sagest Sage, the Poet, sings the sweet measure at the solemn service.
rvs.6.13 Even he whom thou, Sage, born in Law, incitest by wealth, accordant with the Child of Waters.
rvs.6.16 Guard us thou Sage who knowest prayer.
rvs.6.32 And broken down the forts, the Fortdestroyer-, a Friend with friends, a Sage among the sages.
rvs.6.35 Him who gives pure gifts may I praise unceasing. Sage, quicken the Angirases by devotion.
rvs.6.47 This Sage hath measured out the six expanses from which no single creature is excluded.
rvs.6.49 Thou, Sage, with bright path, Lord of harnessed horses, impetuous, promptly honourest the prudent.
rvs.6.49 Him great and lofty, blissful, undecaying let us call specially as the Sage impels us.
rvs.6.51 2 The Sage who knows these Gods three ranks and orders, and all their generations near and
rvs.6.53 5 Penetrate with an awl, O Sage, the hearts of avaricious churls,
rvs.6.53 7 Tear up and read in pieces, Sage, the hearts of avaricious churls,
rvs.6.68 One with his might and thunderbolt slays Vrtra; the other as a Sage stands near in troubles.
rvs.7.3 Sprung, sought with eager longing, from his Parents, for the Gods worship, Sage and Purifier:
rvs.7.6 2 Sage, Sing, Food, Light, they bring him from the mountain, the blessed Sovran of the earth and
rvs.7.16 Lord of all boons, thou art the Cleanser and a Sage. Pay worship, and enjoy the good.
rvs.7.18 2 For like a King among his wives thou dwellest: with glories, as a Sage, surround and help us.
rvs.7.88 When days shone bright the Sage made him a singer, while the heavens broadened and the Dawns were
rvs.7.88 Let us not, Living One, as sinners I know thee: give shelter, as a Sage, to him who lauds thee.
rvs.8.2 36 The Sage who, winning spoil with steeds, slays Vrtra, Hero with the men,
rvs.8.6 The Sage was manifest with song.
rvs.8.11 6 Sages, we call the Sage to help, mortals, we call the God to aid:
rvs.8.19 17 O Agni, most devout are they, the sages who have set thee Sage exceeding wise,
rvs.8.29 2 Another, luminous, occupies the place of sacritice, Sage, among the Gods.
rvs.8.39 May Agni deck the Gods for us. Between both gatheringplaces- he goes on his embassy, the Sage. May
rvs.8.39 Decked as our envoy let the Sage bring hither and conciliate the Thrice Eleven Deities. Let all
rvs.8.41 He cherishes much wisdom, Sage, as heaven brings forth each varied form.
rvs.8.43 1. THESE songs of mine go forth as lauds of Agni, the disposing Sage,
rvs.8.43 14 For thou, O Agni, by the fire, Sage by the Sage, Good by the Good,
rvs.8.44 10 Him, Sage and Herald, void of guile, ensign of sacrifices, him
rvs.8.44 12 Making his body beautiful, Agni the Sage hath waxen by
rvs.8.44 21 Agni who bears most holy sway, the holy Singer, holy Sage,
rvs.8.44 The Sage, I glorify with hymns.
rvs.8.44 29 For thou art sharer of our feast, wise, ever watchful as a Sage:
rvs.8.44 30 O Agni, Sage, before our foes, before misfortunes fall on us,
rvs.8.45 14 Though thou art highest, Sage and Bold! let the drops cheer thee when we come
rvs.8.49 3 Agni, thou art Disposer, Sage, Herald, bright God! and worshipful,
rvs.8.49 5 Famed art thou, Agni, far and wide, Preserver, righteous, and a Sage.
rvs.8.60 5 Sage Agni, be whom thou dost urge, in worship of the Gods, to wealth,
rvs.8.64 And chief of riches and a Sage.
rvs.8.68 Rsi and Sage by sapience,
rvs.8.73 2 Whom as a farforeseeing- Sage the Gods have, from the olden time,
rvs.8.87 1. To Indra sing a Sama hymn, a lofty song to Lofty Sage,
rvs.8.91 1. LORD of the house, Sage, ever young, high power of life, O Agni, God,
rvs.8.91 5 1 call the Sage who sounds like wind, the Might that like Parjanya roars,
rvs.8.91 12 Sage, laud the Mighty One who wins the spoil of victory like a steed,
rvs.8.91 17 The Gods as mothers brought thee forth, the Immortal Sage, O Angiras,
rvs.9.2 ne Sage drew waters to himself.
rvs.9.6 His ancient wisdom of a Sage.
rvs.9.7 4 When, clothed in manly strength, the Sage flows in celestial wisdom round,
rvs.9.9 1. THE Sage of Heaven whose heart is wise, when laid between both hands and pressed,
rvs.9.12 4 Farsighted- Soma, Sage and Seer, is worshipped in the central point
rvs.9.13 2 Sing forth, ye men who long for help, to Pavamana, to the Sage,
rvs.9.14 1. REPOSING on the rivers' wave the Sage hath widely flowed around,
rvs.9.18 2 Thou art a sacred Bard, a Sage; the meath is Offspring of thy sap:
rvs.9.20 1. FORTH through the strainingcloth- the Sage flows to the banquet of the Gods,
rvs.9.25 3 The Steer shines with the Deities, dear Sage in his appointed home,
rvs.9.25 6 Flow, best exhilarator, Sage, flow to the filter in a stream
rvs.9.26 3 Him, nourisher of many, Sage, creative Pavamana, they
rvs.9.27 1. THIS Sage, exalted by our lauds, flows to the purifying cloth,
rvs.9.35 4 Indu arouses strength the Sage who strives for victory, winning power,
rvs.9.40 They deck the Sage with holy songs.
rvs.9.44 5 May Soma, ever bringing power to Bhaga and to Vayu, Sage
rvs.9.50 4 Flow with thy current to the sieve, O Sage most powerful to cheer,
rvs.9.54 The Sage who wins a thousand gifts.
rvs.9.59 Sit on the sacred grass, a Sage.
rvs.9.62 14 For Indra flows the gladdening drink, the measurer of the region, Sage,
rvs.9.62 27 O Soma, O thou Sage, these worlds stand ready to attest thy might:
rvs.9.62 30 Soma, true, Pavamana, Sage, is seated in the cleansing sieve,
rvs.9.63 20 The singers, seeking help, adorn the Sage who must be decked with songs:
rvs.9.64 O Sage, the Maruts drink thereof.
rvs.9.64 30 Specially, Soma, coming as a Sage from heaven to prosper us,
rvs.9.65 29 The Excellent, the Gladdener, the Sage with heart that understands,
rvs.9.66 Made melody round thee the Sage.
rvs.9.66 10 The streams of Pavamana, thine, Sage, Mighty One, have pouredthem forth.
rvs.9.66 20 Agni is Pavamana, Sage, Chief Priest of all the Races Five:
rvs.9.68 4 Wandering through, the Parents, strengthening the floods, the Sage makes his place swell with
rvs.9.68 5 With energetic intellect the Sage is born, deposited as germ of Law, far from the Twins.
rvs.9.71 7 From far away, from heaven, the redhued noted Sage, Steer of the triple height, hath sung unto
rvs.9.72 6 Sages wellskilled- in work, intelligent, drain out the stalk that roars, the Sage, the
rvs.9.74 He shall bring both these great worlds while the rite proceeds: the Sage holds these who move!
rvs.9.78 2 Thou, Soma, art effused for Indra by the men, balmed in the wood as wave, Sage, Viewer of
rvs.9.82 2. To glory goest thou, Sage with disposing skill, like a groomed steed thou rusbest forward to
rvs.9.84 Winner of wealth, the effectual juice is flowing on, Singer and Sage by wisdom, dear as heaven
rvs.9.85 9 The Steer who sees afar hath risen above the sky: the Sage hath caused the lights of heaven to
rvs.9.86 O Indra, through thy wisdom, b thy thought, O Sage, Soma flows bright and pure between the earth
rvs.9.86 20 On, with the prudent singers, flows the ancient Sage and guided by the men hath roared about
rvs.9.86 The living men, the mighty, have impelled the Sage into the waters' lap, the place of sacrifice.
rvs.9.86 Making the kine his mantle, he, the lovely Sage, runs like a sporting courser onward through the
rvs.9.86 29 Thou art the sea, O Sage who bringest alf to light: under thy Law are these five regions of the
rvs.9.87 3. Rsi and Sage, the Champion of the people, cleft and sagacious, Usana in wisdom,
rvs.9.91 1. As for a chariotrace-, the skilful Speaker, Chief, Sage, Inventor, hath, with song, been
rvs.9.92 2 He who beholdeth man hath reached the filter: bearing his name, the Sage hath sought his
rvs.9.92 Let him rejoice in all his lofty wisdom to the Five Tribes the Sage attains with labour.
rvs.9.94 Acting the Sage, he flows enrobed in waters and song as it were a stall that kine may prosper.
rvs.9.96 By songs a Poet and a Sage by wisdom, Soma joes singing through the cleansing filter.
rvs.9.97 2 Robed in fair raiment meet to wear in battle, a mighty Sage pronouncing invocations.
rvs.9.97 23 The Sage, Celestial, liberal, raining bounties, pours as he flows the Genuine for the Truthful.
rvs.9.100 5 Flow on, Sage Soma, with thy stream to give us mental power and strength,
rvs.9.102 Much longed for at the sacrifice, most liberal Sage,
rvs.9.107 Thou hast become a Sage most welcome to the Gods: thou madest Surya mount to heaven.
rvs.9.109 13 Fair Indu hath flowed on for rapturous joy, Sage for good fortune in the waters' lap.
rvs.10.10 1. FAIN would I win my friend to kindly friendship. So may the Sage, come through the airs' wide
rvs.10.20 Sage, giving splendour to the clouds.
rvs.10.44 4 So like a Bull thou rushest to the Lord who loves the trough, the Sage, the prop of vigour, in
rvs.10.50 7 They who with flowing Soma pray to thee, O Sage, to pour on them thy gifts of opulence and
rvs.10.61 16 This King is praised and honoured as Ordainer: himself the bridge, the Sage speeds over the
rvs.10.64 4 How is the Sage extolled whom the loud singers praise? What voice, what hymn is used to laud
rvs.10.87 9 With keen glance guard the sacrifice, O Agni: thou Sage, conduct it onward to the Vasus.
rvs.10.87 21 From rear, from front, from under, from above us, O King, protect us as a Sage with wisdom.
rvs.10.87 22 We set thee round us as a fort, victorious Agni, thee a Sage,
rvs.10.87 I sharpen thee, Infallible, with hymns. O Sage, be vigilant.
rvs.10.88 14 We call upon the Sage with holy verses, Agni Vaisvanara the everbeaming-,
rvs.10.92 12 And may he too give car, the Sage, from far away, the Dragon of the Deep, to this our yearning
rvs.10.92 The stones through which the Sage became exceeding vast, and the sharp axe obtains in fight the
rvs.10.100 6 Indra possesseth might celestial nobly formed: the singer in the house is Agni, prudent Sage.
rvs.10.112 9 Lord of the hosts, amid our bands be seated: they call thee greatest Sage among the sages.
rvs.10.124 7 The Sage hath fixed his form by wisdom in the heavens: Varuna with no violence let the waters
rvs.10.140 Sage, passing bright, thou givest to the worshipper, with strength, the food that merits laud.
rvs.10.165 May Agni, Sage, be pleased with our oblation, and may the Missile borne on wings avoid us.

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