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rvs.1.181 One of you Prince of Sacrifice, the Victor, the other counts as Heavens' auspicious offspring.
rvs.3.32 12 Sacrifice, Indra, made thee wax so mighty, the dear oblation with the flowing Soma.
rvs.5.26 O Agni, great in Sacrifice.
rvs.6.11 1. EAGERLY Sacrifice thou, most skilful, Agni! Priest, pressing on as if the Maruts sent thee.
rvs.7.35 7 Blest unto us be Soma, and devotions, blest be the Sacrifice, the Stones for pressing.
rvs.8.18 19 Sacrifice, O Adityas, is your inward monitor: be kind,
rvs.10.20 7 With service for chief bliss I seek the Lord of Sacrifice, Agni, whom

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