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rvs.1.27 10 Help, thou who knowest lauds, this work, this eulogy to Rudra, him
rvs.1.38 7 Truly, they the fierce and mighty Sons of Rudra send their windless
rvs.1.43 HYMN XLIII. Rudra. 43
rvs.1.43 1 WHAT shall we sing to Rudra, strong, most bounteous, excellently wise,
rvs.1.43 2 That Aditi may grant the grace of Rudra to our folk, our kine,
rvs.1.43 3 That Mitra and that Varuna, that Rudra may remember us,
rvs.1.43 4 To Rudra Lord of sacrifice, of hymns and balmy medicines,
rvs.1.64 2 They spring to birth, the lofty Ones, the Bulls of Heaven, divine, the youths of Rudra, free
rvs.1.64 12 The progeny of Rudra we invoke with prayer, the brisk, the bright, the worshipful, the active
rvs.1.72 4 Making them known to spacious earth and heaven, the holy Ones revealed the powers of Rudra.
rvs.1.114 HYMN CXIV. Rudra. 114
rvs.1.114 1. To the strong Rudra bring we these our songs of praise, to him the Lord of Heroes with the
rvs.1.114 2 Be gracious unto us, O Rudra, bring us joy: thee, Lord of Heroes, thee with reverence will we
rvs.1.114 3 By worship of the Gods may we, O Bounteous One, O Rudra, gain thy grace, Ruler of valiant men.
rvs.1.114 4 Hither we call for aid the wise, the wanderer, impetuous Rudra, perfecter of sacrifice.
rvs.1.114 7 O Rudra, harm not either great or small of us, harm not the growing boy, harm not the fullgrown-
rvs.1.114 Slay not a sire among us, slay no mother here, and to our own dear bodies, Rudra, do not harm.
rvs.1.114 8 Harm us not, Rudra, in our seed and progeny, harm us not in the living, nor in cows or steeds,
rvs.1.114 11 We, seeking help, have spoken and adored him: may Rudra, girt by Maruts, hear our calling.
rvs.1.122 1. SAY, bringing sacrifice to bounteous Rudra, This juice for drink to you whose wrath is fleeting!
rvs.1.129 Indra, to thee I sing, to Dyaus, to Rudra glorious in himself,
rvs.2.1 6 Rudra art thou, the Asura of mighty heaven: thou art the Maruts' host, thou art the Lord of food,
rvs.2.33 HYMN XXXIII. Rudra. 33
rvs.2.33 Gracious to our fleet courser be the Hero may we transplant us, Rudra, in our children.
rvs.2.33 2 With the most saving medicines which thou givest, Rudra, may I attain a hundred winters.
rvs.2.33 3 Chief of all born art thou in glory, Rudra, armed with the thunder, mightiest of the mighty.
rvs.2.33 4 Let us not anger thee with worship, Rudra, ill praise, Strong God! or mingled invocation.
rvs.2.33 As he who finds a shade in fervent sunlight may I, uninjured, win the bliss of Rudra.
rvs.2.33 7 Where is that gracious hand of thine, O Rudra, the hand that giveth health and bringeth comfort,
rvs.2.33 We serve the brilliant God with adorations, we glorify, the splendid name of Rudra.
rvs.2.33 The strength of Godhead Never departs from Rudra, him who is Sovran of this world, the mighty.
rvs.2.33 Worthy, thou cuttest here each fiend to pieces: a mightier than thou there is not, Rudra.
rvs.2.33 O Rudra, praised, be gracious to the singer. let thy hosts spare us and smite down another.
rvs.2.33 12 I bend to thee as thou approachest, Rudra, even as a boy before the sire who greets him.
rvs.2.33 Those which our father Manu hath selected, I crave from. Rudra for our gain and welfare.
rvs.2.33 Here, Rudra, listen to our invocation. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.
rvs.2.34 Since the strong Rudra, O Maruts with brilliant chests, sprang into life for you in Prsnis'
rvs.2.38 9 Him whose high law not Varuna nor Indra, not Mitra, Aryaman, nor Rudra breaketh,
rvs.3.2 Yea, with raised ladles, him bright, dear to all the Gods, perfecting aims of works, Rudra of
rvs.3.26 Those storming Sons of Rudra clothed in robes of rain, boongivers- of good gifts, roar as the
rvs.4.3 1. WIN, to assist you, Rudra, Lord of worship, Priest of both worlds, effectual
rvs.4.3 True, circumambient? what to Earth, O Agni, what wilt thou say to mandestroying- Rudra?
rvs.4.3 7 How to great Pusan who promotes our welfare, to honoured Rudra what, who gives oblations?
rvs.5.3 3 The Maruts deck their beauty for thy glory, yea, Rudra! for thy birth fair, brightlycoloured-.
rvs.5.41 And they who of one mind with bounteous Rudra accept the hymn and laud with adorations.
rvs.5.41 11 How shall we speak to the great might of Rudra? How speak to Bhaga who takes thought for riches?
rvs.5.42 Worship thou Rudra for his great good favour: adore the Asura, God, with salutations.
rvs.5.42 15 May this my laud attain the troop of Maruts, those who are youths in act, the Sons of Rudra.
rvs.5.46 May both Nasatyas, Rudra, heavenly Matrons, Pusan, Sarasvati, Bhaga, accept us.
rvs.5.51 Help us the Rbhus, the Divine Ones, for our good. May Rudra bless and keep us from calamity.
rvs.5.52 And the impetuous Rudra they, the Mighty Ones, declared their Sire.
rvs.5.57 Children of Rudra, give us high distinction: may I enjoy your Godlike help and favour.
rvs.5.58 Rudra.
rvs.5.59 Lauded by thee, these Maruts, Sons o Rudra, O Rsi, have sent down the heavenly treasure.
rvs.5.60 May their Sire Rudra, young and deft, and Prsni pouring much milk, bring fair days to the Maruts.
rvs.6.28 Never be thief or sinful man your matter, and may the dart of Rudra still avoid you.
rvs.6.49 10 Rudra by day, Rudra at night we honour with these our songs, the Universes' Father.
rvs.6.50 4 This day invited may the Sons of Rudra, resistless, excellent, stoop down to meet us;
rvs.6.50 12 May Rudra and Sarasvati, accordant, Visnu and Vayu, pour down gifts and bless us;
rvs.6.62 Make that, Adityas, Vasus, sons of Rudra, an evil brand to one allied with demons.
rvs.6.66 3 They who are Sons of the rainpouring- Rudra, whom the longlasting- One had power to foster:
rvs.6.66 11 That swelling band I call with invocation, the brood of Rudra, armed with glittering lances.
rvs.6.74 2 Soma and Rudra, chase to every quarter the sickness that hath visited our dwelling.
rvs.6.74 4 Armed with keen shafts and weapons, kind and loving, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra.
rvs.7.10 4 joined with the Vasus, Agni, bring thou Indra bring hither mighty Rudra with the Rudras,
rvs.7.35 Kind, with the Rudras, be the Healer Rudra, and, with the Dames, may Tvastar kindly listen.
rvs.7.36 Rudra.
rvs.7.40 Hence Rudra gained his Rudrastrength-: O Asvins, ye sought the house that hath celestial viands.
rvs.7.41 Bhaga at dawn, Pusan, and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, Rudra we will invoke at dawn.
rvs.7.46 HYMN XLVI. Rudra. 46
rvs.7.46 1. To Rudra bring these songs, whose bow is firm and strong, the selfdependent- God with
rvs.7.46 Come willingly to our doors that gladly welcome thee, and heal all sickness, Rudra., in our
rvs.7.46 4 Slay us not, nor abandon us, O Rudra let not thy noose, when thou art angry, seize us.
rvs.7.56 Then, O ye Maruts, ye who spring from Rudra, be our protectors in the strife with foemen.
rvs.7.58 5 I call, as such, the Sons of bounteous Rudra: will not the Maruts turn again to usward-?
rvs.8.13 20 That mind of Rudra, fresh and strong, moves conscious in the ancient ways,
rvs.10.64 Krsanu, Tisya, archers to our gatheringplace-, and Rudra strong amid the Rudras we invoke.
rvs.10.65 Adityas, Maruts, Visnu, Soma, lofty Sky, Rudra and Aditi, and Brahmanaspati.
rvs.10.66 May the God Rudra with the Rudras favour us, and Tvastar with the Dames further us to success.
rvs.10.92 5 Onward, with everroaming- Rudra, speed the floods: over Aramati the Mighty have they run.
rvs.10.92 9 With humble adoration show this day your song of praise to mighty Rudra, Ruler of the brave:
rvs.10.93 What else is Rudra, praised of men? the Maruts, Bhaga, Pusana?
rvs.10.125 6 I bend the bow for Rudra that his arrow may strike and slay the hater of devotion.
rvs.10.126 Strong Rudra with the Marut host, Indra, Agni let us call for weal beyond our foes.
rvs.10.136 When he with long loose locks hath drunk, with Rudra, water from the cup.
rvs.10.169 May they drink waters rich in life and fatness: to food that moves on feet be gracious, Rudra.

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