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rvs.1.15 HYMN XV. Rtu. 15
rvs.1.15 1 O INDRA drink the Soma juice with Rtu; let the cheering drops
rvs.1.15 2 Drink from the Purifiers' cup, Maruts, with Rtu; sanctify
rvs.1.15 3 O Nestar, with thy Dame accept our sacrifice; with Rtu drink,
rvs.1.15 Surround them, and with Rtu drink.
rvs.1.15 With Rtu ye have reached the rite.
rvs.1.15 9 He with the Rtu fain would drink, Wealthgiver-, from the Nestars' bowl.
rvs.1.15 12 With Rtu, through the housefire-, thou, kind Giver, guidest sacrifice:
rvs.2.37 Do thou with all, with Rtu, O thou Excellent, fain, make the great Gods all fain taste the gift we

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