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rvs.1.23 Shall know me even as I am, and Indra with the Rsis, know.
rvs.1.48 14 Mighty One, whom the Rsis of old time invoked for their protection and their help,
rvs.1.84 Hither to Rsis' songs of praise and sacrifice performed by men.
rvs.1.164 15 Of the coborn- they call the seventh singleborn-; the six twin pairs are called Rsis, Children
rvs.5.44 8 Thy name, sung forth by Rsis in these hymns of ours, goes to the loftier One with this swift
rvs.5.65 Neglect not ye the wealthy chiefs, neglect not us the Rsis: be our guardians when ye quaff the
rvs.5.66 5 This is the Law sublime, O Earth: to aid the Rsis' toil for fame
rvs.6.44 To him exalted by the hymns and praises, ancient and modern, of the singing Rsis.
rvs.7.22 9 Among all Rsis, Indra, old and recent, who have engendered hymns as sacred singers,
rvs.7.70 4 Delight yourselves, ye Gods, in plants and waters when Rsis give them and ye find they suit You.
rvs.7.70 5 Asvins, though ye have heard them oft aforetime, regard the many prayers which Rsis offer.
rvs.8.3 4 He, with his might enhanced by Rsis thousandfold, hath like an ocean spread himself.
rvs.8.6 12 Whatever Rsis have not praised thee, Indra, or have lauded thee,
rvs.8.8 6 As, Heroes, in the olden time the Rsis called you to their aid,
rvs.8.13 25 Wax miglity, thou whom many laud for aids which Rsis have extolled.
rvs.8.17 The drop of Soma breaketh all the strongholds down, and Indra is the Rsis' Friend.
rvs.8.89 When thou didst open wealth heaped up by many, brought from far away to Sarablia, the Rsis' kin.
rvs.8.103 6 What ye in time of old Indra and Varuna, gave Rsis revelation, thought, and power of song,
rvs.9.62 By the Seven Rsis' holy songs.
rvs.9.68 7 Together with the Rsis, with their prayers and hymns ten women deck thee, Soma, friendly when
rvs.9.76 4 Onward he flows, the King of all that sees the light: the Rsis' Lord hath raised the song of
rvs.9.86 The Rsis have poured in continuous Soma drops, ordainers who adorn thee, Friend whom Rsis love.
rvs.9.92 The Rsis came to him, seven holy singers, when in the bowls he settled as Invoker.
rvs.9.103 The Rsis' sevenfold quire hath sung aloud to him.
rvs.10.14 Bow down before the Rsis of the ancient times, who made this path in days of old.
rvs.10.22 Who in the home of Rsis and in secret is extolled with song?
rvs.10.45 12 Agni, the Friend of men, the Somas' keeper, Vaisvanara, hath been lauded by the Rsis.
rvs.10.47 Strong, with famed Rsis, conquering our foemen: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
rvs.10.54 3 Who are the Rsis, then, who comprehended before our time the bounds of all thy greatness?
rvs.10.62 4 This kinsman in your dwellingplace speaks pleasant words: give car to this, ye Rsis, children of
rvs.10.62 5 Distinguished by their varied form, these Rsis have been deeply moved.
rvs.10.71 3 With sacrifice the trace of Vak they foIlowed, and found her harbouring within the Rsis.
rvs.10.73 11 Like birds of beauteous wing the Priyamedhas, Rsis, imploring, have come nigh to Indra:
rvs.10.80 5 With songs of praise the Rsis call on Agni; on Agni, heroes worsted in the foray.
rvs.10.82 Their offerings joy in rich juice where they value One, only One, beyond the Seven Rsis.
rvs.10.82 4 To him in sacrifice they offered treasures, Rsis of old, in numerous troops, as singers,
rvs.10.89 16 May plentiful libations of the people, and singing Rsis' holy prayers rejoice thee.
rvs.10.90 With him the Deities and all Sadhyas and Rsis sacrificed.
rvs.10.98 9 All ancient Rsis with their songs approached thee, even thee, O Muchinvoked-, at sacrifices.
rvs.10.108 8 Rsis will come inspirited with Soma, Angirases unwearied, and Navagvas.
rvs.10.108 Kine which Brhaspati, and Soma, Rsis, sages, and pressingstones- have found when hidden.
rvs.10.109 4 Thus spake of her those Gods of old, Seven Rsis who sate them down to their austere devotion:
rvs.10.115 9 Thus, Agni, have the sons of Vrstihavya, the Rsis, the Upastutas invoked thee.
rvs.10.130 Jagati entered all the Gods together: so by this knowledge men were raised to Rsis.
rvs.10.130 6 So by this knowledge men were raised to Rsis, when ancient sacrifice sprang up, our Fathers.
rvs.10.130 7 They who were versed in ritual and metre, in hymns and rules, were the Seven Godlike Rsis.
rvs.10.148 3 Answer the votarys' hymns, for these thou knowest, craving the Rsis' prayer, thyself a Singer
rvs.10.150 4 Agni the God was made the great HighPriest- of Gods, Rsis have kindled Agni, men of mortal mould.
rvs.10.154 The Rsis, Yama! Fervourmoved-, even to those let him depart.

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