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rvs.1.167 The fierce Gods drave not Rodasi before them, but wished for her to grow their friend and fellow.
rvs.1.167 5 When chose immortal Rodasi to follow;- she with loose tresses and heroic spirit?
rvs.5.46 May Rodasi and Varunani hear us, and Goddesses come at the Matrons' season.
rvs.5.56 Which Rodasi hath mounted, bringing pleasant gifts, with Maruts in her company.
rvs.6.50 5 To whom the Goddess Rodasi clings closely, whom Pusan follows bringing ample bounty.
rvs.6.66 Rodasi stood among these furious Heroes like splendour shining with her native brightness.
rvs.7.34 22 May they who lavish gifts bestow those treasures: may Rodasi and Varunani listen.
rvs.10.92 God Tvastar Wealthbestower-, the Rbhuksanas, Rodasi, Maruts, Visnu, claim and merit praise.

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