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rvs.1.51 Thou, herohearted-, hast broken down Piprus' forts, and helped Rjisvan when the Dasyus were struck
rvs.1.53 Unyielding, when Rjisvan compassed them with siege, thou hast destroyed the hundred forts of
rvs.1.101 1. SING, with oblation, praise to him who maketh glad, who with Rjisvan drove the dusky brood away.
rvs.4.16 13 Thou to the son of Vidathin, Rjisvan, gavest up mighty Mrgaya and Pipru.
rvs.6.20 Thou gavest to thy worshipper Rjisvan imperishable Wealth, O Bounteous Giver.
rvs.8.93 As, Indra, to Gosarya and Rjisvan, thou vouchsafedst wealth in kine and gold.
rvs.10.99 11 Through lauds of him hath Ausija Rjisvan burst, with the Mightys' aid, the stall of Pipru.
rvs.10.138 Associate with Rjisvan Indra overthrew the solid forts of Pipru, conjuring Asura.

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