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rvs.7.35 2 Auspicious Friends to us be Bhaga, Sathsa, auspicious be Purandhi aid all Riches;
rvs.8.60 6 Riches with many heroes thou hast for the man who offers gifts:
rvs.8.82 Riches in horses, kine, and corn.
rvs.8.82 Riches to those who worship thee?
rvs.8.95 Riches have spread among us and heroic strength, with us are flowing Somadrops-.
rvs.9.61 Riches and food with hero sons.
rvs.9.98 Riches, O Indu, thousandfold, glorious, conquering the great.
rvs.10.117 Riches come now to one, now to another, and like the wheels of cars are ever rolling.

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