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rvs.1.162 1. SLIGHT us not Varuna, Aryaman, or Mitra, Rbhuksan, Indra, Ayu, or the Maruts,
rvs.1.167 So were we erst. New might attend us daily! So be with us! Rbhuksan of the Heroes!
rvs.1.186 Friendly are Visnu, Vata, and Rbhuksan so may I bring the Gods to make us happy.
rvs.2.31 Trita, Rbhuksan, Savitar shall joy in us, and the Floods' swift Child in our worship and our
rvs.4.33 The Gods expert artificer was Vaja, Indras' Rbhuksan, Varunas' was Vibhvan.
rvs.5.41 2 May Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman, and Ayu, Indra Rbhuksan, and the Maruts, love us,
rvs.5.42 And Vaja and Rbhuksan and Purandhi, the Mighty and Immortal Ones, protect us!
rvs.6.50 Rbhuksan, Vaja, and divine Vidhatar, Parjanya, Vata make our food abundant.
rvs.7.48 May Indra, Vibhvan, Vaja, and Rbhuksan destroy by turns the wicked foemans' valour.
rvs.8.45 29 Rbhuksan, not to be restrained, who strengthened Tugras' son in lauds,
rvs.8.85 21 This Indra, Vrtraslayer-, this Rbhuksan, even at his birth, was meet for invocation.
rvs.10.23 Rbhu, Rbhuksan, Vajahe- is Lord of Might. The Dasas' very name I utterly destroy.
rvs.10.64 Rbhuksan, Vaja, Bhaga, and Rathaspati, and the sweet speech of him who labours guard us well!
rvs.10.74 Rbhuksan, Maghavan, the hymns' upholder, who, rich in food, bears mans' kind friend, the thunder.
rvs.10.93 8 Prompt is Rbhuksan, prompt the worshippers' strong drink: may thy fleet Bay Steeds, thine who

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