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rvs.1.112 12 Wherewith ye made Rasa swell full with waterfloods-, and urged to victory the car without a
rvs.5.41 May the great Mother Rasa here befriend us, straighthanded-, with the princes, striving forward.
rvs.5.53 9 So let not Rasa, Krumu, or Anitabha, Kubha, or Sindhu hold you back.
rvs.9.41 As Rasa flows around the world.
rvs.10.75 6 First with Trstama thou art eager to flow forth, with Rasa, and Susartu, and with Svetya here,
rvs.10.121 4 His, through his might, are these snowcovered- mountains, and men call sea and Rasa his

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