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rvs.1.177 1. THE Bull of men, who cherishes all people, King of the Races, Indra, called of many,
rvs.2.2 And over the Five Races let our glory shine high like the realm of light and unsurpassable.
rvs.3.37 9 O Satakratu, powers which thou mid the Five Races hast displayed-
rvs.3.59 8 All the Five Races have repaired to Mitra, ever strong to aid,
rvs.5.32 11 I hear that thou wast born sole Lord of heroes of the Five Races, famed among the people.
rvs.9.65 Or pressed among the Races Five-
rvs.9.66 20 Agni is Pavamana, Sage, Chief Priest of all the Races Five:
rvs.9.86 He, stirring both the Races, goes between the two, the bearer of the word of men and word of Gods.
rvs.10.15 Those who have rested in the earthly region, and those who dwell among the Mighty Races.
rvs.10.80 6 Races of human birth pay Agni worship, men who have sprung from Nahus' line adore him.

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