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rvs.1.23 8 Gods, Marut hosts whom Indra leads, distributers of Pusans' gifts,
rvs.1.138 1. STRONG Pusans' majesty is lauded evermore, the glory of his lordly might is never faint, his
rvs.1.184 3 Nasatyas, Pusans, ye as Gods for glory arranged and set in order Suryas' bridal.
rvs.6.54 3 Unharmed is Pusans' chariot wheel; the box Never falleth to the ground,
rvs.6.57 5 To this, to Pusans' favouring love, and Indras', may we closely cling,
rvs.9.109 1. PLEASANT to Indras' Mitras', Pusans' Bhagas' taste, sped onward, Soma, with thy flowing stream.

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