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rvs.1.59 6 Now will I tell the greatness of the Hero whom Purus' sons follow as Vrtras' slayer:
rvs.1.108 8 If with, the Yadus, Turvasas, ye sojourn, with Druhyus, Anus, Purus, IndraAgni-!
rvs.4.38 1. FROM you two came the gifts in days aforetime which Trasadasyu granted to the Purus.
rvs.4.39 Whom, swift of foot and shining bright as Agni, ye, Varuna and Mitra, gave to Purus.
rvs.7.96 2 When in the fulness of their strength the Purus dwell, Beauteous One, on thy two grassy banks,
rvs.8.53 10 For thee among mankind, among the Purus is this Soma shed.
rvs.10.48 Pressing the Soma, ask riches from me alone: ye, Purus, in my friendship shall not suffer harm.

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