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rvs.1.31 4 Agni thou madest heaven to thunder for mankind; thou, yet more pious, for pious Pururavas.
rvs.10.95 HYMN XCV. Urvasi. Pururavas. 95
rvs.10.95 Pururavas, return thou to thy dwelling: I, like the wind, am difficult to capture.
rvs.10.95 To thy desires, Pururavas, I yielded: so wast thou king, O hero, of my body.
rvs.10.95 And then, Pururavas, the Gods increased thee for mighty battle, to destroy the Dasyus.
rvs.10.95 11 Thy birth hath made me drink from earthly milchkine-: this power, Pururavas, hast thou
rvs.10.95 15 Nay, do not die, Pururavas, nor vanish: let not the evilomened- wolves devour thee.

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