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rvs.1.63 7 Warring for Purukutsa thou, O Indra, Thunderarmed-! breakest down the seven castles;
rvs.1.112 Wherewith ye guarded Purukutsa, Prsnigu, Come hither unto us, O Asvin;, with those aids.
rvs.1.174 Thou stirredst, Blameless! billowy floods, and gavest his foe a prey to youthful Purukutsa.
rvs.4.42 9 The spouse of Purukutsa gave oblations to you, O IndraVaruna-, with homage.
rvs.5.33 8 And these ten steeds which Trasadasyu gives me, the goldrich chief, the son of Purukutsa,
rvs.6.20 That thou hast wrecked seven autumn forts, their shelter, slain Dasa tribes and aided Purukutsa.
rvs.7.19 Puru in winning land and slaying foemen, and Trasadasyu son of Purukutsa.

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