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rvs.1.38 4 If, O ye Maruts, ye the Sons whom Prsni bore, were mortal, and
rvs.1.85 Singing their song of praise and generating might, they have put glory on, the Sons whom Prsni
rvs.1.89 7 The Maruts, Sons of Prsni, borne by spotted steeds, moving in glory, oft visiting holy rites,
rvs.1.168 9 Prsni brought forth, to fight the mighty battle, the glittering army of the restless Maruts.
rvs.4.3 He who gives vital power goes on unswerving. Prsni the Bull hath milked the pure wiiite udder.
rvs.4.5 Established on the height, on earths' best station, above the beauteous grassy skin of Prsni.
rvs.5.52 16 Princes, who, when I asked their kin, named Prsni as their Mothercow-,
rvs.5.57 Ye make the earth to tremble, Sons of Prsni, when for victory ye have yoked, fierce Ones! your
rvs.5.58 Highest and mightiest are the Sons of Prsni. Firm to their own intention cling the Maruts.
rvs.5.59 These Sons of Prsni, sprung of noble ancestry: come hitberward to us, ye bridegrooms of the sky.
rvs.5.60 May their Sire Rudra, young and deft, and Prsni pouring much milk, bring fair days to the Maruts.
rvs.6.66 The one hath swelled among mankind for milking: Prsni hath drained but once her fair bright udder.
rvs.6.66 The Mighty Ones whose germ great Mother Prsni is known to have received for mans' advantage.
rvs.7.18 They who drive spotted steeds, sent down by Prsni, gave ear, the Warriors and the harnessed horses.
rvs.7.35 Gracious be he the swelling Child of Waters, gracious be Prsni who hath Gods to guard her.
rvs.7.56 4 A sage was he who knew these mysteries, what in her udder mighty Prsni bore.
rvs.8.7 3 Loud roaring with the winds the Sons of Prsni have upraised themselves:
rvs.8.7 The Sons of Prsni hurry forth.
rvs.9.34 5 Him do the Sons of Prsni milk, the dwellingplace- of sacrifice,
rvs.10.73 2 There with fiends' ways even Prsni was seated: with much laudation they exalted Indra.
rvs.10.123 1. SEE, Vena, born in light, hath driven hither, on chariot of the air, the Calves of Prsni.

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