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rvs.8.2 37 O Priyamedhas, worship with collected mind this Indra whom
rvs.8.3 The living men of Priyamedhas' race have sung exalting Indra with their lauds.
rvs.8.4 20 What by his morning songs Kanva, the powerful, hath, with the Priyamedhas, gained-
rvs.8.6 45 Thy steeds, by Priyamedhas praised, shall bring thee, God whom all invoke,
rvs.8.8 18 The Priyamedhas have invoked you with all succours that are yours,
rvs.8.58 8 Sing, sing ye forth your songs of praise, ye Priyamedhas, sing your songs:
rvs.8.58 18 The Priyamedhas have observed the offering of the men of old,
rvs.8.76 3 The Priyamedhas bid you come with all the succours that are yours.
rvs.10.73 11 Like birds of beauteous wing the Priyamedhas, Rsis, imploring, have come nigh to Indra:

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