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rvs.3.31 Great is the laud, we seek the Princes' favour. Be thou, O Maghavan, our guard and keeper.
rvs.4.34 Drink of this meath, Wealthgivers-, joined with Indra with whom ye are in full accord, ye Princes.
rvs.4.37 Ye Princes, lauded, that we may press forward to each point of heaven.
rvs.4.41 7 For you, as Princes, for your ancient kindness, good comrades of the man who seeks for booty,
rvs.5.52 And with the splendid Princes, famed for rapid courses, to the gifts.
rvs.5.52 16 Princes, who, when I asked their kin, named Prsni as their Mothercow-,
rvs.6.68 With mighty strength, most liberal of the Princes, Chiefs of the host, by Law made Vrtras' slayers.
rvs.7.64 2 Kings, guards of rrtighty everlasting Order, come hitherward, ye Princes, Lords of Rivers.
rvs.7.67 1. I WITH a holy heart that brings oblation will sing forth praise to meet your car, ye Princes,
rvs.7.71 4 The chariot, Princes, that conveys you, moving at daylight, tripleseated-, fraught with riches,
rvs.8.25 Princes whose laws stand fast, they have obtained their sway.
rvs.8.56 13 Those who, the Princes of the folk, in native glory, Never deceived,
rvs.8.83 7 When have the Princes gleamed and shone through waters as through troops of foes'?
rvs.10.23 3 When, with the Princes, Maghavan, famed of old, comes nigh the thunderbolt of gold, and the
rvs.10.66 The Dragon of the Deep, shall listen to my words, and all the Deities and Princes shall give ear.
rvs.10.78 6 Born from the stream, like pressstones- are the Princes, for ever like the stones that crush in

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