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rvs.1.20 8 As ministering Priests they held, by pious acts they won themselves,
rvs.1.142 8 May the two Priests Divine, the sage, the sweetvoiced- lovers of the hymn,
rvs.1.181 1. WHAT, dearest Pair, is this in strength and riches that ye as Priests are bring from the Waters
rvs.3.60 Not to be paragoned, ye Priests, are your good deeds, nor your heroic acts, Rbhus, Sudhanvans'
rvs.5.5 7 On the winds' flight come, glorified, ye two celestial Priests of man
rvs.5.42 May the Five Priests' Lord, dwelling in oblations, blissgiving- Asura, hear, whose paths are open.
rvs.7.73 4 And these Two Priests come nigh unto our people, united, demonslayers-, mightyhanded-.
rvs.8.38 1. YE Twain are Priests of sacrifice, winners in war and holy works:
rvs.8.91 10 Here praise ye him the most renowned of all the ministering Priests,
rvs.10.2 With all the Priests Celestial, O Agni. Best worshipper art thou of all Invokers.
rvs.10.66 13 I follow with success upon the path of Law the two celestial Hotars, Priests of oldest time.
rvs.10.70 Ye Two Chief Priests who serve at this our worship, may ye, more skilled, win for us rich
rvs.10.110 May the Gods cat our offering consecrated according to this true Priests' voice and guidance.

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