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rvs.1.1 1 I Laud Agni, the chosen Priest, God, minister of sacrifice,
rvs.1.1 5 May Agni, sapientminded- Priest, truthful, most gloriously great,
rvs.1.13 Worship them, Purifier, Priest.
rvs.1.13 Manu appointed thee as Priest.
rvs.1.14 9 Away, from the Suns' realm of light, the wise invoking Priest shall bring
rvs.1.14 11 Ordained by Manu as our Priest, thou sittest, Agni, at each rite:
rvs.1.18 As it were the Household Priest of heaven.
rvs.1.26 2 Sit ever to be chosen, as our Priest, most youthful, through our hymns,
rvs.1.26 7 May he be our dear household Lord, Priest, pleasant and, choiceworthy- may
rvs.1.31 Heaven and Earth, Vasu! shook at the choosing of the Priest: the burthen thou didst bear, didst
rvs.1.36 3 Thee for our messenger we choose, thee, the Omniscient, for our Priest.
rvs.1.36 5 Thou, Agni, art a cheering Priest, Lord of the House, mens' messenger:
rvs.1.36 10 Bearer of offerings, whom, best sacrificing Priest, the Gods for Manus' sake ordained;
rvs.1.44 7 For the men, Agni, kindle thee as all possessor and as Priest;
rvs.1.44 Invoker, ministering Priest, exceeding wise, the swift immortal messenger.
rvs.1.44 12 When as the Gods High Priest, by many loved, thou dost their mission as their nearest Friend,
rvs.1.45 Singers have stablished in their rites Herald and ministering Priest.
rvs.1.58 Priest;
rvs.1.60 1 As it were Some goodly treasure Matarisvan brought, as a gift, the glorious Priest to Bhrgu,
rvs.1.60 As Priest he takes his seat ere break of morning, HouseLord-, adorable with men, Ordainer.
rvs.1.60 4 Good to mankind, the yearning Purifier hath among men been placed as Priest choiceworthy-.
rvs.1.67 Gracious like peace, blessing like mental power, Priest was he, offeringbearer-, full of thought.
rvs.1.68 4 Seated as Priest with Manus' progeny, of all these treasures he alone is Lord.
rvs.1.73 Loved like a guest who lies in pleasant lodgingmay, he, as Priest, prosper his servants' dwelling.
rvs.1.76 4 Thou Priest with lip and voice that bring us children hast been invoked. Here with the Gods be
rvs.1.94 6 Thou art Presenter and the chief Invoker, thou Director, Purifier, great High Priest by birth.
rvs.1.127 Thee, wandering round as it were the sky, who art the invoking Priest of men,
rvs.1.128 1. By Manus' law was born this Agni, Priest most skilled, born for the holy work of those who
rvs.1.128 Priest Never deceived, he sits in Ilas' holy place, girt round in Ilas' holy place.
rvs.1.128 Whence he was born a guest enriched with holy oil, born as Ordainer and as Priest.
rvs.1.128 8 Agni the Priest they supplicate to grant them wealth: him, dear, most thoughtful, have they made
rvs.1.128 Beloved of all, who knoweth all, the Priest, the Holy one, the Sage?
rvs.1.129 Thou drivest, as a Priest, all sins of man away, as Priest, in person, seeking us.
rvs.1.141 12 May he, the Priest resplendent, joyful, hear us, he with the radiant car and rapid horses.
rvs.1.143 Priest.
rvs.1.144 1. THE Priest goes forth to sacrifice, with wondrous power sending aloft the hymn of glorious
rvs.1.149 Best sacrificing Priest where waters gather.
rvs.1.149 5 Priest doubly born, he through his love of glory hath in his keeping all things worth the
rvs.1.160 3 Son of these Parents, he the Priest with power to cleanse, Sage, sanctifies the worlds with his
rvs.1.164 1. OF this benignant Priest, with eld greycoloured-, the brother midmost of the three is lightning.
rvs.1.173 3 May the Priest come circling the measured stations, and with him bring the earths' autumnal
rvs.2.1 Thou art Director, thou the ministering Priest: thou art the Brahman, Lord and Master in our home.
rvs.2.2 Well kindled, nobly fed; heavens' Lord, Celestial Priest, who labours at the pole where deeds of
rvs.2.2 5 May he as Priest encompass all the sacrifice. men throng to him with offerings and with hymns of
rvs.2.3 Wise, ancient, God, the Priest and Purifier, let Agni serve the Gods for he is worthy.
rvs.2.5 The Priest delights in their approach, as corn at coming of the rain.
rvs.2.9 4 Agni, best Priest, pay worship with oblation; quickly commend the gift to be presented;
rvs.2.18 2 This is prepared for him the first, the second, and the third time: he is mans' Priest and
rvs.2.24 9 He brings together and he parts, the great High Priest; extolled is he, in battle Brahmanaspati.
rvs.2.36 Priest.
rvs.2.36 6 Accept the sacrifice; mark both of you, my call: the Priest hath seated him after the ancient
rvs.2.38 1. UPRISEN is Savitar, this God, to quicken, Priest who neglects not this most constant duty.
rvs.3.2 6 Around thy dwellingplace-, O brightlyshining- Priest, are men at sacrifice, whose sacred grass
rvs.3.2 He drives the chariot of the lofty ordinance: Agni most active, is the great High Priest of Gods.
rvs.3.2 15 The cheerful Priest, the pure, in whom no guile is found, Friend of the House, praiseworthy-,
rvs.3.3 Priest of men.
rvs.3.4 3 The thought that bringeth every boon proceedeth to worship first the Priest of the libation,
rvs.3.4 Full in the midst of heaven the Priest is seated: sirew we the sacred grass where Gods may rest
rvs.3.4 He as the truer Priest shall offer worship, for the Gods generations well he knoweth.
rvs.3.5 With farspread- lustre, kindled by the pious, the Priest hath thrown both gates of darkness open.
rvs.3.5 4 Agni is Mitra when enkindled duly, Mitra as Priest, Varuna, Jatavedas;
rvs.3.6 3 Both Heaven and Earth and Gods who should be worshipped establish thee as Priest for every
rvs.3.6 10 He is the Priest at whose repeated worship even wide Heaven and Earth sing out for increase.
rvs.3.7 O heavenly Priest, most pleasant, full of wisdom, bring the great Gods to us, and Earth and Heaven.
rvs.3.9 For him spread sacred grass, with oil bedewed him, and stablished him as Priest and Sacrificer.
rvs.3.10 2 They laud thee in their solemn rites, Agni, as Minister and Priest,
rvs.3.10 5 To Agni, the Invoking Priest, offer your best, your lofty speech,
rvs.3.10 A joyful Priest, thy splendour drive our foes afar
rvs.3.11 1. AGNI is Priest, the great High Priest of sacrifice, most swift in act:
rvs.3.11 The Gods have made to their Priest.
rvs.3.13 5 The singers kindle him, the Priest, Agni the Lord of tribes of men,
rvs.3.14 1 THE pleasant Priest is come into the synod, true, skilled in sacrifice, most wise, Ordainer.
rvs.3.14 Worship the Gods with most devoted spirit, a Priest with no unfriendly thought, O Agni.
rvs.3.17 2 As thou, O Agni, skilful Jatavedas, hast sacrificed as Priest of Earth, of Heaven,
rvs.3.17 5 That Priest before thee, yet more skilled in worship, stablished of old, healthgiver- by his
rvs.3.19 1. AGNI, quick, sage, infallible, allknowing-, I choose to be our Priest at this oblation.
rvs.3.19 5 When Gods anoint thee Priest at their oblation, and seat thee for thy task as Sacrificer,
rvs.3.21 O Priest, O Agni, sit thee down before us, and first enjoy the drops of oil and fatness.
rvs.3.29 8 Set thee, O Priest, in, thine own place, observant: lay down the sacrifice in the home of
rvs.3.29 16 As we, O Priest observant, have elected thee this day, what time the solemn sacrifice began,
rvs.3.31 What time his Parents gave the Priest his being, of the good pair one acted, one promoted.
rvs.3.55 7 Child of two Mothers, Priest, sole Lord in synods, he still precedes while resting as foundation.
rvs.4.2 Priest, best at worship, must shine forth in glory . Agni shall be raised high with mans'
rvs.4.3 1. WIN, to assist you, Rudra, Lord of worship, Priest of both worlds, effectual
rvs.4.3 3 A hymn, O Priest, to him who hears, the gentle, to him who looks on men, exceeding gracious,
rvs.4.6 2 He was set down mid men as Priest unerring, Agni, wise, welcome in our holy synods.
rvs.4.6 Agni the Priest, like one who tends the cattle, goes three times round, as from of old he wills it.
rvs.4.6 5 Agni himself, the Priest, with measured motion, goes round, with sweet speech, cheerful, true to
rvs.4.7 5 Him the intelligent have they placed duly as Invoking Priest,
rvs.4.9 3 Around the altar is he led, welcome Chief Priest at solemn rites,
rvs.4.21 5 May the Priest, Lord of many blessings, striving, who fixing reverence on reverence, giving
rvs.4.41 1. WHAT laud, O IndraVaruna-, with oblation, hath like the Immortal Priest obtained your favour?
rvs.5.1 2 For worship of the Gods the Priest was wakened: at morning gracious Agni hath arisen.
rvs.5.1 Yielding in every house his seven rich treasures, Agni is seated, Priest most skilled in worship.
rvs.5.1 6 Agni hath sat him down, a Priest most skilful, on a sweetsmelling- place, his Mothers' bosom.
rvs.5.1 7 This Singer excellent at sacrifices, Agni the Priest, they glorify with homage.
rvs.5.2 So, Agni, loose from us the bonds that bind us, when thou art seated here, O Priest who knowest.
rvs.5.3 As their own Priest have men established Agni; and serve him fain for praise from him who liveth.
rvs.5.4 Him the Omniscient as your Priest ye stablish: he wins among the Gods things worth the choosing.
rvs.5.9 2 In the mans' home who offers gifts, where grass is trimmed, Agni is Priest,
rvs.5.11 With Indra and the Gods together on the grass let the wise Priest sit to complete the sacrifice.
rvs.5.13 3 May Agni, Priest among mankind, take pleasure in our songs of praise,
rvs.5.13 4 Thou, Agni, art spread widely forth, Priest dear and excellent; through thee
rvs.5.16 2 He by the splendour of his arms is Priest of every able man.
rvs.5.20 3 Thee, Agni, would we choose as Priest, the perfecter of strength and skill;
rvs.5.22 Who must be praised in holy rites, the Priest most welcome in the house.
rvs.5.23 Invite thee to their worshiphalls-, as a dear Priest, for choicest wealth.
rvs.5.25 The Priest with the delicious tongue, rich with the light of glorious beams.
rvs.5.26 We choose thee as Invoking Priest.
rvs.5.43 God, as our Priest, be thou the first to drink it: we give thee of the mead to make thee joyful.
rvs.5.44 bringing Priest:
rvs.5.81 1. THE priests of him the lofty Priest wellskilled- in hymns harness their spirit, yea, harness
rvs.6.1 2 As Priest thou sattest at the seat of worship, furthering us, best Offerer, meet for honour.
rvs.6.2 10 Agni, thou enterest as Priest the home of men who sacrifice.
rvs.6.5 2 At eve and morn thy pious servants bring thee their precious gifts, O Priest of many aspects,
rvs.6.6 Calling the heavenly Priest to share the banquet, who rends the wood, bright, with his blackened
rvs.6.9 4 He is the Priest, the first of all: behold him. Mid mortal men he is the light immortal.
rvs.6.10 2 Hear this laud, Radiant Priest of many aspects, O Agni with the fires of man enkindled,
rvs.6.11 1. EAGERLY Sacrifice thou, most skilful, Agni! Priest, pressing on as if the Maruts sent thee.
rvs.6.11 A Priest with purifying tongue, O Agni, sacrifice with thy mouth to thine own body.
rvs.6.11 6 Enrich us, O thou Priest of many aspects, with the Gods, Agni, with thy fires, enkindled.
rvs.6.14 At sacrifices Manus' sons glorify Agni as their Priest.
rvs.6.15 Wise Jatavedas we implore with prayers for bliss the Priest, the holy Singer, bounteous, void of
rvs.6.15 13 Agni, the Priest, is King, Lord of the homestead, he, Jatavedas, knows all generations.
rvs.6.15 14 whatever today- thou, brightflamed- Priest, enjoyest from the mans' ritefor- thou art
rvs.6.16 9 Invoker placed by Manus, thou, Agni, art near, the wisest Priest:
rvs.6.16 As Priest be seated on the grass.
rvs.6.16 The head of Visva, of the Priest.
rvs.6.16 May well attract, with prayer and hands uplifted, the Priest of Heaven and Earth, true Sacrificer.
rvs.6.39 1. OF this our charming, our celestial Soma, eloquent, wise, Priest, with inspired devotion,
rvs.6.52 12 O Agni, Priest, as rules ordain, offer this sacrifice of ours,
rvs.6.62 Our true and ancient Herald Priest shall bring you, the Youthful, bearing splendour, food, and
rvs.7.2 He as the truer Priest shall offer worship, for the Godsgenerations' well he knoweth.
rvs.7.7 3 The grass is strewn; the sacrifice advances adored as Priest, Agni is made propitious,
rvs.7.8 2 Yea, he hath been acknowledged as most mighty, the joyous Priest of men, the youthful Agni.
rvs.7.9 1. ROUSED from their bosom is the Dawns' beloved, the joyous Priest, most sapient, Purifier.
rvs.7.9 The cheerful Priest, mens' Friend and homecompanion-, through still nights' darkness he is made
rvs.7.11 Come hither with all Deities about thee here take thy seat, the first, as Priest, O Agni.
rvs.7.14 Honour thee, Priest of sacrifice! with butter, thee, God of blessed light! with our oblation.
rvs.7.16 9 Do thou, a Priest with pleasant tongue, most wise, and very near to us,
rvs.7.16 12 Him have the Gods appointed Priest of sacrifice, oblationbearer-, passing wise.
rvs.7.42 3 They glorify your sacrifice with worship, yet the glad Priest near them is left unequalled.
rvs.7.73 2 And, O Nasatyas, mans' dear Priest is seated, who brings to sacrifice and offers worship,
rvs.8.4 11 Priest, let the Soma juice flow forth, for Indra longs to drink thereof.
rvs.8.11 10 Ancient, adorablie at sacrifices, Priest from of old, meet for our praise, thou sittest.
rvs.8.12 33 As Priest, O Indra, give us wealth in brave men and good steeds ana kine
rvs.8.19 3 Thee have we chosen skilftillest in sacrifice, Immortal Priest among the Gods,
rvs.8.19 Distributes, skilled in sacrifice, his precious things, Invoking Priest, Immortal God.
rvs.8.23 7 I call your Agni, from of old Invoking Priest of living men:
rvs.8.23 Who is among mankind the most illustrious Priest.
rvs.8.23 17 Usana Kavya stablished thee, O Agni, as Invoking Priest:
rvs.8.23 Thee, Jatavedas, Sacrificing Priest for man.
rvs.8.27 1. CHEIF Priest is Agni at the laud, as stones and grass at sacrifice:
rvs.8.34 8 Adorable mid Gods, the Priest good to mankind shall bring thee near.
rvs.8.39 He is the Priest of all the tribes, chosen with sacrificial meeds. He urges Deities to receive.
rvs.8.43 12 Yea, thee, O Agni, do we seek with homage and with fuel, Priest
rvs.8.43 20 So, Agni, unto thee the Priest, Invoker, strong in forays, pray
rvs.8.44 6 I worship Agni; may he hear! the cheerful, the Invoker, Priest,
rvs.8.49 1. AGNI, come hither with thy fires; we choose thee as Invoking Priest.
rvs.8.49 Let the extended ladle full of oil balm thee, best Priest, to sit on sacred grass.
rvs.8.49 Make our oblations duly offered up, O Priest, and give us store of precious things.
rvs.8.49 Let us whose food is offered call to all the tribes Agni the Invoking Priest of men.
rvs.8.60 Immortal, from of old Priest among mortal men, the most delightful in the house.
rvs.8.83 6 And Indra, like the Herald Priest, desirous of the milky juice,
rvs.8.90 10 He comes by straightest paths, as ministering Priest, to taste the sacrificial gifts.
rvs.8.90 Thou by thy greatness art the Gods High Priest, divine, farspread- unconquerable light.
rvs.8.92 6 To him who dealeth out all wealth, who is the cheerful Priest of men,
rvs.8.92 10 Priest, presser of the juice! praise now the dearest Guest of all our friends,
rvs.9.66 20 Agni is Pavamana, Sage, Chief Priest of all the Races Five:
rvs.9.67 Most active purifying Priest.
rvs.9.103 1. To Soma who is purified as ordering Priest the song is raised:
rvs.9.103 As a Priest purified by priests, Immortal One.
rvs.10.1 These in their altered form again thou meetest. Thou art Invoking Priest in homes of mortals.
rvs.10.1 5 Priest of the holy rite, with car that glitters, refulgent Banner of each act of worship,
rvs.10.1 Born, red of hue, where men pour out libations, O King, as great High Priest bring the Gods hither.
rvs.10.2 Let Agni, for he knows, complete the worship. He is the Priest: let him fix rites and seasons.
rvs.10.6 Agni the cheerful Priest, best Sacrificer, balms with his tongue the Gods with whom he mingles.
rvs.10.7 4 Effectual, Agni, are our prayers for profit. He whom, at home thou, Priest for ever, guardest
rvs.10.7 And stablished as Invoker mid the people the ancient Priest the sacrifices' lover.
rvs.10.11 the Priest.
rvs.10.11 Then when the Aryan tribes chose as Invoking Priest Agni the WonderWorker-, and the hymn rose up.
rvs.10.12 When the God, urging men to worship. sitteth as Priest, assuming all his vital vigour.
rvs.10.12 Smokebannered- with the fuel, radiant, joyous, better to praise and worship, Priest for ever.
rvs.10.21 1. WITH offerings of our own we choose thee, Agni, as Invoking Priest,
rvs.10.21 7 Men, Agni, have established thee as welcome Priest at holy rites,
rvs.10.46 The Great Priest, born, who knows the clouds, Abider with men, is seated in the lap of waters.
rvs.10.46 4 Yearning, with homage, they have set and made him blithe Priest among mankind, oblationbearer-,
rvs.10.46 Him, bright and radiant, living men have stablished as their blithe Priest, the Chief of
rvs.10.52 1. INSTRUCT me, all ye Gods, how I, elected your Priest, must seat me here, and how address you.
rvs.10.52 2 I sit as Priest most skilled in sacrificing: the Maruts and all Deities impel me.
rvs.10.52 3 Who is the Priest? Is he the Priest of Yama? On whom is thrust this Godappointed- honour?
rvs.10.52 Strewn sacred grass, anointed him with butter, and seated him as Priest, the Gods Invoker.
rvs.10.53 2 Best Priest, he hath been won by being seated, for he hath looked on the wellordered- viands.
rvs.10.61 Thou who art called Agni or Jatavedas, Priest, hear us, guileless Priest of holy worship.
rvs.10.88 4 Earliest Priest whom all the Gods accepted, and chose him, and anointed him with butter,
rvs.10.88 Then to his task goes the prompt Priest foreknowing the wondrous power of Gods who must be
rvs.10.91 9 Here, Agni, the arrangers, those attached to thee, elect thee as their Priest in sacred
rvs.10.91 Thou art Director, thou the ministering Priest: thou art the Brahman, Lord and Master in our home.
rvs.10.92 1. I PRAISE your Charioteer of sacrifice, the Lord of men, Priest of the tribes, refulgent, Guest
rvs.10.92 With kisses they caress the Grandson of the Red, like the swift ray of light, the Household Priest
rvs.10.122 May Agni, Priest and Master of the household, give hero strength and allsustaining- riches.
rvs.10.122 4 The seven who bring oblations worship thee, the Strong, the first, the Great Chief Priest,
rvs.10.141 Adityas, Visnu, Surya, and the Brahman Priest Brhaspati.
rvs.10.176 3 He here, a Goddevoted- Priest, led forward comes to sacrifice.

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