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rvs.1.116 Still to be praised is that your glorious present, still to be famed is the brave horse of Pedu.
rvs.1.117 9 O Asvins, wearing many forms at pleasure, on Pedu ye bestowed a fleetfoot- courser,
rvs.1.118 9 A white horse, Asvins, ye bestowed on Pedu, a serpentslaying- steed sent down by Indra,
rvs.1.119 10 A horse did ye provide for Pedu, excellent, white, O ye Asvins, conqueror of combatants,
rvs.7.71 5 Ye freed Cyavana from old age and weakness: ye brought the courser fleet of food to Pedu.
rvs.10.39 10 On Pedu ye bestowed, Asvins, a courser white, mighty with nineandninety— varied gifts of

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