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rvs.9.1 HYMN I. Soma Pavamana. 1
rvs.9.2 HYMN II. Soma Pavamana. 2
rvs.9.3 HYMN III. Soma Pavamana. 3
rvs.9.4 HYMN IV. Soma Pavamana. 4
rvs.9.4 9 By worship, Pavamana! men have strengthened thee to prop the Law:
rvs.9.5 1. ENKINDLED, Pavamana, Lord, sends forth his light on, every side
rvs.9.5 2 He, Pavamana, Selfproduced-, speeds onward sharpening his horns:
rvs.9.5 3 Brilliant like wealth, adorable, with splendour Pavamana shines,
rvs.9.5 4 The tawny Pavamana, who strews from of old the grass with might,
rvs.9.5 By Pavamana glorified.
rvs.9.5 6 With passion Pavamana longs for the great lofty pair, wellformed-
rvs.9.5 Is Pavamana, yea, the Bull.
rvs.9.5 Indu is Indra, tawny Steer; Pavamana is Prajapati.
rvs.9.5 10 O Pavamana, with the meath in streams anoint Vanaspati,
rvs.9.5 11 Come to the consecrating rite of Pavamana, all ye Gods,
rvs.9.6 HYMN VI. Soma Pavamana. 6
rvs.9.7 HYMN VII. Soma Pavamana. 7
rvs.9.8 HYMN VIII. Soma Pavamana. 8
rvs.9.9 HYMN IX. Soma Pavamana. 9
rvs.9.9 7 Aid us in holy rites, O Man: O Pavamana, drive away
rvs.9.9 9 Give, Pavamana, high renown, give kine and steeds and hero sons:
rvs.9.10 HYMN X. Soma Pavamana. 10
rvs.9.11 HYMN XL Soma Pavamana. 11
rvs.9.11 9 O Soma Pavamana, give us riches and heroic strength,
rvs.9.12 HYMN XII. Soma Pavamana. 12
rvs.9.12 9 O Pavamana, bring us wealth bright with a thousand splendours. Yea.
rvs.9.13 HYMN XIII. Soma Pavamana. 13
rvs.9.13 2 Sing forth, ye men who long for help, to Pavamana, to the Sage,
rvs.9.13 8 As Gladdener whom Indra loves, O Pavamana, with a roar
rvs.9.14 HYMN XIV. Soma Pavamana. 14
rvs.9.15 HYMN XV. Soma Pavamana. 15
rvs.9.16 HYMN XVI. Soma Pavamana. 16
rvs.9.17 HYMN XVII. Soma Pavamana. 17
rvs.9.18 HYMN XVIII. Soma Pavamana. 18
rvs.9.19 HYMN XIX. Soma Pavamana. 19
rvs.9.19 O Pavamana, find us wealth.
rvs.9.20 HYMN XX Soma Pavamana. 20
rvs.9.20 2 For he, as Pavamana, sends thousandfold treasure in the shape
rvs.9.21 HYMN XXI. Soma Pavamana. 21
rvs.9.22 HYMN XXII. Soma Pavamana. 22
rvs.9.23 HYMN XXIII. Soma Pavamana. 23
rvs.9.23 3 O Pavamana, bring to us the unsacrificing foemans' wealth,
rvs.9.24 HYMN XXIV Soma Pavamana. 24
rvs.9.24 3 O Soma Pavamana, thou art flowing to be Indras' drink:
rvs.9.25 HYMN XXV. Soma Pavamana. 25
rvs.9.25 2 O Pavamana, sent by song, roaring about thy dwellingplace-,
rvs.9.26 HYMN XXVI. Soma Pavamana. 26
rvs.9.26 3 Him, nourisher of many, Sage, creative Pavamana, they
rvs.9.26 6 O Pavamana, Indu, priests hurry thee on to Indra, thee
rvs.9.27 HYMN XXVII. Soma Pavamana. 27
rvs.9.27 4 Longing for kine, longing for gold hath Indu Pavamana lowed,
rvs.9.27 5 This Pavamana, gladdening draught, drops on the filtering cloth, and then
rvs.9.28 HYMN XXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 28
rvs.9.28 5 This Pavamana, swiftand strong, Omniscient, gave spleudour to
rvs.9.29 HYMN XXIX. Soma Pavamana. 29
rvs.9.30 HYMN XXX. Soma Pavamana. 30
rvs.9.30 4 Hither hath Pavamana flowed, Soma flowed hither in a stream,
rvs.9.31 HYMN XXXI. Soma Pavamana. 31
rvs.9.32 HYMN XXXII. Soma Pavamana. 32
rvs.9.33 HYMN XXXIII. Soma Pavamana. 33
rvs.9.34 HYMN XXXIV. Some Pavamana. 34
rvs.9.35 HYMN XXXV. Soma Pavamana. 35
rvs.9.35 1. Pour forth on us abundant wealth, O Pavamana, with thy stream.
rvs.9.36 HYMN XXXVI. Soma Pavamana. 36
rvs.9.36 3 Excellent Pavamana, make the lights shine brightly out for us.
rvs.9.37 HYMN XXXVII. Soma Pavamana. 37
rvs.9.37 3 This vigorous Pavamana runs forth to the luminous realm of heaven,
rvs.9.38 HYMN XXXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 38
rvs.9.39 HYMN XXXIX Soma Pavamana. 39
rvs.9.40 HYMN XL. Soma Pavamana. 40
rvs.9.40 4 O Soma Pavamana, bring, Indu, all splcndours hitherward:
rvs.9.41 HYMN XLI. Soma Pavamana. 41
rvs.9.42 HYMN XLII. Soma Pavamana. 42
rvs.9.43 HYMN XLIII. Soma Pavamana. 43
rvs.9.43 4 O Soma Pavamana, find exceeding glorious wealth for us,
rvs.9.44 HYMN XLIV. Soma Pavamana. 44
rvs.9.45 HYMN XLV. Soma Pavamana. 45
rvs.9.46 HYMN XLVI. Soma Pavamana. 46
rvs.9.46 6 This Pavamana, meet to be adorned, the fingers ten adorn,
rvs.9.47 HYMN XLVII. Soma Pavamana. 47
rvs.9.48 HYMN XLVIII. Soma Pavamana. 48
rvs.9.49 HYMN XLIX. Soma Pavamana. 49
rvs.9.49 5 Onward hath Pavamana flowed and beaten off the Raksasas,
rvs.9.50 HYMN L. Soma Pavamana. 50
rvs.9.50 Even Pavamana, dropping meath.
rvs.9.51 HYMN LI. Soma Pavamana. 51
rvs.9.52 HYMN LII. Soma Pavamana. 52
rvs.9.53 HYMN LIII. Soma Pavamana. 53
rvs.9.54 HYMN LIV. Soma Pavamana. 54
rvs.9.55 HYMN LV. Soma Pavamana. 55
rvs.9.56 HYMN LVI. Soma Pavamana. 56
rvs.9.57 HYMN LVII. Soma Pavamana. 57
rvs.9.58 HYMN LVIII. Soma Pavamana. 58
rvs.9.59 HYMN LIX. Soma Pavamana. 59
rvs.9.59 3 Soma, as Pavamana, pass over all trouble and distress:
rvs.9.59 4 Thou, Pavamana, foundest light; thou at thy birth becamest great:
rvs.9.60 HYMN LX. Soma Pavamana. 60
rvs.9.60 1. SING forth and laud with sacred song most active Pavamana, laud
rvs.9.60 3 He, Pavamana, hath streamed through the fleece then: he runs into the jars,
rvs.9.61 HYMN LXI. Soma Pavamana. 61
rvs.9.61 16 From heaven hath Pavamana made, as it were, the marvellous thunder, and
rvs.9.61 17 The gladdening and auspicious juice of thee, of Pavamana, King!
rvs.9.61 18 Thy juice, O Pavamana, sends its rays abroad like splendid skill,
rvs.9.61 26 O Pavamana, hither bring great riches, and destroy our foes:
rvs.9.62 HYMN LXII. Soma Pavamana. 62
rvs.9.62 10 Most active and benevolent, this Pavamana, sent to us
rvs.9.62 11 Queller of curses, mighty, with strong sway, this Pavamana shall
rvs.9.62 16 Pressed by the men, as it were to war hath Soma Pavamana sped,
rvs.9.62 30 Soma, true, Pavamana, Sage, is seated in the cleansing sieve,
rvs.9.63 8 He, Pavamana, high over man yoked the Suns' courser Etasa
rvs.9.63 11 O Soma Pavamana, find wealth for us not to be assailed,
rvs.9.63 23 O Soma, Pavamana, thou pourest out wealth that brings renown:
rvs.9.63 27 From, heaven, from out the firmament, hath Pavamana been effused
rvs.9.64 HYMN LXIV. Soma Pavamana. 64
rvs.9.64 7 The streams of Pavamana, thine, Finder of all, have been effused,
rvs.9.64 9 Urged on thou sendest out thy voice, O Pavamana; thou hast moved,
rvs.9.65 HYMN LXV. Soma Pavamana. 65
rvs.9.65 2 Pervade, O Pavamana, all our treasures with repeated light,
rvs.9.65 3 Pour on us, Pavamana, rain, as service and rain praise for Gods:
rvs.9.65 4 Thou art a Steer by lustre: we, O Pavamana, faithfully
rvs.9.65 7 Sing forth your songs, as Vyasva sang, to Soma Pavamana, to,
rvs.9.65 11 I send thee forth to battle from the press, O Pavamana, Strong,
rvs.9.65 16 King Pavamana is implored with holy songs, on mans' behalf,
rvs.9.66 HYMN LXVI. Soma Pavamana. 66
rvs.9.66 2 Over all thou rulest with these Two which, Soma Pavamana, stand,
rvs.9.66 3 Wise Soma Pavamana, thou encompassest on every side
rvs.9.66 10 The streams of Pavamana, thine, Sage, Mighty One, have pouredthem forth.
rvs.9.66 20 Agni is Pavamana, Sage, Chief Priest of all the Races Five:
rvs.9.66 22 Beyond his enemies away to sweet praise Pavamana flows,
rvs.9.66 24 He, Pavamana, hath produced the lofty Law, the brilliant light,
rvs.9.66 25 From tawny Pavamana, the Destroyer, radiant streams have sprung,
rvs.9.66 27 May Pavamana, best to win the booty, penetrate with rays,
rvs.9.66 30 O Pavamana, bless us, so that we may live, with that bright milk
rvs.9.67 To Pavamana dropping meath.
rvs.9.67 21 O Pavamana, drive away the danger, whether near at hand
rvs.9.67 22 This day may Pavamana cleanse us with his purifying power,
rvs.9.68 HYMN LXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 68
rvs.9.69 HYMN LXIX. Soma Pavamana. 69
rvs.9.69 And Pavamana, like the shout of combatants, the drop rising in sweet juice, is flowing through the
rvs.9.70 HYMN LXX. Soma Pavamana. 70
rvs.9.71 HYMN LXXI. Soma Pavamana, 71
rvs.9.72 HYMN LXXII. Soma Pavamana. 72
rvs.9.72 Measure thou forth, yea, splendid ample strengthening food do thou, O Pavamana, heed this laud of
rvs.9.73 HYMN LXXIII. Soma Pavamana. 73
rvs.9.74 HYMN LXXIV. Soma Pavamana 74
rvs.9.74 9 Soma, thy juice when thou art blended with the streams, flows, Pavamana, through the long wool
rvs.9.74 So, cleansed by sages. O best giver of delight, grow sweet for Indra, Pavamana! for his drink.
rvs.9.75 HYMN LXXV. Soma Pavamana. 75
rvs.9.76 HYMN LXXVI. Soma Pavamana. 76
rvs.9.77 HYMN LXXVII. Soma Pavamana. 77
rvs.9.78 HYMN LXXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 78
rvs.9.78 They urge the Master of the house upon his way, and to the Eternal Pavamana pray for bliss.
rvs.9.78 5 Soma, as Pavamana thou, our faithful Friend, making for us these real treasures, flowest on.
rvs.9.79 HYMN LXXIX. Soma Pavamana. 79
rvs.9.79 As thirst subdueth in the desert, conquer thou, O Soma Pavamana, men of evil thoughts.
rvs.9.79 Bring low, thou Pavamana, every single foe, and be thy might shown forth as sweet and gladdening
rvs.9.80 HYMN LXXX. Soma Pavamana. 80
rvs.9.80 Thou, Soma, gladdening Indra, and the Heavenly Host, flowest as Pavamana like a rivers' wave.
rvs.9.81 HYMN LXXXI. Soma Pavamana. 81
rvs.9.81 4 Hither let Pusan Pavamana come to us, Varuna, Mitra, bountiful, of one accord,
rvs.9.81 Bhaga who blesses men, the spacious Firmament, let all the Gods in Pavamana take delight.
rvs.9.82 HYMN LXXXII. Soma Pavamana. 82
rvs.9.83 HYMN LXXXIII. Soma Pavamana. 83
rvs.9.84 HYMN LXXXIV. Soma Pavamana. 84
rvs.9.85 HYMN LXXXV. Soma Pavamana. 85
rvs.9.85 2 O Pavamana, urge us forward in the fight thou art the vigour of the Gods, the wellloved- drink.
rvs.9.86 HYMN LXXXVI. Soma Pavamana. 86
rvs.9.86 1. THY gladdening draughts, O Pavamana, urged by song flow swiftly of themselves like sons of
rvs.9.86 4 Fleet as swift steeds, thy drops, divine, thoughtswift-, have been, O Pavamana, poured with milk
rvs.9.86 6 The beams of Pavamana, sent from earth and heaven, his ensigns who is ever steadfast, travel
rvs.9.86 High heavens' Sustainer at the central point of earth, raised on the fleecy surface Pavamana
rvs.9.86 12 In forefront of the rivers Pavamana speeds, in forefront of the hymn, foremost among the kine.
rvs.9.86 13 This heedful Pavamana, like a bird sent forth, hath with his wave flowed onward to the fleecy
rvs.9.86 This universe, O Pavamana, owns thy sway; thou, Indu, art the first establisher of Law.
rvs.9.86 Thou reachest out beyond the earth, beyond the heavens: thine are the lights, O Pavamana, thine
rvs.9.86 30 Thou in the filter, Soma Pavamana, art purified to support the region for the Gods.
rvs.9.86 34 Fain to be cleansed, thou, Pavamana, pourest out, like wondrous Surya, through the fleece, an
rvs.9.86 35 Thou, Pavamana, sendest food and power in streams. thou sittest in the beakers as a hawk on
rvs.9.86 38 O Soma, thou beholdest men from every side: O Pavamana, Steer, thou wanderest through these.
rvs.9.86 44 Sing forth to Pavamana skilled in holy song: the juice is flowing onward like a mighty stream.
rvs.9.87 HYMN LXXXVII. Soma Pavamana. 87
rvs.9.88 HYMN LXXXVIII. Soma Pavamana. 88
rvs.9.88 Like one who fights, the roaring of the mighty, thus Soma Pavamana sends his current.
rvs.9.89 HYMN LXXXIX. Soma Pavamana. 89
rvs.9.89 1. THIS Chariothorse- hath moved along the pathways, and Pavamana flowed like rain from heaven.
rvs.9.90 HYMN XC. Soma Pavamana, 90
rvs.9.90 5 O Soma, gladden Varuna and Mitra; cheer, Indu Pavamana! Indra, Visnu.
rvs.9.91 HYMN XCI. Soma Pavamana. 91
rvs.9.91 3 Steer roaring unto Steer, this Pavamana, this juice runs to the white milk of the milchcow-.
rvs.9.92 HYMN XCII. Soma Pavamana. 92
rvs.9.92 4 In thy mysterious place, O Pavamana Soma, are all the Gods, the ThriceEleven-.
rvs.9.92 5 Now let this be the truth of Pavamana, there where all singers gather them together,
rvs.9.93 HYMN XCIII. Soma Pavamana. 93
rvs.9.93 4 With all the Gods, O Indu Pavamana, while thou art roaring send us wealth in horses.
rvs.9.94 HYMN XCIV. Soma Pavamana. 94
rvs.9.94 All ther are easy things for thee to master thou, Pavamana Soma, quellest foemen.
rvs.9.95 HYMN XCV Soma Pavamana. 95
rvs.9.96 HYMN XCVI. Soma Pavamana 96
rvs.9.96 This is the wish of these friends assembled: this is my wish, O Soma Pavamana.
rvs.9.96 7 He, Soma Pavamana, like a river, hath stirred the wave of voice, our songs and praises.
rvs.9.96 As thoughtful Pavamana, urge O Indu, speeding the kine, the plants' wave on to Indra.
rvs.9.96 11 For our sage fathers, Soma Pavamana, of old performed, by thee, their sacred duties.
rvs.9.96 21 Flow on with might as Pavamana, Indu flow loudly roaring through the fleecy filter.
rvs.9.96 23 Chasing our foes thou comest, Pavamana Indu, besting, as lover to his darling.
rvs.9.97 HYMN XCVII. Soma Pavamana 97
rvs.9.97 Friends come to Pavamana meet for praises, and sound in concert their resistless music.
rvs.9.97 The race of kine is thy gift, Pavamana: when born thou madest Surya rich with brightness.
rvs.9.97 He, Pavamana, granted strength to Indra; he, Indu, generated light in Surya.
rvs.9.97 58 Soma, may we, with thee as Pavamana, pile up together all our spoil in battle.
rvs.9.98 HYMN XCVIII. Soma Pavamana 98
rvs.9.99 HYMN XCIX. Soma Pavamana. 99
rvs.9.100 HYMN C. Soma Pavamana. 100
rvs.9.100 As cows, O Pavamana, lick the newborn- calf, as Law commands.
rvs.9.100 8 Thou, Pavamana, movest on with wondrous rays to great renown.
rvs.9.100 Thou, Pavamana hast assumed thy coat of mail in majesty.
rvs.9.101 HYMN CI. Soma Pavamana 101
rvs.9.101 9 O Pavamana, bring the juice, the mightiest, worthy to be famed,
rvs.9.102 HYMN CIL Soma Pavamana. 102
rvs.9.103 HYMN CIII. Soma Pavamana. 103
rvs.9.103 The penetrating Pavamana flows along.
rvs.9.104 HYMN CIV. Soma Pavamana. 104
rvs.9.105 HYMN CV. Soma Pavamana 105
rvs.9.106 HYMN CVI. Soma Pavamana. 106
rvs.9.107 HYMN CVII. Soma Pavamana. 107
rvs.9.107 Even Soma Pavamana who shall be the joy of sages and of holy bards.
rvs.9.107 15 May Pavamana, King and God, speed with his wave over the sea the lofty rite:
rvs.9.107 Thou, Pavamana, makest riches flow to us, yellow, abundant, muchdesifed-.
rvs.9.107 Thou flowest, Soma Pavamana, balmed with milk unto the special place of Gods.
rvs.9.108 HYMN CVIII. Soma Pavamana. 108
rvs.9.108 3 For, verily, Pavamana, thou hast, splendidest, called all the generations of
rvs.9.109 HYMN CIX. Soma Pavamana. 109
rvs.9.110 HYMN CX. Soma Pavamana. 110
rvs.9.110 Thou, Pavamana, enterest into mighty deeds,
rvs.9.110 3 O Pavamana, thou didst generate the Sun, and spread the moisture out with power,
rvs.9.110 9 As long as thou, O Pavamana, art above this earth and heaven and all existence in thy might,
rvs.9.110 10 In the sheeps' wool hath Soma Pavamana flowed, while they cleanse him, like a playful infant,
rvs.9.111 HYMN CXI. Soma Pavamana. 111
rvs.9.112 HYMN CXII. Soma Pavamana. 112
rvs.9.113 HYMN CXIII. Soma Pavamana. 113
rvs.9.113 6 O Pavamana, where the priest, as he recites the rhythmic prayer,
rvs.9.113 7 O Pavamana, place me in that deathless, undecaying world
rvs.9.114 HYMN CXIV. Soma Pavamana. 114
rvs.9.114 1. THE man who waIketh as the Laws of Indu Pavamana bid,

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