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rvs.4.22 Wearing as wool Parusni for adornment, whose joints for sake of friendship he hath covered.
rvs.5.52 9 Fairgleaming-, on Parusni they have clothed themselves in robes of wool,
rvs.7.18 8 Fools, in their folly fain to waste her waters, they parted inexhaustible Parusni.
rvs.7.18 9 As to their goal they sped to their destruetion: they sought Parusni; even the swift returned
rvs.8.63 15 The very truth do I declare to thee, Parusni, mighty flood.
rvs.10.75 5 Favour ye this my laud, O Ganga, Yamuna, O Sutudri, Parusni and Sarasvati:

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