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rvs.1.22 1 WAKEN the Asvin Pair who yoke their car at early morn: may they
rvs.1.22 13 May Heaven and Earth, the Mighty Pair, bedew for us our sacrifice,
rvs.1.46 6 Vouchsafe to us, O Asvin Pair, such strength as, with attendant light,
rvs.1.62 7 Unwearied, won with lauding hymns, he parted of old the ancient Pair, united ever.
rvs.1.62 8 Still born afresh, young Dames, each in her manner, unlike in hue, the Pair in alternation
rvs.1.80 11 Yea, even this great Pair of Worlds trembled in terror at thy wrath,
rvs.1.93 1 AGNI and Soma, mighty Pair, graciously hearken to my call,
rvs.1.122 4 And Ausija shall call for me that famous Pair who enjoy and drink, who come to brighten.
rvs.1.160 2 Widelycapacious- Pair, mighty, that never fail, the Father and the Mother keep all creatures
rvs.1.160 5 Extolled in song, O Heaven and Earth, bestow on us, ye mighty Pair, great glory and high lordly
rvs.1.161 7 Ye by your wisdom brought a cow from out a hide; unto that ancient Pair ye gave again their
rvs.1.181 1. WHAT, dearest Pair, is this in strength and riches that ye as Priests are bring from the Waters
rvs.1.185 The blessed Pair, victorious, allsustaining-. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.
rvs.2.32 Pair.
rvs.3.30 11 Indra alone filled full the earth and heaven, the Pair who meet together, rich in treasures.
rvs.3.44 The golden Pair yield Indra plenteous nourishment: between them moves the golden One.
rvs.3.55 11 Ye, variant Pair, have made yourselves twin beauties: one of the Twain is dark, bright shines
rvs.3.55 20 The two great meeting Bowls hath he united: each of the Pair is laden with histreasure.
rvs.3.62 16 May MitraVaruna-, sapient Pair, bedew our pasturage with oil,
rvs.5.51 Gladly accept them, spotless Pair come to the food.
rvs.5.75 3 Come to us, O ye Asvin Pair, bringing your precious treasures, come
rvs.5.86 3 Impetuous is their strength, and keen the lightning of the mighty Pair,
rvs.6.70 2 The Everlasting Pair, with full streams, rich in milk, in their pure rule pour fatness for the
rvs.7.35 3 Kind unto us he Maker and Sustainer, and the farreaching- Pair with Godlike- natures.
rvs.7.66 With homage to that highborn- Pair;
rvs.7.69 3 Renowned, with noble horses, come ye hither: drink, Wondrous Pair, the cup that holds sweet
rvs.7.90 1. To you pure juice, rich in meath, are offered by priest: through longing for the Pair of Heroes.
rvs.7.90 Viands attend the car that beareth Heroes, your car, ye Sovran Pair, Indra and Vayu.
rvs.8.18 8 And may the Asvins, the divine Pair of Physicians, send us health:
rvs.8.25 14 And may the Sindhu of the floods, the Maruts, and the ASvin Pair,
rvs.8.26 Be it your own, O Asvin Pair.
rvs.8.85 The hidden Pair, the Heaven and Earth, thou foundest, and to the mighty worlds thou gavest
rvs.9.18 5 Who milketh out this mighty Pair, the Earth and Heaven, like mother kine
rvs.9.68 Everwaxing- Pair.
rvs.9.81 5 Both Heaven and Earth, the allinvigorating- Pair, Vidhatar, Aditi, and Aryaman the God,
rvs.10.5 3 The Holy Pair, of wondrous power, have coupled: they formed the Infant, they who bred produced
rvs.10.10 In heaven and earth the kindred Pair commingle. On Yami be the unbrotherly act of Yama.
rvs.10.12 All the Gods came to this thy heavenly Yajus which from the motley Pair milked oil and water.
rvs.10.29 1. As sits the young bird on the tree rejoicing, ye, swift Pair, have been roused by clear
rvs.10.32 1. FORTH speed the Pair to bring the meditating God, benevolent with boons sent in return for
rvs.10.35 May Heaven and Earth, great Pair, observe our holy work. We claim for us this day the favour of
rvs.10.35 The Asvin Pair have harnessed their swiftmoving- car. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
rvs.10.36 1. THERE are the Dawn and Night, the grand and beauteous Pair, Earth, Heaven, and Varuna, Mitra,
rvs.10.61 23 When he goes forth, ye Pair of Kings, for booty, speeding to war and praise to please the
rvs.10.85 The bridesmen were the Asvin Pair Agni was leader of the train.
rvs.10.85 One of the Pair beholdeth all existing things; the other ordereth seasons and is born again.
rvs.10.88 When the Pair, ever wandering, sprang to being, all creatures that existed looked upon them.
rvs.10.125 I hold aloft both Varuna and Mitra, Indra and Agni, and the Pair of Asvins.

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