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rvs.1.77 5 Thus Agni Jatavedas, true to Order, hath by the priestly Gotamas been lauded.
rvs.1.79 3 When he comes streaming with the milk of worship, conducting by directest paths of Order
rvs.1.84 16 Who yokes today- unto the pole of Order the strong and passionate steers of checkless spirit,
rvs.1.123 The Maiden breaketh not the law of Order, day by day coming to the place appointed.
rvs.1.124 Truly she followeth the path of Order, nor faileth, knowing well, the heavenly quarters.
rvs.1.156 3 Him have ye satisfied, singers, as well as ye know, primeval germ of Order even from his birth.
rvs.1.164 8 The Mother gave the Sire his share of Order: with thought, at first, she wedded him in spirit.
rvs.1.164 during Order.
rvs.1.164 Again descend they from the seat of Order, and all the earth is moistened with their fatness.
rvs.2.28 5 Loose me from sin as from a bond that binds me: may we swell, Varuna, thy spring of Order.
rvs.3.1 Friend of the house, within the lap of Order lay Agni, in the Sister Rivers' service.
rvs.3.4 These speak of truth, praising the truth eternal, thinking on Order as the guards of Order.
rvs.3.5 Loving the varied shows of holy Order at the first flush of dawn he shines as envoy.
rvs.3.6 6 Bind to the pole with cords of holy Order the longmaned- ruddy steeds who sprinkle fatness.
rvs.3.6 They fair and true and holy coming forward stand at his sacrifice who springs from Order.
rvs.3.7 To thee safe resting in the seat of Order the Cow alone upon her way proceedeth.
rvs.3.7 These speak of truth, praising the Truth Eternal, thinking on Order as the guards of Order.
rvs.3.20 Order!
rvs.3.31 1. WISE, teaching, following the thought of Order, the sonless gained a grandson from his daughter.
rvs.3.31 Order.
rvs.3.31 Teaching us pleasant things by holy Order, to, us hath he thrown open all his portals.
rvs.3.54 6 The Sage who looketh on mankind hath viewed them bedewed, rejoicing in the seat of Order.
rvs.3.54 Order,
rvs.3.55 This Ila streameth with the milk of Order. Great is the Gods supreme and sole dominion.
rvs.4.1 12 Wondrously first he rose aloft, defiant, in the Bulls' lair, the homeof holy Order,
rvs.4.2 Order.
rvs.4.3 9 I crave the cows' true gift arranged by Order: though raw, she hath the sweet ripe juice, O Agni.
rvs.4.5 This, shining brightly in the place of Order, swift, hasting on in secret, she discovered.
rvs.4.6 Order.
rvs.4.7 7 That as food spreads forth in this earthly udder, Gods may rejoice them in the home of Order,
rvs.4.21 With Maruts, from the realm of light to aid us, or from a distance, from the seat of Order.
rvs.4.42 4 I made to flow the moistureshedding- waters, and set the heaven firm in the scat of Order.
rvs.4.51 5 With horses harnessed by eternal Order, Goddesses, swiftly round the worlds ye travel,
rvs.4.51 Order;
rvs.4.51 Awaking, from the seat of holy Order the Godlike Dawns come nigh like troops of cattle.
rvs.5.12 2 Mark the Law, thou who knowest, yea, observe it: send forth the full streams of eternal Order.
rvs.5.15 2 By holy Law they kept supporting Order, by help of sacrifice, in loftiest heaven,
rvs.5.41 Preserve us in the seat of holy Order, and give the offerer power that winneth cattle.
rvs.5.63 1. GUARDIANS of Order, ye whose Laws are ever true, in the sublimest heaven your chariot ye ascend.
rvs.5.63 Ye by eternal Order govern all the world. Ye set the Sun in heaven as a refulgent car.
rvs.5.80 Sublime, by Law true to eternal Order, bright on her path, redtinted-, farrefulgent-.
rvs.5.80 She travels perfectly the path of Order, nor fails to reach, as one who knows, the quarters.
rvs.6.7 1. Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order,
rvs.6.17 Both worlds, whose Sons are Gods, thou hast supported, young, Mothers from old time ofholy Order.
rvs.6.39 He moves with Steeds yoked by eternal Order, contenting men with nave that finds the sunlight.
rvs.6.49 15 Give riches borne on cars, with many heroes, contenting men, the guard of mighty Order.
rvs.6.51 The pure and lovely face of holy Order hath shone like gold of heaven in its arising.
rvs.6.51 9 You Furtherers of Law, pure in your spirit, infallible, dwellers in the home of Order,
rvs.7.36 1. LET the prayer issue from the seat of Order, for Surya with his beams hath loosed the cattle.
rvs.7.43 4 Gladly the Gods have let themselves be honoured, milking the copious streams of holy Order.
rvs.7.44 5 May Dadhikras prepare the way we travel that we may pass along the path of Order.
rvs.7.53 2 With newest hymns set in the seat of Order, those the Two Parents, born before all others,
rvs.7.64 2 Kings, guards of rrtighty everlasting Order, come hitherward, ye Princes, Lords of Rivers.
rvs.7.65 VarunaMitra-, may your path of Order bear us over trouble as a boat over waters.
rvs.7.95 6 For thee, O Blest Sarasvati, Vasistha hath here unbarred the doors d sacred Order.
rvs.9.89 2. King, he hath clothed him in the robe of rivers, mounted the straightestgoing- ship of Order.
rvs.9.95 Order.
rvs.9.97 From days of old is TreasureLord- of riches: he, Indu, cherishes fair wellkept- Order.
rvs.9.97 32 Bright, bellowing aiong the path of Order, thou shinest as the form of life eternal.
rvs.9.97 34 Three are the voices that the Courser utters: he speaks the thought of prayer, the law of Order.
rvs.10.2 Order.
rvs.10.5 The sages guard the seat of Holy Order, and keep the highest names concealed within them.
rvs.10.5 4 For tracks of Order and refreshing viands attend from ancient times the goodly Infant.
rvs.10.5 Is Agni, our firstborn- of Holy Order, the Milchcow- and the Bull in lifes' beginning.
rvs.10.8 In his swift flight the red Dawns borne by horses refresh their bodies in the home of Order.
rvs.10.8 5 Thou art the Eye and Guard of mighty Order, and Varuna when to sacrifice thou comest.
rvs.10.12 1. HEAVEN and Earth, first by everlasting Order, speakers of truth, are near enough to hear us,
rvs.10.13 This by the Sacred Syllable have I measured: I purify in the central place of Order,
rvs.10.31 2 A man should think on wealth and strive to win it by adoration on the path of Order,
rvs.10.31 For him darkcoloured- streamed the shining udder: none made it swell for him. Thus Order willed it.
rvs.10.55 Who through the might of Indras' operation came forth as Gods in course of Law and Order.
rvs.10.61 Twiceborn- am I, the firstborn- Son of Order: the Cow milked this when first she had her being.
rvs.10.66 Obeying Order, these whose priest is Agni, free from falsehood, poured the waters out when Vrtra
rvs.10.67 2 Thinking aright, praising eternal Order, the sons of Dyaus the Asura, those heroes,
rvs.10.68 4 As the Sun dews with meath the seat of Order, and casts a flaming meteor down from heaven.
rvs.10.70 May he, most Godlike, speed our offered viands with homage Godward- on the path of Order.
rvs.10.73 5 Glad, for the race that rests on holy Order, with friends who hasten to their goal, hath Indra
rvs.10.80 Stablished in holy oil is Agnis' pasture, on the Gandharva path of Law and Order.
rvs.10.87 11 Thrice, Agni, let thy noose surround the demon who with his falsehood injures Holy Order.
rvs.10.104 4 O Mighty Indra, through thine aid, thy prowess, obtaining life, zealous, and skilled in Order,
rvs.10.109 And heavenly Floods, firstborn- by holy Order, exclaimed against the outrage on a Brahman.
rvs.10.110 2 Tanunapat, fairtongued-, with sweet meath balming the paths and waysof Order, make them pleasant.
rvs.10.123 Ascending to the lofty height of Order, the bands of singers sip' the sweets of Amrta.
rvs.10.124 3 1, looking to the guest of other lineage, have founded many a rule of Law and Order.

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