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rvs.1.33 6 They met in fight the army of the blameless: then the Navagvas put forth all their power.
rvs.1.62 4 Mid shout, loud shout, and roar, with the Navagvas, seven singers, hast thou, heavenly, rent the
rvs.3.39 5 Where as a Friend with friendly men, Navagvas, with heroes, on his knees he sought the cattle.
rvs.5.29 12 Navagvas and Dasgvas with libations of Soma juice sing hymns of praise to Indra.
rvs.5.45 7 Here, urged by hands, loudly hath rung the pressstone- wherewith Navagvas through ten months
rvs.5.45 11 I lay upon the Floods your hymn, lightwinning, wherewith Navagvas their ten months completed.
rvs.6.6 Thy most destructive heavenly Navagvas break the woods down and devastate them boldly.
rvs.6.22 2 Our sires of old,. Navagvas, sages seven, while urging him to show his might, extolled him,
rvs.10.14 6 Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrgus who deserve the Soma.
rvs.10.61 10 Uttering praise to suit the rite Navagvas came speedily to win the damsels' friendship.
rvs.10.108 8 Rsis will come inspirited with Soma, Angirases unwearied, and Navagvas.

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