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rvs.1.23 16 Along their paths the Mothers go, Sisters of priestly ministrants,
rvs.1.95 4 Who of you knows this secret One? The Infant by his own nature hath brought forth his Mothers.
rvs.1.95 He forces out from all a brilliant vesture, yea, from his Mothers draws he forth new raiment.
rvs.1.106 3 May the most glorious Fathers aid us, and the two Goddesses, Mothers of the Gods, who strengthen
rvs.1.122 Set ye the Offspring of the Floods before you; both Mothers of the Living One who beameth.
rvs.1.141 2 Wonderful, rich in nourishment, he dwells in food; next, in the seven auspicious Mothers is his
rvs.1.141 5 Then also entered he the Mothers, and in them pure and uninjured he increased in magnitude.
rvs.1.142 Strong Mothers of the sacrifice, seat them together on the grass.
rvs.1.159 2 With invocations, on the gracious Fathers' mind, and on the Mothers' great inherent power I muse.
rvs.1.159 Mothers first of all.
rvs.1.164 10 Bearing three Mothers and three Fathers, single he stood erect: they never make him weary.
rvs.1.164 He, yet enveloped in his Mothers' bosom, source of much life, hath sunk into destruction.
rvs.2.11 8 Down, never ceasing, hath the raincloud- settled: bellowing, it hath wandered with the Mothers.
rvs.3.1 There stood the milchkine- with fullladen- udders, and both paired Mighty Mothers of the Wondrous.
rvs.3.2 2 He made the heaven and earth resplendent by his birth: Child of two Mothers he was meet to be
rvs.3.5 Resplendent, pure, sublime and purifying, again, again he renovates his Mothers.
rvs.3.7 Mothers.
rvs.3.8 Grant wealth to us when thou art standing upright as when reposing on this Mothers' bosom.
rvs.3.23 3 Him nobly born of old the fingers ten produced, him whom his Mothers counted dear.
rvs.3.29 14 Served by the seven priests, he shone forth from ancient time, when in his Mothers' bosom, in
rvs.3.33 Licking as it were their calf the pair of Mothers flow onward to their common home together.
rvs.3.54 The Chieftain of the Mighty Stride, whose Mothers, the many young Dames, never disregard him.
rvs.3.55 6 Now lying far away, Child of two Mothers, he wanders unrestrained, the single youngling.
rvs.3.55 7 Child of two Mothers, Priest, sole Lord in synods, he still precedes while resting as foundation.
rvs.3.56 5 Streams! the wise Gods have thrice three habitations. Child of three Mothers, he is Lord in
rvs.4.1 16 The Milchcows-' earliest name they comprehended: they found the Mothers' thriceseven- noblest
rvs.4.7 6 In his Eternal Mothers, in the wood, concealed and unapproached,
rvs.5.1 6 Agni hath sat him down, a Priest most skilful, on a sweetsmelling- place, his Mothers' bosom.
rvs.5.5 6 Fair strengtheners of vital power, young Mothers of eternal Law,
rvs.5.11 3 Pure , unadorned, from thy two Mothers art thou born: thou camest from Vivasvan as a charming
rvs.5.19 Within his Mothers' side he speaks.
rvs.5.43 14 The tuneful eloquent priests of him who liveth have sought the Mothers' bright and loftiest
rvs.5.47 6 For him they lenghten prayers and acts of worship: the Mothers weave garments for him their
rvs.6.16 35 His Fathers' Father, shining in his Mothers' everlasting side,
rvs.6.17 Both worlds, whose Sons are Gods, thou hast supported, young, Mothers from old time ofholy Order.
rvs.6.55 5 His Mothers' suitor I address. May he who loves his Sister hear,
rvs.7.7 Invoking both Allboonbestowing— Mothers of whom, Most Youthful! thou wast born to help us.
rvs.8.49 15 Thou liest in the wood: from both thy Mothers mortals kindle thee.
rvs.8.72 Our kinship in. the Mothers' womb.
rvs.8.85 For him the Floods stood still, the Seven Mothers, Streams easy for the heroes to pass over.
rvs.9.70 4 He, while he is adorned by the ten skilful ones, that he too in the Midmost Mothers may create,
rvs.9.86 36 The Sisters Seven, the Mothers, stand around the Babe, the noble, newborn- Infant, skilled in
rvs.9.89 With us hath Soma with a thousand currents sunk in the wood, upon his Mothers' bosom.
rvs.9.102 4 Even at his birth the Mothers Seven taught him, for glory, like a sage,
rvs.10.1 Mothers.
rvs.10.1 4 Thence bearing food the Mothers come to meet thee, with food for thee who givest food its
rvs.10.20 Under whose guard and heavenly light the Spotted seek the Mothers' breast:
rvs.10.30 Waters which dwell together, thrive together, Queens, Mothers of the world, these, Rsi, honour.
rvs.10.35 3 May the great Twain, the Mothers, Heaven and Earth, this day preserve us free from sin for peace
rvs.10.59 8 May both Worlds bless Subandhu, young Mothers of everlasting Law.
rvs.10.64 Ye Goddess Floods, ye Mothers, animating all, promise us water rich in fatness and in balm.
rvs.10.64 14 The Mothers, Heaven and Earth, those mighty Goddesses, worthy of sacrifice, ecune with the race
rvs.10.79 3 Seeking, as it were, his Mothers' secret bosom, he, like a child, creeps on through widespread-
rvs.10.97 2 Ye, Mothers, have a hundred homes, yea, and a thousand are your growths.
rvs.10.97 4 Plants, by this name I speak to you, Mothers, to you the Goddesses:
rvs.10.115 1. VERILY wondrous is the tender Younglings' growth who never draweth nigh to drink his Mothers'
rvs.10.120 Thou stablishest the two muchwandering- Mothers, and bringest many deeds to their completion.
rvs.10.120 The spotless Sisters, they who are his Mothers, with power exalt him and impel him onward.
rvs.10.123 3 Full many, lowing to their jointpossession-, dwelling together stood the Darlings' Mothers.
rvs.10.140 Thou, visiting both thy Mothers, aidest them as Son: thou joinest close the earth and heaven.

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