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rvs.1.46 1 Now Morning with her earliest light shines forth, dear Daughter of the Sky:
rvs.1.113 Night, sent away for Savitars' uprising, hath yielded up a birthplace- for the Morning.
rvs.1.113 11 Gone are the men who in the days before us looked on the rising of the earlier Morning.
rvs.1.123 5 Sister of Varuna, sister of Bhaga, first among all sing forth, O joyous Morning.
rvs.1.142 7 May Night and Morning, hymned with lauds, united, fair to look upon,
rvs.1.186 4 To you I seek with reverence, Night and Morning, like a cow good to milk, with hope to conquer,
rvs.1.188 Let Night and Morning rest them here.
rvs.2.3 6 Good work for us, the glorious Night and Morning, like female weavers, waxen from aforetime,
rvs.2.12 He who gave being to the Sun and Morning, who leads the waters, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.31 5 Or, seen alternate, those two blessed Goddesses, Morning and Night who stir all living things to
rvs.3.14 3 The Two who show their vigour, Night and Morning, by the winds' paths shall haste to thee O Agni.
rvs.3.20 5 I call on Savitar the God, on Morning, Brhaspati, and Dadhikras, and Agni,
rvs.3.30 13 Men gladly in the course of night would look on the broad bright front of the refulgent Morning;
rvs.3.31 Indra who shone together with the Heroes begot the song, the fire, and Sun and Morning.
rvs.3.32 He beareth up this earth and heaven, and, doer of marvels, he begot the Sun and Morning.
rvs.3.61 2 Shine forth, O Morning, thou auspicious Goddess, on thy bright car awaking pleasant voices.
rvs.3.61 3 Thou, Morning, turning thee to every creature, standest on high as ensign of the Immortal,
rvs.3.61 4 Letting her reins drop downward, Morning cometh, the wealthy Dame, the Lady of the dwelling;
rvs.3.61 5 Hither invoke the radiant Goddess Morning, and bring with reverence your hymn to praise her.
rvs.3.61 To Morning, Agni, when she comes refulgent, thou goest forth soliciting fair riches.
rvs.4.1 Morning.
rvs.4.3 Bringing great bliss the men encompassed Morning: light was apparent at the birth of Agni.
rvs.4.55 And may the unobstructed Night and Morning both, day and night, provide for our protection.
rvs.5.5 Morning and Night we supplicate.
rvs.5.28 1. AGNI inflamed hath sent to heaven his lustre: he shines forth widely turning unto Morning.
rvs.5.41 Morning and Night, the Two, as it were allknowing-: these bring the sacrifice unto the mortal.
rvs.6.17 5 Gladdened whereby, bursting the firm enclosures, thou gavest splendour to the Sun and Morning.
rvs.6.17 Unbarred the firm doors for the kine of Morning, and, with the Angirases, set free the cattle.
rvs.6.30 Thou art the King of men, of all that liveth, engendering at once Sun, Heaven, and Morning.
rvs.6.32 And, roaring with the holythoughted- singers, he loosed the bond that held the beams of Morning.
rvs.6.50 The God who, bounteous as the face of Morning, discloses precious gifts for him who worships.
rvs.6.64 Decking thyself, thou makest bare thy bosom, shining in majesty, thou Goddess Morning.
rvs.6.72 2 Ye, IndraSoma-, gave her light to Morning, and led the Sun on high with all his splendour.
rvs.7.2 6 And let the two exalted Heavenly Ladies, Morning and Night, like a cow good at milking,
rvs.7.39 At the folks early call on Night and Morning, Vayu, and Pusan with his team, to bless us.
rvs.7.44 Closely allied with Surya and with Morning, Adityas, and Angirases, and Vasus.
rvs.7.67 Eastward is seen the Banner of the Morning, the Banner born to give Heavens' Daughter glory.
rvs.7.75 6 Apparent are the steeds of varied colour, the red steeds carrying resplendent Morning.
rvs.7.75 She brake strong fences down and gave the cattle: the kine were lowing as they greeted Morning.
rvs.7.76 The Fathers found the light that lay in darkness, and with effectual words begat the Morning.
rvs.7.76 Leader of kine and Queen of all that strengthens, shine, come as first to us, O highborn- Morning.
rvs.7.78 3 Apparent eastward are those lights of Morning, sending out lustre, as they rise, around them.
rvs.7.91 For Vayu and for man in his affliction they caused the Morning to arise with Surya.
rvs.9.58 2 The Morning knows all precious things, the Goddess knows her grace to man:
rvs.10.3 Morning.
rvs.10.8 4 For, Vasu thou precedest every Morning, and still hast been the Twins' illuminator.
rvs.10.11 3 Yea, even this blessed Morning, rich in store of food, splendid, with heavenly lustre, hath
rvs.10.35 May Morning sending forth her light drive sin afar. We pray to kindled Agni for felicity.
rvs.10.68 9 He found the light of heaven, and fire, and Morning: with lucid rays he forced apart the
rvs.10.89 12 Forward, as herald of refulgent Morning, let thine insatiate arrow fly, O Indra.
rvs.10.110 6 Pouring sweet dews let holy Night and Morning, each close to each, he seated at their station,
rvs.10.127 O Morning, cancel it like debts.
rvs.10.134 1. As, like the Morning, thou hast filled, O Indra, both the earth and heaven.

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