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rvs.3.7 2 The Male who dwells in heaven hath Mares and Milchkine: he came to Goddesses who bring sweet
rvs.3.34 He who burns fierce in forests slaughtered Vyamsa, and made the Milchkine- of the nights apparent.
rvs.4.1 Forth drave they, with loud call, Dawns' teeming Milchkine- bid in the mountainstable, in the
rvs.4.22 6 True are all these thy deeds, O Most Heroic. The Milchkine- issued from the streaming udder.
rvs.4.23 To Law belong the vast deep Earth and Heaven: Milchkine- supreme, to Law their milk they render.
rvs.5.30 With might thou clavest even the rock asunder, and foundest out the stable of the Milchkine-.
rvs.5.55 Never, ye WonderWorkers-, are your Milchkine- dry. Their cars moved onward as they went to victory.
rvs.7.42 Loud low the Milchkine- swimming in the waters: set be the stones that grace our holy service.
rvs.9.70 1. THE three times seven Milchkine- in the eastern heaven have for this Soma poured the genuine
rvs.9.86 25 Seven Milchkine- glorify the Tawnycoloured- One while with his wave in wool he purifies himself.
rvs.9.97 35 To Soma come the Cows, the Milchkine- longing, to Soma sages with their hvmns inquiring.

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