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rvs.1.95 He is the Lord of Might among the mighty; him, on the right, they balm with their oblations.
rvs.1.145 Might.
rvs.4.30 17 So sapient Indra, Lord of Might, brought Turvasa and Yadu, those
rvs.4.31 7 So even, Lord of Power and Might, the people call thee Maghavan,
rvs.5.31 When, Lord of Might, thou sunderedst earth and heaven, winning for man the moistlygleaming- waters.
rvs.5.66 Might strive to reach the realm ye rule, most spacious and protected well,
rvs.7.97 Robed in red colour like the cloud, they carry the Lord of Might whose friendship gives a dwelling.
rvs.8.6 21 O Lord of Might, with hymns of praise the Kanvas have increased thy power,
rvs.8.15 For victory stir thou Indra, up, the Lord of Might.
rvs.8.19 7 May we by thine own fires be well supplied with fire, O Son of Strength, O Lord of Might:
rvs.8.23 12 So give us, Lord of Power and Might, riches combined with hero strength,
rvs.8.49 Protect us through three hymns, O Lord of Power and Might, through four hymns, Vasu, guard thou us.
rvs.8.66 Might make Brahmans' strength increase.
rvs.8.91 5 1 call the Sage who sounds like wind, the Might that like Parjanya roars,
rvs.10.23 Rbhu, Rbhuksan, Vajahe- is Lord of Might. The Dasas' very name I utterly destroy.

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