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rvs.1.36 Whom Kanva, whom Medhyatithi made the source of wealth, and Vrsan and Upastuta.
rvs.1.36 11 Him, Agni, whom Medhyatithi, whom Kanva kindled for his rite,
rvs.1.36 Agni hath helped our friends, hath helped Medhyatithi, hath helped Upastuta to win.
rvs.8.1 These, Paramajya, Ninditasva, Prapathi, most bounteous, O Medhyatithi.
rvs.8.2 Of Kanva, wise Medhyatithi.
rvs.8.33 4 Medhyatithi, to Indra sing, drink of the juice to make thee glad.
rvs.8.93 As, Maghavan, thou favouredst Medhyatithi, and, in the fight, Nipatithi.
rvs.8.95 And, Maghavan, with Nipatithi, Medhyatithi, with Pustigu and Srustigu,
rvs.9.43 Songs of the sage Medhyatithi.

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