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rvs.1.31 3 To Matarisvan first thou, Agni, wast disclosed, and to Vivasvan through thy noble inward power.
rvs.1.60 1 As it were Some goodly treasure Matarisvan brought, as a gift, the glorious Priest to Bhrgu,
rvs.1.71 4 Since Matarisvan, fardiffused-, hath stirred him, and he in every house grown bright and noble,
rvs.1.93 6 One of you Matarisvan brought from heaven, the Falcon rent the other from the mountain.
rvs.1.96 4 That Matarisvan rich in wealth and treasure, lightwinner-, finds a pathway for his offspring.
rvs.1.128 The God whom Matarisvan brought from far away, for Manu brought from far away.
rvs.1.141 When Matarisvan rubbed forth him who lay concealed, for mixture of the sweet drink, in the days of
rvs.1.143 2 Soon as he sprang to birth that Agni was shown forth to Matarisvan in the highest firmament.
rvs.1.148 1. WHAT Matarisvan, piercing, formed by friction, Herald of all the Gods. in varied figure,
rvs.1.164 To what is One, sages give many a title they call it Agni, Yama, Matarisvan.
rvs.1.190 Brhaspati, for he laid out the expanses, was, at the sacrifice, vast Matarisvan.
rvs.3.2 Whom Matarisvan stablished, dweller in the heaven, meet for high praise and holy, sage and true to
rvs.3.5 May Agni, Friend, adorable Matarisvan, as envoy bring the Gods unto our worship.
rvs.3.5 When, far from Bhrgus, Matarisvan kindled the oblationbearer- where he lay in secret.
rvs.3.9 Him Matarisvan brought to us from far away produced by friction, from the Gods.
rvs.3.26 2 That Agni, bright, Vaisvanara, we invoke for help, and Matarisvan worthy of the song of praise;
rvs.3.29 Formed in his Mother he is Matarisvan; he hath, in his course, become the rapid flight of wind.
rvs.8.96 2 As thou with Matarisvan, Medhya, Prsadhra, hast cheered thee Indra, with pressed juice,
rvs.10.46 Him Matarisvan and the Gods have fashioned holy for man and first to be entreated.
rvs.10.85 May Matarisvan, Dhatar, and Destri together bind us close.
rvs.10.88 19 As great as is the fairwinged- Mornings' presence to him who dwells beside us, Matarisvan!
rvs.10.105 Like skilful Matarisvan with his power and might,
rvs.10.109 1. THESE first, the boundless Sea, and Matarisvan, fierceglowing- Fire, the Strong, the
rvs.10.114 1. Two perfect springs of heat pervade the Threefold, and come for their delight is Matarisvan.

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