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rvs.1.14 Adityas, and the Marut host.
rvs.1.23 8 Gods, Marut hosts whom Indra leads, distributers of Pusans' gifts,
rvs.1.37 4 Now sing ye forth the Godgiven- hymn to your exultant Marut host,
rvs.1.38 15 Sing glory to the Marut host, praiseworthy, tuneful, vigorous:
rvs.1.80 Let these lifefostering- waters flow attended by the Marut host, lauding thine own imperial sway.
rvs.1.106 1. CALL we for aid on Indra, Mitra, Varuna and Agni and the Marut host and Aditi.
rvs.1.134 The Marut host hast thou engendered from the womb, the Maruts from the womb of heaven.
rvs.1.156 4 The Sovran Varuna and both the Asvins wait on this the will of him who guides the Marut host.
rvs.2.3 Bring thou the Marut host. Ye men do worship to Indra seated on the grass, eternal.
rvs.2.31 Marut host,
rvs.5.46 2 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Visnu.
rvs.5.52 Rsi, adore that Marut host, and make them happy with thy song.
rvs.5.52 14 Rsi, invite the Marut band with offerings, as a maid her friend.
rvs.5.54 1. THIS hymn will I make for the Marut host who bright in native splendour cast the mountains down.
rvs.5.56 Whereon the bounteous Dame, auspicious, nobly born, shows glorious with the Marut host.
rvs.5.61 13 That Marut band is ever young, borne on bright cars, unblamable,
rvs.6.16 24 Bring those Two Kings whose ways are pure, Adityas, and the Marut host,
rvs.6.52 11 May Indra, with the Marut host, with Tvastar, Mitra, Aryaman,
rvs.7.32 The man whom Indra and the Marut host defend comes to a stable full of kine.
rvs.7.57 1. YEA, through the power of your sweet juice, ye Holy! the Marut host is glad at sacrifices.
rvs.8.12 29 When, Indra, all the Marut folk humbly submitted them to thee,
rvs.8.13 And all the Marut companies come tothe feast.
rvs.8.20 9 Bring, ye who sprinkle balmy drops. oblations to your vigorous Marut company,
rvs.8.27 To the Adityas, Varuna whose Law stands fast, and the alllightening- Marut troop.
rvs.8.46 4 Fair guidance hath the mortal man whom Aryaman, the Marut host,
rvs.8.65 2 This Indra with his Marut Friends clave into pieces Vrtras' bead
rvs.8.65 3 Indra, with Marut Friends grown strong, hath rent asunder Vrtra, and
rvs.8.65 9 Drink, Indra, with thy Marut Friends, pressed Soma at the morning rites,
rvs.8.72 7 Regard us, Indra, Visnu, here, ye Asvins and the Marut host,
rvs.8.78 Indra, refulgent with thy Marut host! the Gods strove eagerly to win thy love.
rvs.9.25 For Vayu and the Marut host.
rvs.9.34 2 Poured forth to Indra, Varuna, to Vayu and the Marut hosts,
rvs.9.51 3 These Gods and all the Marut host, Indu enjoy this juice of thine,
rvs.9.61 For Varuna and the Marut host.
rvs.9.65 To Visnu and the Marut host.
rvs.9.66 Goldgleaming- with the Marut host,
rvs.9.107 17 Soma, the gladdening juice, flows pressed for Indra with his Marut host:
rvs.9.108 14 He whom our Indra and the Marut host shall drink, Bhaga shall drink with Aryaman,
rvs.10.126 Strong Rudra with the Marut host, Indra, Agni let us call for weal beyond our foes.

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