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rvs.1.14 12 Harness the Red Mares to thy car, the Bays, O God, the flaming ones:
rvs.3.7 2 The Male who dwells in heaven hath Mares and Milchkine: he came to Goddesses who bring sweet
rvs.7.87 The Mares, as in a race, speed on in order. He made great channels for the days to follow.
rvs.8.20 10 Come hither, O ye Mares, on your stronghorsed car, solid in look, with solid naves.
rvs.9.86 wellwinged- Mares.
rvs.10.5 2 Inhabiting one dwellingplace- in common, strong Stallions and the Mares have come together.
rvs.10.96 He, Lord of Tawny Coursers, Lord of fleetfoot- Mares, will bear his Bay Steeds safely over all

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