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rvs.10.73 He came from Manyu and remained in houses: whence he hath sprung is known to Indra only.
rvs.10.83 HYMN LXXXII. Manyu. 83
rvs.10.83 1. HE who hath reverenced thee, Manyu, destructive bolt, breeds for himself forthwith all
rvs.10.83 2 Manyu was Indra, yea, the God, was Manyu, Manyu was Hotar, Varuna, Jatavedas.
rvs.10.83 The tribes of human lineage worship Manyu. Accordant with thy fervour, Manyu, guard us.
rvs.10.83 3 Come hither, Manyu, mightier tham the mighty; chase, with thy fervour for ally, our foemen.
rvs.10.83 4 For thou art, Manyu, of surpassing vigour, fierce, queller of the foe, and selfexistent-,
rvs.10.83 I, feeble man, was wroth thee, O Manyu I am myself; come thou to give me vigour.
rvs.10.83 Come to me, Manyu, Wielder of the Thunder: bethink thee of thy friend, and slay the Dasyus.
rvs.10.84 HYMN LXXXIV. Manyu. 84
rvs.10.84 1. BORNE on with thee, O Manyu girt by Maruts, let our brave men, impetuous, bursting forward,
rvs.10.84 2 Flashing like fire, be thou, O conquering Manyu, invoked, O Victor, as our armys' leader.
rvs.10.84 3 O Manyu, overcome thou our assailant on! breaking, slaying, crushing down the foemen.
rvs.10.84 4 Alone or many thou art worshipped, Manyu: sharpen the spirit of each clan for battle.
rvs.10.84 5 Unyielding bringing victory like Indra, O Manyu, be thou here our Sovran Ruler.
rvs.10.84 Be friendly to its in thy spirit, Manyu, O Muchinvoked-, in shock of mighty battle.
rvs.10.84 7 For spoil let Varuna and Manyu give us the wealth of both sides gathered and collected;

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