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rvs.1.31 17 As erst to Manus, to Yayati, Angiras, so Angiras! pure Agni! come thou to our hall.
rvs.1.36 10 Bearer of offerings, whom, best sacrificing Priest, the Gods for Manus' sake ordained;
rvs.1.68 4 Seated as Priest with Manus' progeny, of all these treasures he alone is Lord.
rvs.1.76 5 As with oblations of the priestly Manus thou worshippedst the Gods, a Sage with sages,
rvs.1.80 16 Still as of old, whatever rite Atharvan, Manus sire of all,
rvs.1.128 1. By Manus' law was born this Agni, Priest most skilled, born for the holy work of those who
rvs.1.130 Plaguing the lawless he gave up to Manus' seed the dusky skin;
rvs.3.3 6 Agni, together with the Gods and Manus' folk by thought extending sacrifice in varied form,
rvs.4.37 As ye, gay Gods, accept in splendid weather the sacrifice among these folk of Manus.
rvs.4.54 Him who distributes wealth to Manus' progeny, that he may grant us here riches most excellent.
rvs.5.21 1. WE stablish thee as Manus used, as Manus used we kindle thee.
rvs.5.21 Like Manus, for the pious man , Angiras, Agni, worship Gods.
rvs.6.14 At sacrifices Manus' sons glorify Agni as their Priest.
rvs.6.16 9 Invoker placed by Manus, thou, Agni, art near, the wisest Priest:
rvs.6.68 1. HIS honouring rite whose grass is trimmed is offered swiftly to you, in Manus' wise, accordant,
rvs.8.15 5 Wherewith thou also foundest lights for Ayu and for Manus' sake:
rvs.8.30 Lead us not from our fathers' and from Manus' path into the distance far away.
rvs.8.43 Did Bhrgu, Manus, Angiras.
rvs.8.43 27 Thou whom the people kindle even as Manus did, best Angiras!
rvs.8.93 Wherewith thou goest round to visit Manus' seed, wherewith all heaven is visible.
rvs.10.65 14 With Holy Thoughts and with Purandhi may all Gods, knowing the Law immortal, Manus' Holy Ones,

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