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rvs.1.32 Maghavan grasped the thunder for his weapon, and smote to death this firstborn of the dragons.
rvs.1.32 When Indra and the Dragon strove in battle, Maghavan gained the victory for ever.
rvs.1.33 Thou, Maghavan, for all his might and swiftness, slewest thy fighting foeman with thy thunder
rvs.1.33 15 Svitra s mild steer, O Maghavan thou helpest in combat for the land, mid Tugra s houses.
rvs.1.52 Still here thy conquering might, Maghavan, would be famed: it hath waxed vast as heaven in majesty
rvs.1.54 1 URGE us not, Maghavan, to this distressful fight, for none may comprehend the limit of thy
rvs.1.55 A friendly Bull is he, a Bull to be desired when Maghavan auspiciously sends forth his voice.
rvs.1.57 5 Great is thy power, O Indra, we are thine. Fulfil, O Maghavan, the wish of this thy worshipper.
rvs.1.82 1. GRACIOUSLY listen to our songs, Maghavan, be not negligent.
rvs.1.82 3 Maghavan, we will reverence thee who art so fair to look upon.
rvs.1.84 O Maghavan, there is no comforter but thou: Indra, I speak my words to thee.
rvs.1.102 3 Maghavan, grant us that same car to bring us spoil, thy conquering car in which we joy in shock
rvs.1.102 Thou, Indra, whom our hearts praise highly in the war, grant shelter, Maghavan, to us who love
rvs.1.102 Indra, bestow on us joy and felicity break down, O Maghavan, the vigour of our foes.
rvs.1.102 7 Thy glory, Maghavan, exceeds a hundred yea, more than a hundred, than a thousand mid the folk,
rvs.1.102 We make thee keen, the Mighty One, succour us: inspire us, Maghavan, when we defy the foe.
rvs.1.103 Maghavan with his puissance struck down Ahi, rent Rauhina to death and slaughtered Vyamsa.
rvs.1.103 4 For him who thus hath taught these human races, Maghavan, bearing a fame worthy title,
rvs.1.104 Now think thou of us, Maghavan, nor cast us away as doth a profligate his treasure.
rvs.1.121 Maghavan, make us share the foeman s cattle: may we be thy most liberal feast companions.
rvs.1.132 1. HELPED, Indra Maghavan, by thee in war of old, may we subdue in fight the men who strive with
rvs.1.133 3 Do thou, O Maghavan, beat off these sorceresses daring strength.
rvs.1.165 9 Nothing, O Maghavan, stands firm before thee; among the Gods not one is found thine equal.
rvs.1.171 3 The Maruts, praised by us, shall show us favour; Maghavan, lauded, shall be most propitious.
rvs.1.173 5 Praise thou that Indra who is truly mighty, the car borne Warrior, Maghavan the Hero;
rvs.1.174 Thou Lord of Heroes, Maghavan, our saver, art faithful, very rich, the victory giver.
rvs.1.174 Maghavan made the three that gleam with moisture, and to his home brought Kuyavac to slay him.
rvs.1.178 5 Aided by thee, O Maghavan, O Indra, may we subdue our foes who count them mighty.
rvs.2.36 Pressed for thee, Maghavan, it is offered unto thee: drink from the chalice of this Brahman, drink
rvs.3.30 3 Fair cheeks hath Indra, Maghavan, the Victor, Lord of a great host, Stormer, strong in action.
rvs.3.30 Rend them from under, crush them and subdue them. Slay, Maghavan, and make the fiends our booty.
rvs.3.30 Hero, whose might is true, thy home is heaven: to us, O Maghavan, grant gifts of cattle.
rvs.3.30 22 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.31 Great is the laud, we seek the Princes favour. Be thou, O Maghavan, our guard and keeper.
rvs.3.31 Chase thou the many godless evil creatures, and give us, Maghavan, heaven s light to help m.
rvs.3.31 22 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered.
rvs.3.32 17 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.34 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.35 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.36 10 O Indra, Maghavan, impetuous mover, grant us abundant wealth that brings all blessings.
rvs.3.36 11 Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.38 10 Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.39 9 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.43 5 Wilt thou not make me guardian of the people, make me, impetuous Maghavan, their ruler;
rvs.3.47 4 Drink Soma, Indra, banded with the Maruts who, Maghavan, strengthened thee at Ahi s slaughter,
rvs.3.48 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.49 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.50 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.51 1. HIGH hymns have sounded forth the praise of Maghavan, supporter of mankind, of Indra meet for
rvs.3.53 2 Stay still, O Maghavan, advance no farther. a draught of well pressed Soma will I give thee.
rvs.3.53 4 A wife, O Maghavan is home and dwelling: so let thy Bay Steeds yoked convey thee hither.
rvs.3.53 8 Maghavan weareth every shape at pleasure, effecting magic changes in his body,
rvs.3.53 Bring thou to us the wealth of Pramaganda give up to us, O Maghavan, the low born.
rvs.3.53 21 With various aids this day come to us, Indra, with best aids speed us, Maghavan, thou Hero.
rvs.3.60 Maghavan, urged by song, in the drink offerer s house rejoice thee with the Heroes, with
rvs.4.16 1. IMPETUOUS, true, let Maghavan come hither, and let his Tawny Coursers speed to reach us.
rvs.4.16 9 Come, Maghavan, Friend of Man, to aid the singer imploring thee in battle for the sunlight.
rvs.4.16 19 O Indra, with these men who love thee truly, free givers, Maghavan, in every battle,
rvs.4.17 Verily all rejoice in him, extolling the boons which Maghavan the God hath sent them.
rvs.4.17 Thou, Maghavan, rentest with thy bolt the Dragon who lay against the waterfloods of heaven.
rvs.4.17 Who slayeth Vrtra and acquireth booty, giver of blessings, Maghavan the bounteous:
rvs.4.17 9 Alone renowned as Maghavan in battles, he frighteneth away assembled armies.
rvs.4.17 11 Indra hath won all kine, all gold, all horses, Maghavan, he who breaketh forts in pieces;
rvs.4.17 13 Maghavan makes the settled man unsettled: he scatters dust that he hath swept together,
rvs.4.17 Breaking in pieces like Heaven armed with lightning: Maghavan shall enrich the man who lauds hm;.
rvs.4.17 19 Alone, when Indra Maghavan is lauded, he slayeth many Never resisted Vrtras.
rvs.4.17 20 even so let Maghavan, the loud voiced Indra, give us true blessings, foeless, men s upholder.
rvs.4.18 9 Thou art mine own, O Maghavan, whom Vyamsa struck to the ground and smote thy jaws in pieces.
rvs.4.20 May Maghavan, loud voiced and wielding thunder, stand by us at this sacrifice, in combat.
rvs.4.22 He who comes wielding in his might the thunder, Maghavan, gives prayer, praise, and laud, and Soma.
rvs.4.22 Send to us all intelligence arid wisdom O Maghavan, be he who gives us cattle.
rvs.4.24 That Maghavan brings comfort in the foray to the religious man who pours libations.
rvs.4.27 5 And now let Maghavan accept the beaker, white, filled with milk, filled with the shining liquid;
rvs.4.29 5 O Indra Maghavan, by thee protected may we be thine, princes and priests and singers,
rvs.4.30 7 What Vrtra slayer, art not thou, Maghavan, fiercest in thy wrath?
rvs.4.31 7 So even, Lord of Power and Might, the people call thee Maghavan,
rvs.4.42 I Indra Maghavan, excite the conflict; I stir the dust, Lord of surpassing vigour.
rvs.5.29 5 Thus all the Gods, O Maghavan, delivered to thee of their free will the draught of Soma;
rvs.5.29 6 When Maghavan with the thunderbolt demolished his nine and ninety castles all together,
rvs.5.29 8 When thou three hundred buffaloes flesh hadst eaten, and drunk, as Maghavan, three lakes of
rvs.5.29 13 How shall I serve thee, Maghavan, though knowing full well what hero deeds thou hast
rvs.5.30 Let him who knows not learn, who knows them listen: hither rides Maghavan with all his army.
rvs.5.30 7 Thou, Maghavan, from the first didst scatter foemen, speeding, while joying in the milk, the
rvs.5.31 6 I will declare thine exploits wrought aforetime, and, Maghavan, thy deeds of late achievement,
rvs.5.33 Which, Maghavan, at thy will thou drivest hither. With these subdue for us the men who hate us.
rvs.5.34 2 He who filled full his belly with the Soma s juice, Maghavan, was delighted with the meath s
rvs.5.34 The mighty Maghavan who is the sage s Friend advanceth more and more his beauteous progeny.
rvs.5.34 8 When Indra Maghavan hath marked two wealthy men fighting for beauteous cows with all their
rvs.5.36 Shall not Puruvasu the singer give thee praise, O ever prospering Maghavan, mounted on thy car?
rvs.5.36 With thy left hand, O Maghavan, give us riches: with thy right, Lord of Bays, be not reluctant.
rvs.5.42 None of old times, O Maghavan, nor later, none of these days hath reached thy hero prowess.
rvs.6.23 Or when with yoked Bays, Maghavan, thou comest, O Indra, bearing in thine arms the thunder.
rvs.6.24 That Maghavan whom men must laud with singing, Heaven dweller, King of songs, whose help is
rvs.6.27 3 All thy vast power, O Maghavan, we know not, know not the riches of thy full abundance.
rvs.6.43 4 This, in whose juice delighting thou gainest the might of Maghavan,
rvs.6.44 17 Therewith enraptured, Hero, slay our foemen, the unfriendly, Maghavan be they kin or strangers,
rvs.6.44 18 O Indra Maghavan, in these our battles win easy paths for us and ample freedom.
rvs.6.46 8 Or, Maghavan, what vigorous strength in Trksi lay, in Druhyus or in Paru s folk,
rvs.6.46 From these, O Indra Maghavan who lovest song, be closest guardian of our lives.
rvs.6.47 Bring us the best among all sorts of viands: let not the foe s wealth, Maghavan, subdue us.
rvs.6.47 Sakra I call, Indra invoked of many. May Indra Maghavan prosper and bless us.
rvs.7.19 8 May we men, Maghavan, the friends thou lovest, near thee be joyful under thy protection.
rvs.7.19 9 Swiftly, in truth, O Maghavan, about thee men skilled in hymning sing their songs and praises.
rvs.7.20 9 To thee the mighty hymn hath clamoured loudly, and, Maghavan, the eloquent hath besought thee.
rvs.7.22 3 Mark closely, Maghavan, the words I utter, this eulogy recited by Vasistha:
rvs.7.22 O Maghavan, be not long distant from us.
rvs.7.27 2 Grant, Indra Maghavan, invoked of many, to these my friends the strength which thou possessest.
rvs.7.27 Thou, Maghavan, hast rent strong places open: unclose for us, Wise God, thy hidden bounty.
rvs.7.27 4 Maghavan Indra, when we all invoke him, bountiful ever sendeth strength to aid us:
rvs.7.29 Drink of this fair, this well effused libation: Maghavan, give us wealth when we implore thee.
rvs.7.29 3 What satisfaction do our hymns afford thee? When, Maghavan? Now let us do thee service.
rvs.7.29 Hence I, O Indra Maghavan, invoke thee: thou art our Providence, even as a Father.
rvs.7.32 The strong will win the spoil on the decisive day through faith in thee, O Maghavan.
rvs.7.32 No kinship is there better, Maghavan, than thine: a father even is no more.
rvs.7.32 Light is the task to give, O Maghavan, to one like me on the decisive day.
rvs.7.32 Desiring horses, Indra Maghavan! and kine, as men of might we call on thee.
rvs.7.32 For, Maghavan, thou art rich in treasures from of old, and must be called in every fight.
rvs.7.32 25 Drive thou away our enemies, O Maghavan: make riches easy to be won.
rvs.7.98 5 I will declare the earliest deeds of Indra, and recent acts which Maghavan hath accomplished.
rvs.7.104 19 Hurl down from heaven thy bolt of stone, O Indra: sharpen it, Maghavan, made keen by Soma.
rvs.8.1 4 Those skilled in song, O Maghavan among these men overcome with might the foeman s songs.
rvs.8.1 Closed up the wound again, most wealthy Maghavan, who maketh whole the injured part.
rvs.8.3 When ever wilt thou, Indra Maghavan, come nigh to presser s or to praiser s call?
rvs.8.3 Come with the High Ones hither, Maghavan, to us, Mighty, to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.3 As such, O Maghavan, Indra, who lovest song, even as a lover bear my call.
rvs.8.4 Raining it down, O Maghavan, day after day, thou gainest thy surpassing might.
rvs.8.21 May Maghavan bestow on us his worshippers hundreds of cattle and of steeds.
rvs.8.24 Though strong, strengthen thyself to win wealth, Maghavan!
rvs.8.24 So help us, Maghavan, with thine assistance now.
rvs.8.32 Great is thy wealth, O Maghavan.
rvs.8.33 O active Maghavan, with eager prayer we crave the yellow hued with store ol kine.
rvs.8.33 When Indra Maghavan lists to his praiser s call, he will not stand aloof, but come.
rvs.8.33 Thy car, O Maghavan, thy Bays are strong as bulls: thou, Satakratu, art a Bull.
rvs.8.33 Maghavan, very wise, will quickly come to hear the songs, the prayer, the hymns of praise.
rvs.8.36 2 Maghavan, help thy worshipper: let him help thee. O Satakratu, drink Soma to make thee glad.
rvs.8.45 6 And hear, O Maghavan; to him who craves of thee thou grantest all
rvs.8.46 Still do thou favour us, O Bolt armed Maghavan: with strength hast thou rewarded hymns.
rvs.8.46 13 Be he our Champion and Protector in great deeds, rich in all wealth, the Vrtra slayer, Maghavan.
rvs.8.50 And mightiest Maghavan with thought inclined to us come near to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.8.50 4 Changeless in truth, O Maghavan Indra, let it be as thou in wisdom willest it.
rvs.8.50 Fill thyself full, O Maghavan, for gain of kine, full, Indra, for the gain of steeds.
rvs.8.50 Help us, O Maghavan, let thy succour give us this: drive away foes and enemies.
rvs.8.50 So Indra, Maghavan, thou Lover of the Song, we with pressed Soma call on thee,
rvs.8.50 18 A crushing Warrior, passing rich is Maghavan, endowed with all heroic might.
rvs.8.51 In thy care, Maghavan rich in kine! they have increased exceedingly.
rvs.8.55 For there is none but only thou to show us race, O Maghavan, thou much invoked.
rvs.8.59 Maghavan, help us to a stable full of kine, O Thunderer, with wondrous aids.
rvs.8.59 Raise us to gain of mighty wealth, O Maghavan, O Indra, to sublime renown.
rvs.8.67 Fill my hand, Maghavan, with all that it can hold of barley cut or gathered up.
rvs.8.77 6 When, Maghavan, thou honourest the worshipper, no one is there to stay thy wealth.
rvs.8.78 5 When thou, unequalled Maghavan, wast born to smite the Vrtras dead,
rvs.8.79 4 For thou, O Maghavan, art truthful, Never subdued and bringest many a Vrtra low.
rvs.8.82 Whenever, Maghavan, thou wilt.
rvs.8.85 Maghavan is our Helper, our Protector, giver of spoil and wealth to make us famous.
rvs.8.86 Prosper therewith, O Maghavan, him who lauds that deed, and those whose grass is trimmed for thee.
rvs.8.86 Show forth great favour to the Singer, Maghavan; Indra, with us, beside the juice.
rvs.8.86 13 Loudly I call that Indra, Maghavan the Mighty, who evermore possesses power, ever resistless.
rvs.8.92 9 Worshipped with gifts, enkindled, splendid, Maghavan shall win himself heroic fame.
rvs.8.93 The praise of Maghavan who, rich in treasure, aids his singers with wealth thousandfold.
rvs.8.93 As, Maghavan, thou favouredst Medhyatithi, and, in the fight, Nipatithi.
rvs.8.93 10 As, Maghavan, to Kanva, Trasadasyu, and to Paktha and Dasavraja;
rvs.8.94 10 As, Maghavan, to Kanva at the sacred feast, to Dirghanitha thine home friend,
rvs.8.95 And, Maghavan, with Nipatithi, Medhyatithi, with Pustigu and Srustigu,
rvs.8.95 We with our Soma ready, Lover of the Song! call, Indra Maghavan, on thee.
rvs.8.95 But now, O Maghavan, thy bounty as a God is poured forth ever more and more.
rvs.8.96 8 The offercr whom thou, Indra, Lover of the Song, liberal Maghavan, favourest,
rvs.8.97 Best breaker down of forts, kine winner, Lord of wealth, we seek thee, Indra Maghavan.
rvs.8.98 O Maghavan, come nigh that thou mayst give us aid: make plenteous food stream forth for us.
rvs.9.97 Thou art the giver of the gift, a Bhaga, a Maghavan for liberal lords, O Indu.
rvs.10.23 3 When, with the Princes, Maghavan, famed of old, comes nigh the thunderbolt of gold, and the
rvs.10.28 Bulls they dress for thee, and of these thou eatest when, Maghavan, with food thou art invited.
rvs.10.42 3 Why, Maghavan, do they call thee Bounteous Giver? Quicken me: thou, I hear, art he who quickens.
rvs.10.42 6 He unto whom we offer praises, Indra, Maghavan, who hath joined to ours his wishes,
rvs.10.42 He, Maghavan, will not restrict his bounty he brings much wealth unto the Soma presser.
rvs.10.43 As wives embrace their lord, the comely bridegroom, so they compass Maghavan about that he may
rvs.10.43 3 From indigence and hunger Indra turns away: Maghavan hath dominion over precious wealth.
rvs.10.43 5 As in the game a gambler piles his winnings, so Maghavan, sweeping all together, gained the Sun
rvs.10.43 This mighty deed of thine none other could achieve, none, Maghavan, before thee, none in recent
rvs.10.43 6 Maghavan came by turns to all the tribes of men: the Steer took notice of the people s songs of
rvs.10.43 This Maghavan hath found light for the man who brings oblation, sheds the juice, and promptly
rvs.10.44 9 I bear this deftly fashioned goad of thine, wherewith thou, Maghavan, shalt break the strikers
rvs.10.44 At this libation mayst thou be well satisfied. Partake the juice, partake the worship, Maghavan.
rvs.10.49 11 Even thus hath Indra Maghavan, truly bounteous, sped Gods and men with mighty operation.
rvs.10.54 1. I SING thy fame that, Maghavan, through thy Greatness the heavens and earth invoked thee in
rvs.10.54 All these, O Maghavan, thou surely knowest, wherewith thou hast performed thy great achievements.
rvs.10.54 Defer not thou, O Maghavan, my longing: thou, art Director, Indra, thou art Giver.
rvs.10.55 The earth and heaven thou settest near each other, and Maghavan, madest bright thy Brother s
rvs.10.74 Rbhuksan, Maghavan, the hymn s upholder, who, rich in food, bears man s kind friend, the thunder.
rvs.10.89 18 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.10.100 1. Be, like thyself, O Indra, strong for our delight: here lauded, aid us, Maghavan, drinker of
rvs.10.102 The weapon both of Dasa and of Arya foe keep far away, O Maghavan.
rvs.10.103 10 Bristle thou up, O Maghavan, our weapons: excite the spirits of my warring heroes.
rvs.10.104 7 Him of a thousand powers, subduing foemen, Maghavan praised with hymns and pleased with Soma,
rvs.10.104 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra. best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.10.111 Here hast thou, Bold Assailant, boldly conquered. Yea, then thine arms, O Maghavan, were potent.
rvs.10.112 Nothing is done, even far away, without thee: great, wondrous, Maghavan, is the hymn I sing thee.
rvs.10.112 10 Aim of our eyes be thou, for we implore thee, O Maghavan, Friend of friends and Lord of
rvs.10.113 When Indra Maghavan with those who followed him had smitten Vrtra he deserved the choice of Gods.
rvs.10.116 Juice, Maghavan, for thee is pressed and ripened: eat, Indra, drink of that which stirs to meet
rvs.10.131 When thou, with might. hadst drunk the draught that gladdens, Sarasvati, O Maghavan, refreshed
rvs.10.134 As with his foremost foot a goat, draw down the branch, O Maghavan.
rvs.10.147 3 God Much invoked, take pleasure in these princes here, who, thine exalters, Maghavan, have come
rvs.10.147 Bringing oblations, strengthened Maghavan, by thee, he swiftly wins the spoil with heroes in the
rvs.10.147 5 Now for our band, O Maghavan, when lauded, make ample room with might, and grant us riches.
rvs.10.160 Maghavan in his bended arm supports him: he slays, unasked, the men who hate devotion.
rvs.10.167 Mark well this sacrifice of ours and come to us: we pray to Maghavan the Vanquisher of hosts.
rvs.10.167 This day by thine authority, O Maghavan, Maker, Disposer thou! have I enjoyed the jars.

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