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rvs.1.3 1 YE Asvins, rich in treasure, Lords of splendour, having nimble hands,
rvs.1.17 1 I CRAVE help from the Imperial Lords, from IndraVaruna-; may they
rvs.1.21 5 Indra and Agni, mighty Lords of our assembly, crush the fiends:
rvs.1.23 The thousandeyed-, the Lords of thought.
rvs.1.23 5 Those who by Law uphold the Law, Lords of the shining light of Law,
rvs.1.34 Favour and health and strength bestow upon my son; triple protection, Lords of Splendour, grant to
rvs.1.47 Keep us, O Lords of Splendour: drink the Soma juice, ye strengtheners of holy law.
rvs.1.64 10 Lords of all riches, dwelling in the home of wealth, endowed with mighty vigour, singers loud
rvs.1.73 Lords of the wealth transmitted by our fathers: and may our princes live a hundred winters.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libation of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.108 Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.
rvs.1.112 3 Ye by the might which heavenly nectar giveth you are in supreme dominion Lords of all these folk.
rvs.1.112 23 Wherewith ye, Lords of Hundred Powers, helped Kutsa, son of Arjuni, gave Turviti and Dabhiti
rvs.1.116 13 In the great rite the wise dame called, Nasatyas, you, Lords of many treasures, to assist her.
rvs.1.116 Ye, Lords of many treasures, gave the poet his perfect vision as he mourned his trouble.
rvs.1.119 Lords.
rvs.1.120 Hither, ye Lords of Splendour, hither turn your eyes.
rvs.1.136 Resplendent might have ye obtained, Adityas, Lords of liberal gifts.
rvs.1.139 All glories and all nourishment, Lords of all wealth! depend on you.
rvs.1.184 5 This praise was made, O liberal Lords, O Asvins, for you with fair adornment by the Manas.
rvs.2.31 Ila and Bhaga the celestial, Earth and Heaven, Pusan, Purandhi, and the Asvins, ruling Lords.
rvs.2.41 6 Fed with oblation, Sovran Kings, Adityas, Lords of liberal gifts.
rvs.3.7 5 They know the red Bulls' blessing, and are joyful under the flamingcoloured- Lords' dominion:
rvs.3.31 Great is their germ, that born of them is mighty, great the Bays' Lords' approach through
rvs.4.4 Lords of good steeds and cars may we adorn thee, and day by day vouchsafe thou us dominion.
rvs.4.13 3 Him whom they made to drive away the darkness, Lords of sure mansions, constant to their object,
rvs.4.43 Observed of all was that your rapid going, whereby ye were the Lords of Suryas' Daughter.
rvs.4.47 3 O IndraVayu-, mighty Twain, speeding together, Lords of Strength,
rvs.4.57 Distilling meath, wellpurified- like butter, and let the. Lords of holy Law be gracious.
rvs.5.58 Who ride impetuous on with rapid horses, and radiant in themselves, are Lords of Amrta.
rvs.5.60 7 O Maruts, Lords of all, when Agni and when ye drive downward from sublimest heaven along the
rvs.5.63 3 Imperial Kings, strong, Heroes, Lords of earth and heaven, Mitra and Varuna, ye ever active Ones,
rvs.5.65 Lords of the brave, who strengthen Law, the Holy Ones with every race.
rvs.5.68 They, Mighty Lords, are lofty Law
rvs.5.68 5 With rainy skies and streaming floods, Lords of the strength that bringeth gifts,
rvs.5.73 In many spots or in midair-, come hither, Lords of ample wealth.
rvs.5.75 8 Ye Lords of Splendour, free from guile, come, stand at this our sacrifice.
rvs.5.86 Lords of the Fivefold. People, these, Indra and Agni, we invoke.
rvs.5.86 Lords of quickcoming- bounty, ye who know, chief lovers of the song.
rvs.6.49 Let them approach, here let them listenAgni,, Varuna, Mitra, Lords of fair dominion.
rvs.6.51 4 Lords of the brave, infallible, foedestroyers-, great Kings, bestowers of fair homes to dwell in,
rvs.6.60 6 They slay our Arya foes, these Lords of heroes, slay our Dasyu foes
rvs.6.62 Bountiful Lords, throw open to the singer doors even of the firmclosed- stall of cattle.
rvs.6.63 5 Lords of great wealth! for glory, Suryas' Daughter mounted your car that brings a hundred
rvs.6.63 8 Lords of great wealth, manifold is your bounty: ye filled our cow with food that never faileth.
rvs.6.69 3 Lords of joygiving- draughts, Indra and Visnu, come, giving gifts of treasure, to the Soma.
rvs.7.35 12 May the great Lords of Truth protect and aid us: blest to us be our horses and our cattle.
rvs.7.56 21 Never, O Maruts, may we lose your bounty, nor, carborne- Lords! be hitidmost when ye deal it.
rvs.7.64 2 Kings, guards of rrtighty everlasting Order, come hitherward, ye Princes, Lords of Rivers.
rvs.7.67 Vouchsafe us all high spirit in the combat, and with your powers, O Lords of Power, assist us.
rvs.7.82 Invoke you, only you, the Lords of twofold wealth, you prompt to hear, we bards, O IndraVaruna-.
rvs.7.83 Ye Twain are Lords of riches both of earth and heaven: so grant to us your aid on the decisive day.
rvs.7.93 Lords of the pasture filled with ample riches, bestow upon us strength both fresh and lasting.
rvs.7.94 10 When heroes prompt in worship call Indra and Agni, Lords of steeds,
rvs.7.97 10 Ye Twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brhaspati, and thou, O Indra.
rvs.7.98 7 Ye Twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brhaspati, and thou, O Indra.
rvs.7.99 6 This is the lofty hymn of praise, exalting the Lords of Mighty Stride, the strong and lofty.
rvs.7.104 The song of praise which I with wisdom offer you: do ye, as Lords of men, animate these my prayers.
rvs.8.5 3 By you, O Lords of ample wealth our songs of praise have been observed:
rvs.8.5 5 Most liberal, best at winning strength, inciters, Lords of splendour who
rvs.8.5 11 Ye Lords of splendour, glorified, ye WonderWorkers- borne on paths
rvs.8.5 12 To us, ye Lords of ample wealth, and to our wealth chiefs extend
rvs.8.5 20 For this, ye Lords of ample wealth, bring blessing for our herd, our kine,
rvs.8.5 30 Thereon, ye Lords of ample wealth, come to us even from afar,
rvs.8.7 20 Where, Bounteous Lords for whom the grass is trimmed, are ye rejoicing now?
rvs.8.8 10 What time, ye Lords of ample wealth, the Lady mounted on your car,
rvs.8.8 On him who praises you for bliss, and, Lords of bounty, prays for wealth.
rvs.8.8 17 Come to us, ye who slay the foe, Lords of rich treasure, to this hymn.
rvs.8.8 You, Asvins, Lords of solemn rites, with calls entreating you to come.
rvs.8.9 This your sweet Soma juice, ye Lords of ample wealth, through which ye think upon the foe.
rvs.8.10 5 Whether ye, Lords of ample wealth, now linger in the cast or west,
rvs.8.10 6 Lords of great riches, whether through the firmament ye fly or speed through heaven and earth,
rvs.8.18 Come, dear to many, with the Lords who guard us well.
rvs.8.18 Keep enmities afar from us, Lords of all wealth!
rvs.8.22 Like a milchcow-, O Lords of splendour, and with haste let your benevolence come to us.
rvs.8.22 As such will we exalt you, Lords of splendour, now, O Asvins, with our prayer and praise.
rvs.8.22 7 Come to us, Lords of ample wealth, by paths of everlasting Law,
rvs.8.22 8 This Soma pressed with stones is yours, ye Heroes, Lords of plenteous wealth.
rvs.8.22 9 O Asvins, mount the chariot, mount the golden seat, ye who are Lords of plenteous wealth,
rvs.8.22 14 Ye who are Lords of splendour, ye whose paths are red, at eve, at mom, at sacrifice,
rvs.8.22 Give us not utterly as prey to mortal foe, ye Rudras, Lords of ample wealth.
rvs.8.22 Be to us a protection even from far away Lords of great wealth, with many aids.'
rvs.8.22 At this your coming nigh, ye Lords of ample wealth and all good things, may we obtain.
rvs.8.25 4 Great Varuna and Mitra, Gods, Asuras and imperial Lords,
rvs.8.25 Who, Lords of flowing rain, dwell in the place of food.
rvs.8.25 Holy, imperial Lords, are set to be revered.
rvs.8.26 Stirring our thoughts, ye Lords of splendour, honeyhued-.
rvs.8.27 4 Lords of all wealth, may they be strengtheners of man, destroyers of his enemies.
rvs.8.27 Lords of all wealth, do ye, with guards which none may harm, preserve our dwelling free from foes.
rvs.8.27 Lords of all wealth, with homage, this my song of praise. like a milchcow- that faileth not.
rvs.8.27 Lords of all wealth, at sunset or at wakingtime, or be it at the noon of day,
rvs.8.27 Lords of all riches, give fair treasure to the man, the wise man who hath sacrificed,
rvs.8.38 7 Come with the earlyfaring- Gods, ye who are Lords of genuine wealth:
rvs.8.62 10 Come hither, O ye Lords of wealth, and listen to this call of mine:
rvs.8.74 3 Here Krsna is invoking you, O Asvins, Lords of ample wealth.
rvs.8.74 7 Yoke to the firmly jointed car the ass which draws you, Lords of wealth.
rvs.8.76 Ye Lords of splendour, wondrous, borne on paths of gold, drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law.
rvs.8.90 8 Lords of great wealth, when we invoke your bounty which no demon checks,
rvs.8.103 For their sake, Lords of splendour! aid the pious man who, unbewildered, keeps you ever in his
rvs.8.103 O Lords of splendour, aid us through the ThreetimesSeven—, as we pour holy oil, O IndraVaruna-.
rvs.9.19 2 For ye Twain, Indra, Soma, are Lords of the light, Lords of the kine:
rvs.9.113 Lords it over Soma with the stone, with Soma bringing forth delight, flow, Indu, flow for Indras'
rvs.10.13 Both these are his, as his they are the Lords of both: both toil; belonging unto both they prosper
rvs.10.24 4 Strong, Lords of Magic power, ye Twain churned the united worlds apart,
rvs.10.40 To folk who pay you offierings at appointed times, Chiefs, Lords of splendour, ye bring food to
rvs.10.40 12 Your favouring grace hath come, ye Lords of ample wealth: Asvins, our longings are stored up
rvs.10.40 Ye, Lords of splendour, have become our twofold guard: may we as welcome friends reach Aryamans'
rvs.10.40 Make a ford, Lords of splendour, where men well may drink: remove the spiteful treestump- standing
rvs.10.40 14 O Asvins, WonderWorkers-, Lords of lustre, where and with what folk do ye delight yourselves
rvs.10.65 5 Bring gifts to Mitra and to Varuna who, Lords of all, in spirit never fail the worshipper,
rvs.10.66 Lords of all wealth, Immortal, furtherers of prayer, grant us a triplyguarding- refuge from
rvs.10.85 15 O ye Two Lords of lustre, then when ye to Suryas' wooing came,
rvs.10.92 Varuna, Indra, Mitra were of one accord, and Savitar and Bhaga, Lords of holy might.
rvs.10.93 5 Come also to our dwelling, Lords of ample wealth, common partakers of our waters, Sun and Moon,
rvs.10.93 6 And let the Asvins, Lords of splendour, set us free, both Gods, and, with their Laws, Mitra and
rvs.10.93 Parijman, Rbhu, Vaja, O Lords of all wealth Rbhuksanas.
rvs.10.106 Like rays for our enjoyment, Lords to feed us, ye, like quick bearers, have obeyed our calling.
rvs.10.131 4 Ye, Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice,
rvs.10.132 7 Ye Twain have seated you as Lords of Wealth, as one who mounts a car to him who sits upon the
rvs.10.143 6 Come with your joys, most liberal Gods, Lords of all treasures, bringing weal.

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