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rvs.1.3 6 Approach, O Indra, hasting thee, Lord of Bay Horses, to the prayers.
rvs.1.5 2 To him the richest of the rich, the Lord of treasures excellent,
rvs.1.9 3 O Lord of all men, fair of cheek, rejoice thee in the gladdening lauds,
rvs.1.9 4 Songs have outpoured themselves to thee, Indra, the strong, the guardian Lord,
rvs.1.11 The best of warriors borne on cars, the Lord, the very Lord of strength.
rvs.1.11 2 Strong in thy friendship, Indra, Lord of power and might, we have no fear.
rvs.1.11 5 Lord of the thunder, thou didst burst the cave of Vala rich in cows.
rvs.1.12 2 With callings ever they invoke Agni, Agni, Lord of the House,
rvs.1.12 6 By Agni Agni is inflamed, Lord of the House, wise, young, who bears
rvs.1.18 6 To the Assemblys' wondrous Lord, to Indras' lovely Friend who gives
rvs.1.24 3 To thee, O Savitar, the Lord of precious things, who helpest us
rvs.1.25 5 When shall we bring, to be appeased, the Hero, Lord of warrior might,
rvs.1.25 20 Thou, O wise God, art Lord of all, thou art the King of earth and heaven
rvs.1.26 1 O WORTHY of oblation, Lord of prospering powers, assume thy robes,
rvs.1.26 7 May he be our dear household Lord, Priest, pleasant and, choiceworthy- may
rvs.1.27 Imperial Lord of sacred rites.
rvs.1.27 3 Lord of all life, from near; from far, do thou, O Agni evermore
rvs.1.27 12 Like some rich Lord of men may he, Agni the banner of the Gods,
rvs.1.29 2 O Lord of Strength, whose jaws are strong, great deeds are thine, the powerful:
rvs.1.30 Most liberal, Lord of Hundred Powers,
rvs.1.30 5 O Hero, Lord of Bounties, praised in hymns, may power and joyfulness
rvs.1.30 6 Lord of a Hundred Powers, stand up to lend us succour in this fight
rvs.1.31 11 Thee, Agni, have the Gods made the first living One for living man, Lord of the house of Nahusa.
rvs.1.33 When thou, fierce Lord of the Bay Steeds, the Stayer, blewest from earth and heaven and sky the
rvs.1.36 1 WITH words sent forth in holy hymns, Agni we supplicate, the Lord
rvs.1.36 5 Thou, Agni, art a cheering Priest, Lord of the House, mens' messenger:
rvs.1.36 12 Make our wealth perfect thou, O Agni, Lord divine: for thou hast kinship with the Gods.
rvs.1.38 13 Invite thou hither with this song, for praise, Agni the Lord of Prayer,
rvs.1.42 6 So, Lord of all prosperity, best wielder of the golden sword,
rvs.1.43 4 To Rudra Lord of sacrifice, of hymns and balmy medicines,
rvs.1.44 9 For, Agni, Lord of sacrifice and messenger of men art thou:
rvs.1.45 Lord of Red Steeds, who lovest song, bring thou those ThreeandThirty— Gods.
rvs.1.46 4 He, liberal, lover of the flood, Lord of the House, the vigilant,
rvs.1.51 Indra alone is Lord of wealth, the Giver, lover of riches, chariots, kine, and horses.
rvs.1.53 2 Giver of horses, Indra, giver, thou, of kine, giver of barley, thou art Lord and guard of wealth:
rvs.1.53 Hero Lord,
rvs.1.54 2 Sing hymns of praise to Sakra, Lord of power and might; laud thou and magnify Indra who heareth
rvs.1.56 To him the Lord of power, the holy synods' might, as to a hill, with speed, ascend the loving ones.
rvs.1.57 1 To him most liberal, lofty Lord of lofty wealth, verily powerful and strong, I bring my hymn,
rvs.1.58 3 Set high in place over all that Vasus, Rudras do, immortal, Lord of riches, seated as High
rvs.1.58 9 Be thou a refuge, Bright One, to the singer, a shelter, Bounteous Lord, to those who worship.
rvs.1.60 May Agni be our Friend, Lord of the Household, protector of the riches in the dwelling.
rvs.1.60 5 As such we Gotamas with hymns extol thee, O Agni, as the guardian Lord of riches,
rvs.1.61 For Indra, who is Lord of old, the singers have decked their lauds with heart and mind and spirit.
rvs.1.61 To magnify with songs of invocation and with fair hymns the Lord, most bounteous Giver.
rvs.1.62 For many thousand holy works the Sisters wait on the haughty Lord like wives and matrons.
rvs.1.62 As yearning wives cleave to their yearning husband, so cleave our hymns to thee, O Lord most
rvs.1.62 Splendid art thou, O Indra, wise, unbending: strengthen us with might, O Lord of Power.
rvs.1.63 3 Faithful art thou, these thou defiest, Indra; thou art the Rbhus' Lord, heroic, victor.
rvs.1.66 Master of present and of future life, the maidens' lover and the matrons' Lord.
rvs.1.68 4 Seated as Priest with Manus' progeny, of all these treasures he alone is Lord.
rvs.1.70 3 Agni is Lord of riches for the man who serves him readily with sacred songs.
rvs.1.71 8 When light hath filled the Lord of men for increase, straight from the heaven descends the
rvs.1.71 9 He who like thought goes swiftly on his journey, the Sun, alone is ever Lord of riches.
rvs.1.76 Bring hither with his Bays the Lord of Soma: here is glad welcome for the Bounteous Giver.
rvs.1.81 Lord of Bay Steeds, strongjawed-, sublime, he in joined hands for glorys' sake hath grasped his
rvs.1.81 We know thee Lord of ample store, to thee have sent our hearts' desires: be therefore our
rvs.1.81 Discover thou, as Lord, the wealth of men who offer up no gifts: bring thou to us this wealth of
rvs.1.82 5 Let, Lord of Hundred Powers, thy Steeds be harnessed on the right and left.
rvs.1.84 20 Let not thy bounteous gifts, let not thy saving help fail us, good Lord, at any time;
rvs.1.89 5 Him we invoke for aid who reigns supreme, the Lord of all that stands or moves, inspirer of the
rvs.1.91 5 Thou, Soma, art the Lord of heroes, King, yea, Vrtraslayer- thou:
rvs.1.91 Praiseloving- Lord of plants art thou.
rvs.1.91 Let none prevent thee: thou art Lord of valour. Provide for both sides in the fray for booty.
rvs.1.94 15 To whom thou, Lord of goodly riches, grantest freedom from every sin with perfect wholeness,
rvs.1.95 He is the Lord of Might among the mighty; him, on the right, they balm with their oblations.
rvs.1.100 Lord of true power, to he invoked in battles, may Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 6 Humbler of pride, exciter of the conflict, the Lord of heroes, God invoked of many,
rvs.1.100 Sole Lord is he of every holy service. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.101 4 He who is Lord and Master of the steeds and kine, honoured, the firm and sure, at every holy act;
rvs.1.101 5 He who is Lord of all the world that moves and breathes, who for the Brahman first before all
rvs.1.102 8 Of thy great might there is a three counterpart, the three earths, Lord men and the three realms
rvs.1.104 Rend not our unborn brood, strong Lord of Bounty! our vessels with the life that is within them.
rvs.1.106 6 Sunk in the pit the Rsi Kutsa called, to aid, Indra the Vrtraslayer-, Lord of power and might.
rvs.1.111 4 Indra, the Rbhus' Lord, I invocate for aid, the Rbhus, Vajas, Maruts to the Soma draught.
rvs.1.114 1. To the strong Rudra bring we these our songs of praise, to him the Lord of Heroes with the
rvs.1.114 2 Be gracious unto us, O Rudra, bring us joy: thee, Lord of Heroes, thee with reverence will we
rvs.1.114 10 Far be thy dart that killeth men or cattle: thy bliss be with us, O thou Lord of Heroes.
rvs.1.121 3 Lord of red dawns, he came victorious, daily to the Angirases' former invocation.
rvs.1.125 Give him to drink juice of the stalk that gladdens; prosper with pleasant hymns the Lord of Heroes.
rvs.1.127 Lord of fair rites, a God with form erected turning to the Gods,
rvs.1.127 For radiant Agni, Lord of all these treasures, is exceeding strong.
rvs.1.127 8 Thee we invoke, the Lord of all our settled homes, common to all, the households' guardian, to
rvs.1.127 As one of awful power, stir up heroic might for those who praise thee, Bounteous Lord!
rvs.1.128 7 That Agni hath been set most kind in camp of men, in sacrifice like a Lord victorious, like a
rvs.1.128 dear Lord in sacred rites.
rvs.1.129 Good Lord, the Father made thee slayer of the fiends, made thee, good Lord, to slay the fiends.
rvs.1.130 speech, the Lord of Power, their speech he steals away from them,
rvs.1.131 Thou hast chastised, O Indra, Lord of Strength, the man who worships not,
rvs.1.135 1. STREWN is the sacred grass; come Vayu, to our feast, with team of thousands, come, Lord of the
rvs.1.135 harnessed team, with hundreds, Lord of harnessed steeds!
rvs.1.143 4 Send thou with hymns that Agni to his own abode, who rules, one Sovran Lord of wealth, like
rvs.1.145 With him are admonitions and with him commands: he is the Lord of Strength, the Lord of Power and
rvs.1.147 Lord of all riches, he preserved the pious the foes who fain would harm them did no mischief.
rvs.1.149 1. HITHER he hastens to give, Lord of great riches, King of the mighty, to the place of treasure.
rvs.1.164 Lord who guides.
rvs.1.165 3 Whence comest thou alone, thou who art mighty, Indra, Lord of the Brave? What is thy purpose?
rvs.1.165 Thou greetest us when meeting us the Bright Ones. Lord of Bay Steeds, say what thou hast against
rvs.1.165 For I am known as terrible, O Maruts I, Indra, am the Lord of what I ruined.
rvs.1.167 1. A THOUSAND are thy helps for us, O Indra: a thousand, Lord of Bays, thy choice refreshments.
rvs.1.170 5 Thou, Lord of Wealth, art Master of all treasures, thou, Lord of friends, art thy friends' best
rvs.1.173 13 Addressed to thee is this our praise, O Indra: Lord of Bay Steeds, find us hereby advancement.
rvs.1.174 Thou Lord of Heroes, Maghavan, our saver, art faithful, very rich, the victorygiver-.
rvs.1.174 6 Thou Indra, Lord of Bays, made strong by impulse, hast slain the vexers of thy friends, who give
rvs.1.175 1. GLAD thee: thy glory hath been quaffed, Lord of Bay Steeds, as it were the bowls' enlivening
rvs.1.188 9 Tvastar the Lord hath made all forms and all the cattle of the field
rvs.2.1 From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground, thou, Sovran Lord of men art generated
rvs.2.1 Thou art Director, thou the ministering Priest: thou art the Brahman, Lord and Master in our home.
rvs.2.1 Aryaman, heroes' Lord, art thou, enriching all, and liberal Amsa in the synod, O thou God.
rvs.2.1 6 Rudra art thou, the Asura of mighty heaven: thou art the Maruts' host, thou art the Lord of food,
rvs.2.1 As Bhaga, Lord of men! thou rulest over wealth, and guardest in his house him who hath served thee
rvs.2.1 8 To thee, the peoples' Lord within the house, the folk press forward to their King most
rvs.2.1 Lord of the lovely look, all things belong to thee: ten, hundred, yea, a thousand are outweighed
rvs.2.1 10 A Rbhu art thou, Agni, near to be adored thou art the Sovran Lord of foodful spoil and wealth.
rvs.2.1 Thou art the hundredwintered- Ila to give strength, Lord of Wealth! Vrtraslayer- and Sarasvati.
rvs.2.2 Well kindled, nobly fed; heavens' Lord, Celestial Priest, who labours at the pole where deeds of
rvs.2.2 As messenger of heaven thou lightest all night long the families of men. Thou Lord of precious
rvs.2.6 4 Be thou for us a liberal Prince, giver and Lord of precious things.
rvs.2.9 For thou art Lord of gathered wealth and treasure. of the bright song of praise thou art inventor.
rvs.2.13 Thou by the worshipper layest thy precious store: thou art sole Lord of all. Meet for our praise
rvs.2.14 11 Him, ministers, the Lord of heavenly treasure and all terrestrial wealth that earth possesses,
rvs.2.16 Thou, Indra, Bull, art Lord of the strong gladdening drink. with the strong Soma, Indra, satisfy
rvs.2.16 Lord of a Hundred Powers, may we once firmly cling to thy fair favours even as husbands to their
rvs.2.17 Hurled down by thee the carborne- Lord of Tawny Steeds, the congregated swift ones fled in sundry
rvs.2.17 4 He made himself by might Lord of all living things, and strong in vital power waxed great above
rvs.2.21 1. To him the Lord of all, the Lord of wealth, of light; him who is Lord for ever, Lord of men and
rvs.2.21 Him who is Lord of horses, Lord of kine, of floods, to Indra, to the Holy bring sweet Soma juice.
rvs.2.22 All that is godless may he conquer with his might, and, Lord of Hundred Powers, find for us
rvs.2.23 1. WE call thee, Lord and Leader of the heavenly hosts, the wise among the wise, the famousest of
rvs.2.24 1. BE pleased with this our offering, thou who art the Lord; we will adore thee with this new and
rvs.2.28 3 May we be in thy keeping, O thou Leader wideruling- Varuna, Lord of many heroes.
rvs.2.33 I praise thee Bounteous Giver, Lord of heroes: give medicines to us as thou art lauded.
rvs.2.37 3 Fat may the horses be wherewith thou speedest on: Lord of the Wood, unharming, strengthen thou
rvs.2.38 10 May they who strengthen bliss, and thought and wisdom, and the Dames Lord and Narasamsa aid us.
rvs.2.40 6 May Pusan stir our thought, the allimpelling-, may Soma Lord of riches grant us riches.
rvs.3.2 peoples' Lord,
rvs.3.3 5 Bright Agni with the bright car, Lord of green domains, Vaisvanara dweller in the floods, who
rvs.3.3 8 The Mighty One, Lord of the people and their guest, the leader of their thoughts, devoted Friend
rvs.3.4 10 Send to the Gods the oblation, Lord of Forests; and let the Immolator, Agni, dress it.
rvs.3.7 9 The many seek the great Steed as a stallion: the reins obey the Lord of varied colour.
rvs.3.7 10 Rich Lord, the Mornings have gleamed forth in splendour, fairrayed-, fairspeaking-, worshipped
rvs.3.8 3 Lord of the Forest, raise. thyself up on the loftiest spot of earth.
rvs.3.8 11 Lord of the Wood, rise with a hundred branches. with thousand branches may we rise to greatness,
rvs.3.10 1. THEE Agni, God, Imperial Lord of all mankind, do mortal men
rvs.3.13 5 The singers kindle him, the Priest, Agni the Lord of tribes of men,
rvs.3.15 Lead us, good Lord, and bear us over trouble: Help us who long, Most Youthful God, to riches.
rvs.3.16 1. THIS Agni is the Lord of great felicity and hero Strength;
rvs.3.16 Lord of wealth in herds of kine; Lord of the battles with the foe.
rvs.3.18 5 Give us, O liberal Lord, great store of riches, for, Agni, such art thou when duly kindled.
rvs.3.20 And many charms of charmers, AllInspirer-! have they laid in thee, Lord of true attendants!
rvs.3.23 Praise Devavatas' Agni, thou Devasravas, him who shall be the peoples' Lord.
rvs.3.25 Lord through his strength, splendid through adorations.
rvs.3.30 2 Not far for thee are midairs-' loftiest regions: start hither, Lord of Bays, with thy Bay Horses.
rvs.3.30 3 Fair cheeks hath Indra, Maghavan, the Victor, Lord of a great host, Stormer, strong in action.
rvs.3.30 12 Surya transgresses not the ordered limits set daily by the Lord of Tawny Coursers.
rvs.3.30 21 Lord of the kine, burst the kines' stable open: cows shall be ours, and strength that wins the
rvs.3.31 18 Be Lord of joyous songs, O Vrtraslayer-, Bull dear to all, who gives the power of living.
rvs.3.31 21 His kine their Lord hath shown, even Vrtras' slayer, through the black hosts he passed with red
rvs.3.32 1. DRINK thou this Soma, Indra, Lord of Soma; drink thou the draught of noonday which thou Iovest.
rvs.3.32 Lord of Bays, moved by sacrifice come hither: thou with the Swift Ones stirrest floods and waters.
rvs.3.34 1. FORTRENDER-, Lord of Wealth, dispelling foemen, Indra with lightnings hath overcome the Dasa.
rvs.3.34 7 Lord of the brave, Indra who rules the people gave freedom to the Gods by might and battle.
rvs.3.36 Him the broad earth hath never comprehended when Somas cheered the Lord of Tawny Coursers.
rvs.3.36 Indra is our kind Lord; his steers have vigour; his cows are many with abundant offspring.
rvs.3.36 9 Then bring thou hither, and let none prevent it: we know thee well, the Lord of wealth and
rvs.3.36 That splendid gift which is thine own, O Indra, vouchsafe to us, Lord of the Tawny Coursers.
rvs.3.37 2 O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, may those who praise thee hitherward.
rvs.3.37 3 O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, with all our songs we invocate
rvs.3.37 6 In battles be victorious. We seek thee, Lord of Hundred Powers,
rvs.3.37 O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers.
rvs.3.39 1. To Indra from the heart the hymn proceedeth, to him the Lord, recited, built with praises;
rvs.3.40 Thou highlylauded- Lord of men.
rvs.3.40 4 Lord of the brave, to thee proceed these drops of Soma juice expressed,
rvs.3.40 6 Drink our libation, Lord of hymns: with streams of meath thou art bedewed
rvs.3.41 5 Our hymns caress the Lord of Strength, vast, drinker of the Somas' juice,
rvs.3.41 Here glad thee, Indra, Lord divine.
rvs.3.42 5 Indra, these Somas are expressed. Take them within thy belly, Lord
rvs.3.44 Thou, Indra, knowing, thinking, Lord of Tawny Steeds, above all glories waxest great.
rvs.3.44 He takes his golden weapon, Lord of Tawny Steeds, the golden thunder in his arms.
rvs.3.45 5 Indra, selfruling- Lord art thou, good Leader, of most glorious fame.
rvs.3.46 2 Great art thou, Mighty Lord, through manly vigour, O fierce One, gathering spoil, subduing
rvs.3.47 Gainst' Sambara, Lord of Bays! in winning cattle, and now rejoice in thee, the holy Singers.
rvs.3.51 2 To Indra from all sides go forth my songs of praise, the Lord of Hundred Powers, strong, Hero,
rvs.3.51 Full of all wondrous power he goes to conquest: worship is his, sole Lord from days aforetime.
rvs.3.51 6 To thee, O Indra, Lord of Bays, for ever are offered prayers and songs: accept them gladly.
rvs.3.51 10 So, Lord of affluent gifts, this juice hath been pressed for thee with strength
rvs.3.52 7 The groats have we prepared for thee with Pusan, corn for thee, Lord of Bay Steeds, with thy
rvs.3.54 One All is Lord of what is fixed and moving, that walks, that flies, this multiform creation.
rvs.3.54 11 The fairtongued- Savitar, the goldenhanded-, comes thrice from heaven as Lord in our assembly.
rvs.3.54 Lord of brave hosts, Fortcrusher-, Vrtraslayer-, gather thou up and bring us store of cattle.
rvs.3.55 7 Child of two Mothers, Priest, sole Lord in synods, he still precedes while resting as foundation.
rvs.3.56 5 Streams! the wise Gods have thrice three habitations. Child of three Mothers, he is Lord in
rvs.4.3 1. WIN, to assist you, Rudra, Lord of worship, Priest of both worlds, effectual
rvs.4.4 Lord of all riches, he preserved the pious: the fees who fain would harm them did no mischief
rvs.4.9 4 Agni in fire at sacrifice, and in the house as Lord thereof,
rvs.4.11 Invite with hymns; thee who removest hatred, Friend of the Home, the households' Lord, unerring.
rvs.4.12 3 Agni is Master of sublime dominion, Agni is Lord of strength and lofty riches.
rvs.4.15 3 Round the oblations hath he paced, Agni the Wise, the Lord of Strength,
rvs.4.16 Like Usana, the priest a laud shall utter, a hymn to thee, the Lord Divine, who markest.
rvs.4.16 Thou sentest forth the waters of the ocean, as Lord through power and might, O daring Hero.
rvs.4.16 Who, Lord of envied bounty, to a singer like me brings quickly booty worth the capture.
rvs.4.16 For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays, is fashioned. May we, carborne-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.17 His who begat the strong bolts' Lord who roareth, immovable like earth from her foundation.
rvs.4.17 8 The everslaying-, bold and furious Indra, the bright bolts' Lord, infinite, strong and mighty,
rvs.4.17 For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays! is fashioned. May we, carborne-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.19 9 Lord of Bay Steeds, thou broughtest from the anthill- the unwedded damsels' son whom ants were
rvs.4.19 For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays! is fashioned. May we, carborne-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.20 Lord of men, armed with thunder, with the Strongest, slaying his foes in conflict, in the battles.
rvs.4.20 A new hymn, Lord of Bays! for thee is fashioned. May we, carborn-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.21 4 That Indra will we laud in our assemblies, him who is Lord of great and lasting riches,
rvs.4.21 5 May the Priest, Lord of many blessings, striving, who fixing reverence on reverence, giving
rvs.4.21 10 So Indra is the truthful Lord of treasure. Freedom he gave to man by slaying Vrtra.
rvs.4.21 For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays! is fashioned. May we, careborne-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.22 7 With joy, O Indra, Lord of Tawny Coursers, the Sisters then, these Goddesses, extolled thee,
rvs.4.22 For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays, is fashioned. May we, carborne-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.23 For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays, is fashioned. May we, carborne-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.24 For he the Hero, gives the singer treasures: he is the Lord who sends us gifts, ye people.
rvs.4.24 For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays, is fashioned. May we, carborne-, through song be victors ever.
rvs.4.30 16 So Indra, Lord of Heroes, Powers, caused the unwedded damsels' son,
rvs.4.30 17 So sapient Indra, Lord of Might, brought Turvasa and Yadu, those
rvs.4.30 22 As such, O Vrtraslayer-, thou art general Lord of kine for all,
rvs.4.31 7 So even, Lord of Power and Might, the people call thee Maghavan,
rvs.4.32 7 For thou, O Indra, art alone the Lord of strength that comes from kine
rvs.4.35 7 Lord of Bay Steeds, at dawn the juice thou drankest: thine, only thine, is the noonday libation.
rvs.4.40 Praise of the Lord of Waters, Dawn, and Agni, Brhaspati Son of Angiras, and Surya.
rvs.4.42 I Indra Maghavan, excite the conflict; I stir the dust, Lord of surpassing vigour.
rvs.4.53 2 Sustainer of the heaven, Lord of the whole worlds' life, the Sage, he putteth on his
rvs.4.55 4 Aryaman, Varuna have disclosed the pathway, Agni as Lord of Strength the road to welfare.
rvs.4.55 From trouble caused by man the Lord preserve us; from woe sent by his friend let Mitra save us.
rvs.4.55 8 Agni is Sovran Lord of wealth, Agni of great prosperity:
rvs.4.57 2 As the cow yieldeth milk, pour for us freely, Lord of the Field, the wave that beareth sweetness,
rvs.4.57 May the Fields' Lord for us be full of sweetness, and may we follow after him uninjured.
rvs.5.3 10 Adoring thee he gives thee many a title, when thou, Good Lord! acceptest this as Father.
rvs.5.4 1. O AGNI, King and Lord of wealth and treasures, in thee is my delight at sacrifices.
rvs.5.4 3 The Sage of men, the Lord of human races, pure, purifying Agni, balmed with butter,
rvs.5.6 1. I VALUE Agni that good Lord, the home to which the kine return:
rvs.5.6 5 To thee the splendid, Lord of flame, bright, wondrous, Prince of men, is brought.
rvs.5.6 So fill us also, in our hymns, abundantly, O Lord of Strength. Bring food to those who sing thy
rvs.5.7 To him supremest over the folk, the Son of Strength, the mighty Lord:
rvs.5.12 The God, the Guardian of the seasons, knows me: the Lord of him who won this wealth I know not.
rvs.5.22 Thee, Strongjawed-! as the homesteads' Lord, the Atris with their lauds exalt, the Atris beautify
rvs.5.31 2. Haste to us, Lord of Bays; be not ungracious: visit us, lover of goldhued- oblation.
rvs.5.31 When, Lord of Might, thou sunderedst earth and heaven, winning for man the moistlygleaming- waters.
rvs.5.32 When, after offered draughts, Strong Lord, thou laidest him, fain to battle, in the pit in
rvs.5.32 11 I hear that thou wast born sole Lord of heroes of the Five Races, famed among the people.
rvs.5.33 Ascend this chariot, thou whose hand wields thunder, and draw the rein, O Lord of noble horses.
rvs.5.33 Such, Lord of Treasure, give us splendid riches. I praise the Friends' gift, his whose wealth is
rvs.5.35 5 O Satakratu, Lord of Strength, O Indra, Caster of the Stone.
rvs.5.36 2 Lord of Bay Horses, Hero, may the Soma rise to thy cheeks and jaws like mountainridges-.
rvs.5.36 With thy left hand, O Maghavan, give us riches: with thy right, Lord of Bays, be not reluctant.
rvs.5.38 So, Lord of fair dominion, Friend of all men, give us splendid wealth.
rvs.5.38 5 In thy protection, with these aids of thine, O Lord of Hundred Powers,
rvs.5.40 1. COME thou to what the stones have pressed, drink Soma, O thou Somas' Lord,
rvs.5.41 12 May the swift Wanderer, Lord of refreshments listen to our songs, who speeds throuih cloudy
rvs.5.42 May the Five Priests' Lord, dwelling in oblations, blissgiving- Asura, hear, whose paths are open.
rvs.5.42 4 With willing mind, Indra, vouchsafe us cattle, prosperity, Lord of Bays! and pious patrons;
rvs.5.42 11 Praise him whose bow is strong and sure his arrow, him who is Lord of every balm that bealeth.
rvs.5.51 12 Let us solicit Vayu for prosperity, and Soma who is Lord of all the world for weal;
rvs.5.81 5 Over all generation thou art Lord alone: Pusan art thou, O God, in all thy goingsforth-.
rvs.5.82 7 We with our hymns this day elect the general God, Lord of the good,
rvs.5.83 Come hither with this thunder while thou pourest the waters down, our heavenly Lord and Father.
rvs.5.85 5 I will declare this mighty deed of magic, of glorious Varuna the Lord Immortal,
rvs.6.1 8 Sage of mankind, all peoples' Lord and Master, the Bull of men, the sender down of blessings,
rvs.6.1 Still pressing on, promoting, purifying, Agni the Holy One, the Lord of riches.
rvs.6.2 Lord of the people, prosper them. Accept the ofrering, Angiras!
rvs.6.15 1. WITH this my song I strive to reach this guest of yours, who wakes at early morn, the Lord of
rvs.6.15 Lord.
rvs.6.15 13 Agni, the Priest, is King, Lord of the homestead, he, Jatavedas, knows all generations.
rvs.6.15 19 O Agni, Lord and Master of mens' homesteads, with kindled fuel we have made thee mighty.
rvs.6.16 Yea, Divodasas' Hero Lord.
rvs.6.16 33 Give shelter reaching far and wide to Bharadvaja, conquering Lord!
rvs.6.16 In a soft place, the homesteads' Lord.
rvs.6.17 2 Drink it thou God who art impetuous victor, Lord of our hymns, with beauteousjaws, the Hero,
rvs.6.18 2 He, Champion, Hero, Warrior, Lord of battles, impetuous, loudly roaring, great destroyer,
rvs.6.18 In thy right hand hold fast thy bolt of thunder, and weaken, Bounteous Lord, his art and magic.
rvs.6.19 All splendid vigorous powers of men vouchsafe us, Lord of Bay Steeds, that they may make us joyful.
rvs.6.19 Thou, King, art Lord of earthly, heavenly treasure: vouchsafe us riches vast, sublime, and lasting.
rvs.6.20 Lord of the bolt that breaketh forts in pieces, became the King of the sweet juice of Soma..
rvs.6.22 The Lord, the Mighty One, of manly vigour, victorious, Hero, true, and full of wisdom.
rvs.6.22 Bring us, Lord of Bay Steeds, to make us joyful, celestial wealth, abundant, undecaying.
rvs.6.24 4 Strong Lord, thine energies, endowed with vigour, are like the paths of kine converging homeward.
rvs.6.25 6 He is the Lord of both these armies' valour when the commanders call them to the conflict:
rvs.6.26 To thee, the brave mans' Lord, the fiends' subduer, he looks when fighting hand to hand for cattle.
rvs.6.31 1. SOLE Lord of wealth art thou, O Lord of riches: thou in thine hands hast held the people, Indra!
rvs.6.36 For thou art Lord of men, without an equal: of all the world thou art the only Sovran.
rvs.6.41 Drink this, Lord of the Bays, thou Strong Supporter, this that is thine of old, thy food for ever.
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 4 Him for your sake I glorify as Lord of Strength who wrongeth none,
rvs.6.44 Him whom our songs increase in strength, the Lord of bounty swift to come.
rvs.6.44 10 We turn to thee as Giver, liberal Indra. Lord of the Bay Steeds, be not thou ungracious.
rvs.6.45 9 Lord of Strength, Caster of the Stone, destroy the firm forts built by men,
rvs.6.45 10 Thee, thee as such, O Lord of Power, O Indra, Somadrinker-, true,
rvs.6.45 16 Praise him who, Matchless and Alone, was born the Lord of living men,
rvs.6.45 20 For he alone is Lord of all the treasures of the earth: he speeds
rvs.6.45 And cattle, boldly, Lord of kine!
rvs.6.46 In war men call on thee, Indra, the heros' Lord, in the steeds' racecourse- call on thee.
rvs.6.46 Lord of the brave, Most Manly, with a thousand powers, help thou and prosper us in fight.
rvs.6.47 9 Set us on widest chariotseat-, O Indra, with two steeds best to draw, O Lord of Hundreds!
rvs.6.47 12 May helpful Indra as our good Protector, Lord of all treasures, favour us with succour,
rvs.6.47 26 Lord of the wood, be firm and strong in body: be, bearing us, a brave victorious hero
rvs.6.48 2 The Son of Strength; for is he not our gracious Lord? Let us serve him who bears our gifts.
rvs.6.48 8 Thou art the Lord of house and home of all the tribes, O Agni, of all tribes of men.
rvs.6.48 9 Wonderful, with thy favouring help, send us thy bounties, gracious Lord.
rvs.6.49 Thou, Sage, with bright path, Lord of harnessed horses, impetuous, promptly honourest the prudent.
rvs.6.50 2 Visit, to prove us free from sin, O Surya Lord of great might, the bright Gods sprung from Daksa,
rvs.6.50 13 May this God Savitar, the Lord, the Offspring of Waters, pouring down his dew be gracious,
rvs.6.51 Far, far, Lord of the brave I and give us easy paths.
rvs.6.53 9 Thou bearest, glowing Lord! a goad with horny point that guides the cows
rvs.6.54 The Lord of riches, we implore.
rvs.6.55 Lord of great riches, and our Friend.
rvs.6.56 2 And he is best of charioteers. Indra, the heros' Lord, allied
rvs.6.58 4 Near kinsman of the heaven and earth is Pusan, liberal, Lord of food, of wondrous iustre,
rvs.6.68 9 Now will I sing a dear and farextending- hymn to Varuna the God, sublime, imperial Lord,
rvs.7.1 Farseen-, with pointed flame, Lord of the homestead.
rvs.7.1 12 By sacrifice which the Steeds' Lord ever visits, there make our dwelling rich in seed and
rvs.7.2 10 Send to the Gods the oblation, Lord of Forests, and let the Immolator, Agni, dress it.
rvs.7.4 6 Agni is Lord of Amrta. in abundance, Lord of the gift of wealth and hero valour,
rvs.7.5 Lord of the tribes, our Charioteer of riches, Ensign of days, Vaisvanara of mornings.
rvs.7.6 That Agni I extol, the Lord of riches, unyielding tamer of assailing foemen.
rvs.7.7 As Lord in homes of men is Agni stablished, the Holy One, the joyous, sweetly speaking.
rvs.7.7 7 We, the Vasisthas, now implore thee, Agni, O Son of Strength, the Lord of wealth and treasure.
rvs.7.8 7 We, the Vasisthas, now implore thee, Agni, O Son of Strength, the Lord of wealth and riches.
rvs.7.10 For he is Lord and Ruler over riches, and for Gods worship an unwearied envoy.
rvs.7.11 4 Lord of the lofty sacrifice is Agni, Agni is Lord of every gift presented.
rvs.7.15 7 Lord of the house, whom men must seek, we set thee down, O Worshipped One!
rvs.7.16 5 Thou, Agni, art the homesteads' Lord, our Herald at the sacrifice.
rvs.7.16 Lord of all boons, thou art the Cleanser and a Sage. Pay worship, and enjoy the good.
rvs.7.18 All these my people call thee Lord of cattle: may Indra. come unto the prayer we offer.
rvs.7.18 Lord of the Earth, he with his might repressed them: still lay the herd and the affrighted
rvs.7.19 4 At the Gods banquet, herosouled-! with Heroes, Lord of Bay Steeds, thou slewest many foemen.
rvs.7.19 7 Give us not up, Lord of Bay Horses, Victor, in this thine own assembly, to the wicked.
rvs.7.20 Lord of Bays, Indra, brandishing his thunder, is gratified with Soma at the banquet.
rvs.7.21 We wake thee, Lord of Bays, with sacrifices: mark this our laud in the wild joy of Soma.
rvs.7.21 8 The humble hath invoked thee for protection, thee, Lord of great felicity, O Indra.
rvs.7.22 1. DRINK Soma, Lord of Bays, and let it cheer thee: Indra, the stone, like a well guided courser,
rvs.7.22 2 So let the draught of joy, thy dear companion, by which, O Lord of Bays, thou slayest foemen,
rvs.7.22 Delight thee, Indra, Lord of princely treasures.
rvs.7.24 4 Come unto us with all thine aids, accordant, Lord of Bay Steeds, accepting our devotions,
rvs.7.25 Strong, Mighty God, dwell with me now and ever: Lord of Bay Horses, do not thou desert us.
rvs.7.25 5 Here are the Kutsas supplicating Indra for might, the Lord of Bays for Godsent- conquest.
rvs.7.28 5 We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra, that he may grant us gifts of ample riches,
rvs.7.29 1. THIS Soma hath been pressed for thee, O Indra: come hither, Lord of Bays, for this thou lovest.
rvs.7.29 5 We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra, that he may grant us gifts of ample riches,
rvs.7.30 Strong Thunderer, Lord of men, for potent valour, for manly exploit and for high dominion.
rvs.7.30 5 We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra that he may grant us gifts of ample riches:
rvs.7.31 1. SING ye a song, to make him glad, to Indra, Lord of Tawny Steeds,
rvs.7.31 3 O Indra, Lord of boundless might, for us thou winnest strength and kine,
rvs.7.31 Thou winnest gold for us, Good Lord.
rvs.7.31 4 Faithful to thee we loudly sing, heroic Indra, songs to thee: Mark, O Good Lord, this act of
rvs.7.31 And, for the Bays' Lord, strengthened those he loveth.
rvs.7.32 Him who is Indra, Lord of Bays, no foes subdue. He gives the Somapourer- strength.
rvs.7.32 And may we with our princes, Lord of Tawny Steeds! pass through all peril, led by thee.
rvs.7.32 18 If I, O Indra, were the Lord of riches ample as thine own,
rvs.7.32 Looker on heavenly light, Lord of this moving world, Lord, Indra, of what moveth not.
rvs.7.35 To us may Herbs and ForestTrees- be gracious, gracious the Lord Victorious of the region.
rvs.7.37 Lord of Bay Steeds, this day may we Vasisthas offer our prayers to thee and bring oblations.
rvs.7.37 5 Thou winnest swift advancement for thy servant, through hymns, Lord of Bay Steeds, which thou
rvs.7.38 Now, now must Bhaga be invoked by mortals, Lord of great riches who distributes treasures.
rvs.7.38 6 This may the Lord of Life, entreated, grant us, the wealth which Savitar the God possesses.
rvs.7.45 3 May this God Savitar, the Strong and Mighty, the Lord of precious wealth, vouchsafe us treasures.
rvs.7.56 24 Ours, O ye Maruts, be the vigorous Hero, the Lord Divine of men, the strong Sustainer,
rvs.7.66 15 Lord of each single head, of fixt and moving things, equally through the whole expanse,
rvs.7.82 as the Lord in heaven.
rvs.7.86 Tell me, Unconquerable Lord, and quickly sinless will I approach thee with mine homage.
rvs.7.86 This gentle Lord gives wisdom to the simple: the wiser God leads on the wise to riches.
rvs.7.86 8 O Lord, O Varuna, may this laudation come close to thee and lie within thy spirit.
rvs.7.88 I, Varuna, thou glorious Lord, have entered thy lofty home, thine house with thousand portals.
rvs.7.89 Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
rvs.7.89 Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
rvs.7.89 Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
rvs.7.89 Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
rvs.7.97 Robed in red colour like the cloud, they carry the Lord of Might whose friendship gives a dwelling.
rvs.7.98 1. PRIESTS, offer to the Lord of all the people the milkedout- stalk of Soma, radiantcoloured-.
rvs.7.98 Thou, Indra, art alone the Lord of cattle; may we enjoy the treasure which thou givest.
rvs.7.101 5 May this my song to Sovran Lord Parjanya come near unto his heart and give him pleasure.
rvs.8.1 Not for a thousand, Thunderer! nor ten thousand, nor a hundred, Lord of countless wealth!
rvs.8.1 Thou and my mother, O Good Lord, appear alike, to give me wealth abundantly.
rvs.8.1 Haste, Warrior, Fortdestroyer-, Lord of battles' din, haste, holy songs have sounded forth.
rvs.8.2 High rank be his, O Lord of Bays.
rvs.8.2 Than the Strong Lord with countless aids.
rvs.8.2 38 Ye Kanvas, sing the Mighty One, Lord of the Brave, who loves renown,
rvs.8.3 3 May these my songs of praise exalt thee, Lord, who hast abundant wealth.
rvs.8.4 15 Pusan, the Lord of ample wealth, for firm alliance we elect.
rvs.8.4 Excellent Lord, it is strange tome, no wish have I to sing the psalm that Pajra sings.
rvs.8.4 Be our protector, Pusan! be, most liberal Lord, propitious to our gathering strength.
rvs.8.6 21 O Lord of Might, with hymns of praise the Kanvas have increased thy power,
rvs.8.6 22 Under thy guidance, Indra, mid thy praises, Lord of Thunder, shall
rvs.8.11 8 Thou art the same in many a place: mid all the people thou art Lord.
rvs.8.12 8 When, Mighty Lord of Heroes, thou didst cat a thousand buffaloes,
rvs.8.12 14 Aditi also hath brought forth a hymn for Indra, Sovran Lord:
rvs.8.12 18 Or, Lord of Heroes if thou aid the worshipper who shed; the, juice,
rvs.8.13 Yea, him who in this song is called the Lord of Heaven;
rvs.8.13 9 Yea, who alone is called the Lord, the single Ruler of the folk,
rvs.8.13 10 Praise him, the Glorious, skilled in song, Lord of the two victorious Bays:
rvs.8.13 12 Grant wealth to those who praise thee, Lord of Heroes, Mightiest Indra: give
rvs.8.14 2 I should be fain, O Lord of Power, to strengthen and enrich the sage,
rvs.8.14 Were I the Lord of herds of kine.
rvs.8.15 10 O Indra, thou wast born the Lord of men, most liberal of thy gifts:
rvs.8.15 For victory stir thou Indra, up, the Lord of Might.
rvs.8.17 14 Strong pillar thou, Lord of the home armour of Somaofferers-:
rvs.8.19 1. SING praise to hiin, the Lord of Light. The Gods have made the God to be their messenger,
rvs.8.19 7 May we by thine own fires be well supplied with fire, O Son of Strength, O Lord of Might:
rvs.8.19 Also in thee is found perfect security thou art the Sovran Lord of wealth.
rvs.8.21 3 Come hither, for the drops are here, O Lord of cornlands-. Lord of horses, Lord of kine:
rvs.8.21 Drink thou the Soma, Somas' Lord!
rvs.8.21 Here are our wishes; thou art liberal, Lord of Bays: we and our hymns are present here.
rvs.8.21 10 Borne by Bay Steeds, the Lord of heroes, ruling men, for it is he who takes; delight.
rvs.8.23 12 So give us, Lord of Power and Might, riches combined with hero strength,
rvs.8.23 13 Soon as the eager Lord of men is friendly unto Mantis' race,
rvs.8.23 14 O Hero Agni, Lord of men, on hearing this new laud of mine,
rvs.8.23 26 For mens' oblations brought to him who is the mighty Lord of all,
rvs.8.24 Set in the highest rank, Wealthgiver-, Lord of Bays!
rvs.8.24 Nor hosts that press about thee, Lord of Bays, in fight.
rvs.8.24 14 I spake to the Bay Coursers' Lord, to him who gives ability:
rvs.8.25 16 Here this one God, the Lord of men, looks forth exceeding far and wide:
rvs.8.26 21 Wonderful Vayu, Lord of Right, thou who art Tvastars' soninlaw—,
rvs.8.31 11 May Pusan come, and Bhaga, Lord of wealth, Allbounteous-, for our weal
rvs.8.32 Lord of vast wealth through power and might.
rvs.8.33 Past other mens' libations, Lord of Hundred Powers, thee, Vrtraslayer-, thee our Friend.
rvs.8.33 May our libations be most sweet to make thee glad, O Somadrinker-, Heavenly Lord.
rvs.8.34 7 Come, Lord of lofty thought, who hast infinite wealth and countless aids.
rvs.8.34 12 Lord of wellnourished- Horses, come with wellfed- Steeds alike in hue.
rvs.8.36 with Maruts, Lord of Heroes, winner of the floods.
rvs.8.37 1. THIS prayer, and those who shed the juice, in wars with Vrtra thou holpest, Indra, Lord of
rvs.8.37 2 Thou mighty Conqueror of hostile armaments, O Indra, Lord of Strength, with all thy saving help.
rvs.8.37 3 Sole Ruler, thou art Sovran of this world of life, O Indra, Lord of Strength, with all thy
rvs.8.37 4 Thou only sunderest these two consistent worlds, O Indra, Lord of Strength, with all thy saving
rvs.8.37 5 Thou art the Lord supreme over rest and energy, O Indra, Lord of Strength, with all thy saving
rvs.8.37 6 Thou helpest one to power, and one thou hast not helped, O Indra, Lord of Strength, with all thy
rvs.8.39 8 Agni who liveth in all streams, Lord of the Sevenfold Race of men,
rvs.8.40 Lord of the Bay Steeds, Hinvas' Son. To a Good Hero come our prayers, which soon shall have
rvs.8.43 16 O Agni, Brother, made by strength, Lord of red steeds and brilliant sway,
rvs.8.44 18 For, Agni, thou as Lord of Light rulest over choicest gifts: may I,
rvs.8.44 24 For Excellent and Lord of wealth. art thou O Agni, rich in light:
rvs.8.44 26 Agni, the Youthful Lord of men, who stirreth much and eateth all,
rvs.8.44 Excellent Lord, prolong our lives.
rvs.8.45 20 O Lord of Strength, we rest on thee, as old men rest upon a staff:
rvs.8.45 28 Him have I magnified, our Lord in, common, Guardian of your folk,
rvs.8.46 1. WE, Indra, Lord of ample wealth, our Guide, depend on one like thee,
rvs.8.46 3 O thou whose majesty the bards celebrate with their songs, thou Lord,
rvs.8.46 We pray to him the Lord of wealth.
rvs.8.46 Sole Lord of victory, bring alloverpowering- wealth, joygiving-, chief in deeds of might.
rvs.8.46 28 Sole Lord in beauty meet for praise, O Vayu, dropping fatness down,
rvs.8.48 10 May I be with the Friend whose heart is tender, who, Lord of Bays! when quaffed will never harm
rvs.8.49 Best offerer, cheerful, to be praised in holy rites, pure Lord! by singers with their hymns.
rvs.8.49 Protect us through three hymns, O Lord of Power and Might, through four hymns, Vasu, guard thou us.
rvs.8.49 19 Agni, Praisesinger-! Lord of men, God burnerup- of Raksasas,
rvs.8.50 3 Fill thyself full, O Lord of wealth, O Indra, with the juice we shed.
rvs.8.50 We know thee, Lord of Bay Steeds victor in the fight, vanquishing even the invincible.
rvs.8.50 5 Indra, with all thy saving helps give us assistance, Lord of power.
rvs.8.50 We, seeking riches cry to Indra, Lord of wealth, to Satakratu with our lauds.
rvs.8.50 14 For thou, O liberal Lord of bounty, strengthenest his ample home who worships thee.
rvs.8.50 Our singers, through all days, shalt thou, Lord of the brave, keep safely both by day and night.
rvs.8.51 3 Lord of swift bounty, he will win even with a steed of worthless sort.
rvs.8.51 That thou with power dost slay Vrtra, O Lord of Strength.
rvs.8.52 Would fain exalt the Maruts' Lord.
rvs.8.53 3 Thou art the Lord of Soma pressed, Soma impressed is also thine.
rvs.8.54 7 As, Indra, thou art evermore the common Lord of all alike,
rvs.8.55 May Indra, Lord of Bay Steeds, fairhelmed- Thunderer, act at his pleasure, as he lists.
rvs.8.57 Strong in thy deeds, checking assault, Lord, Mightiest Indra, of the brave!
rvs.8.57 4 Your Lord of might that Never hath bent, that ruleth over all mankind,
rvs.8.57 Who, as his praise was sung of old, the Dancer, is the Lord of men.
rvs.8.58 The Son of Truth, Lord of the brave.
rvs.8.58 16 Lord of the home, fairhelmeted-, ascend thy chariot wrought of gold.
rvs.8.59 1. HE who, as Sovran Lord of men, moves with his chariots unrestrained,
rvs.8.60 Over all treasures thou art Lord.
rvs.8.60 Lord of wealth, to him whom many praise, for help:
rvs.8.60 13 May Agni who is Lord of wealth vouchsafe us food for friendship sake.
rvs.8.64 4 This Agni, Lord of wealth and spoil hundredfold, thousandfold, is head
rvs.8.65 Lord Of magic power who rules with might.
rvs.8.66 10 All these things Visnu brought, the Lord of ample stride whom thou hadst sent-
rvs.8.67 For thou, Good Lord, art far renowned.
rvs.8.69 So art thou held to be our Lord.
rvs.8.70 4 Come, let us glorify Indra, Lord supreme of wealth, Selfruling- King:
rvs.8.71 Drink thou, for thou art Lord thereof.
rvs.8.71 Drink thou, for thou art Lord thereof.
rvs.8.71 Drink thou, for thou art Lord thereof.
rvs.8.73 7 Lord of the house, what plenty fills the songs which thou inspirest now,
rvs.8.79 Indra, Lord of Bay Steeds, accept these fitting hymns, hymns which we have thought out for thee.
rvs.8.79 As such, O Mightiest Lord, Wielder of Thunder, send wealth hither to the worshipper.
rvs.8.79 5 O Indra, thou art farrenowned-, impetuous, O Lord of Strength.
rvs.8.81 29 So hath the offering, wealthiest Lord, been paid by all the worshippers:
rvs.8.81 30 Be not thou like a slothfid priest, O Lord of spoil and wealth: rejoice
rvs.8.82 5 When, Mighty One, Lord of the brave, thou thinkest thus, I shall not die,
rvs.8.82 12 And both these Goddesses, Earth, Heaven, Lord of the beauteous helm! revere
rvs.8.82 25 For thee, O Lord of Light, are shed these Somadrops-, and grass is strewn
rvs.8.82 31 Come, Lord of rapturous, joys, to our libation with thy Bay Steeds, come
rvs.8.84 For thou art King and Sovran Lord of all the families of men.
rvs.8.85 May we win Mitra with our songs, and Indra, and. wait upon our Lord with adoration.
rvs.8.86 1. O INDRA, Lord of Light, what joys thou broughtest from the Asuras,
rvs.8.86 6 Thou Somadrinker-, Lord of Strength, beside our flowing Soma juice
rvs.8.86 The Lord of Light, that he whose laws stand fast might aid with power and with the help he gives.
rvs.8.87 Vast as a mountain spread on all sides, Lord of Heaven.
rvs.8.87 Thou strengthenest him who pours libation, Lord of Heaven.
rvs.8.87 Slayer of Dasyus, mans' Supporter, Lord of Heaven.
rvs.8.88 2 Lord of Bay Steeds, fairhelmed-, rejoice thee: this we crave. Here the disposers wait on thee.
rvs.8.89 6 All these thy deeds must be declared at Somafeasts-, wrought, Indra, Bounteous Lord, for him who
rvs.8.90 Then, Lord of harnessed teams I drink of the twofold draught, bright Soma mingled with the milk.
rvs.8.91 2 So with our song that prays and serves, attentive, Lord of spreading light,
rvs.8.91 9 This Agni is the Lord supreme above all glories mid the Gods:
rvs.8.92 In thee, O Lord of wealth, continually we lay all precious offerings to the Gods.
rvs.8.92 On both, Strong Lord of men! on child and grandson pour the bounties which our nobles give.
rvs.8.94 Like water, gracious Lord! were my libations made, like milchkine- to the worshipper.
rvs.8.94 The Somadrops- which call on thee, O gracious Lord, have brought thee to our hymn of praise.
rvs.8.95 6 He whom thou aidest, gracious Lord, to give again, obtains great wealth to nourish him.
rvs.8.95 9 Good Lord of wealth is he to whom all Aryas, Dasas here belong.
rvs.8.96 Unsought, may he the Strong, Rich, Lord of ample wealth, give us of horses and of kine.
rvs.8.96 6 He to whom thou, Good Lord, givest that he may give increases wealth that nourishes.
rvs.8.96 Eager for wealth we call on Indra, Lord of wealth, on Satakratu with our lauds.
rvs.8.96 As at the call of Kanva so, O gracious Lord, hear, thou our songs and eulogy.
rvs.8.97 Best breakerdown- of forts, kinewinner-, Lord of wealth, we seek thee, Indra Maghavan.
rvs.8.97 As such, rousing thy power, we invocate thee now, thee Satakratu, Lord of Bays.
rvs.8.97 8 Thine, Lord of Bays, am I. Prayer longeth for the spoil. Still with thy help I seek the fight.
rvs.8.98 6 Leader of heroes, Lord of battle, lead thou us to combat, thou Most Sapient One.
rvs.9.3 10 This Lord of many Holy Laws, even at his birth engendering strength,
rvs.9.5 1. ENKINDLED, Pavamana, Lord, sends forth his light on, every side
rvs.9.14 7 The nimble fingers have approached, adorning him the Lord of Strength:
rvs.9.19 5 Hath he not, purified, impregned the kine whb long to meet their Lord,
rvs.9.26 The Lord of Speech infallible.
rvs.9.28 1. URGED by the men, this vigorous Steed, Lord of the mind, Omniscient,
rvs.9.29 3 These things thou winnest lightly while purified, Soma, Lord of wealth:
rvs.9.31 With thee, O Lord of all that is.
rvs.9.35 6 On whose way, Lord of Holy Law, most richi as he is purified.
rvs.9.36 And seeking heroes, Lord of Strength!
rvs.9.48 Lord over riches, from the sky.
rvs.9.62 Enjoymentgiver-, Mighty Lord.
rvs.9.65 Send Indu forth, their mighty Lord.
rvs.9.65 10 Flow onward with thy stream, a Steer, inspiriting the Maruts' Lord,
rvs.9.72 4 Washed by the men, stonepressed-, dear on the holy grass, faithful to seasons, Lord of cattle
rvs.9.76 4 Onward he flows, the King of all that sees the light: the Rsis' Lord hath raised the song of
rvs.9.83 Lord of the snare, he takes the foeman with the snare: those who are most devout have gained a
rvs.9.86 Pervading with thy natural powers thou flowest on, and as the whole worlds' Lord, O Soma, thou art
rvs.9.86 11 The vigorous and farseeing- one, the Lord of heaven, flows, shouting to the beaker, with his
rvs.9.86 19 Farseeing- Soma flows, the Steer, the Lord of hymns, the Furtherer of day, of morning, and of
rvs.9.86 28 These are thy generations of celestial seed thou art the Sovran Lord of all the world of life.
rvs.9.86 33 On flows the King of rivers and the Lord of heaven: he follows with a shout the paths of Holy
rvs.9.86 37 As Sovran Lord thereof thou Passest through these worlds, O Indu, harnessing thy tawny
rvs.9.89 3 They come to him, red, tawny, Lord of Heaven, the watchful Guardian of the meath, the Lion.
rvs.9.89 Be the teams' Lord a well to thee the singer: cleansed is the sweet plants' stalk for deed of
rvs.9.90 3 Great Conqueror, warnorgirt-, Lord of all heroes, flow on thy way as he who winneth riches;
rvs.9.90 4 Giving security, Lord of wide dominion, send us both earth and heaven with all their fulness.
rvs.9.99 joyous, in front of songs they weave bright raiment for the Lord Divine.
rvs.9.99 He as it were impregns the cow, and babbles on, the Lord of Song.
rvs.9.100 9 Lord of great sway, thou liftest thee above the heavens, above the earth.
rvs.9.101 The Lord of Speech exerts himself, Ruler of all, because of might.
rvs.9.101 Even Soma, Lord of opulence, the Friend of Indra, day by day.
rvs.9.101 He, Lord of the multitude, hath looked upon the earth and heaven.
rvs.9.105 5 Lord of the tawny, Indu thou who art the Gods' most special food,
rvs.9.108 Thou masterest the stable full of kine and steeds: burst it, brave Lord, like one in mail.
rvs.9.108 9 Make splendid glory shine on us, thou Lord of strengthening food, God, as the Friend of Gods:
rvs.9.113 2 Lord of the Quarters, flow thou on, boon Soma, from Arjika land,
rvs.10.2 1. GLADDEN the yearning Gods, O thou Most Youthful: bring them, O Lord of Seasons, knowing seasons,
rvs.10.6 3 He who is Lord of all divine oblation, shared by all living men at break of morning,
rvs.10.7 Good Lord, when man from thee hath gained enjoyment, by hymns, O noblyborn, hath he obtained it.
rvs.10.8 9 Lord of the brave, Indra cleft him in pieces who sought to gain much strength and deemed him
rvs.10.15 Grant them, O Sovran Lord, the world of spirits and their own body, as thy pleasure wills it.
rvs.10.20 7 With service for chief bliss I seek the Lord of Sacrifice, Agni, whom
rvs.10.22 3 He who is Sovran Lord of great and perfect strength, exerter of heroic might,
rvs.10.23 Rbhu, Rbhuksan, Vajahe- is Lord of Might. The Dasas' very name I utterly destroy.
rvs.10.23 Which his two Tawny Coursers draw, then Indra is the Sovran Lord of power whose glory spreads afar.
rvs.10.24 Lord of all strength and power, grantat- your glad carousethe- best choiceworthy treasure. Thou
rvs.10.24 3 Thou who art Lord of precious boons, inciter even of the churl.
rvs.10.26 6 One who is Lord of Suca, Lord of Suca caring for herself:
rvs.10.26 7 The mighty Lord of spoil and wealth, Strong Friend of all prosperity;
rvs.10.31 4 Pleased be the Eternal Lord who loves the household with this man whom God Savitar created.
rvs.10.33 Have mercy on us once, O Indra, Bounteous Lord: be thou a Father unto us.
rvs.10.33 8 If I controlled Immortal Gods, yea, even were I Lord of men,
rvs.10.43 Let the Red God shine bright with his refulgent ray, and let the Lord of heroes glow like heavens'
rvs.10.44 On thy fair path, O Lord of men, come quickly: we will increase thy powers when thou hast drunken.
rvs.10.44 3 Let strong and mighty Steeds who bear this Mighty Indra, the Lord of men, whose arm wields
rvs.10.44 4 So like a Bull thou rushest to the Lord who loves the trough, the Sage, the prop of vigour, in
rvs.10.44 Thou art the Lord, as such sit on this holy grass: thy vessels are inviolate as Law commands.
rvs.10.47 Because we know thee, Hero, Lord of cattle: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
rvs.10.48 My sheen is like the Suns' insufferably bright: men honour me as Lord for past and future deeds.
rvs.10.49 The pious glorify all these thine exploits, Lord of Bay Coursers, Strong, and Selfresplendent.
rvs.10.50 Hero, Lord of the brave, all cars are thy delight, warring with Vrtra, or for waters, or for spoil.
rvs.10.50 In every fight thou castest heroes on the ground: thou art the noblest song, O Lord of all the
rvs.10.61 20 So mid these tribes he rests, the friendly envoy, borne on two paths, refulgent Lord of fuel.
rvs.10.61 Hear us, O wealthy Lord; begin our worship. Thou hast grown mighty through Asvaghnas' virtues.
rvs.10.61 Protect our wealthy nobles, guard our princes unmenaced near thee, Lord of Tawny Coursers.
rvs.10.65 4 They with their might have stayed Heaven, Earth, and Prthivi, the Lord of Light, the firmament,
rvs.10.67 8 They, longing for the kine, with faithful spirit incited with their hymns the Lord of cattle.
rvs.10.69 Lord of bright rays, thou burntest up the battle, subduing, as our help, even mighty foemen.
rvs.10.70 10 Wellknowing-, binding with thy cord, bring hither, Lord of the Wood, the Deities' assembly.
rvs.10.73 8 These names of thine thou hast fulfilled completely: as Lord, thou boldest in thine arm, O Indra.
rvs.10.74 He hath appeared, the mighty Lord of Conquest. What we would have him do let him accomplish.
rvs.10.75 Thou speedest over precipitous ridges of the earth, when thou art Lord and Leader of these moving
rvs.10.81 7 Let us invoke today-, to aid our labour, the Lord of Speech, the thoughtswift- Visvakarman.
rvs.10.85 Her treasury was earth and heaven. When Surya went unto her Lord.
rvs.10.85 The SunGod- Savitar bestowed his willing Surya on her Lord.
rvs.10.85 Surya, proceeding to her Lord, mounted a spiritfashioried- car.
rvs.10.88 The Ancient Star that wanders on for ever, lofty and. strong, Lord of the Living Being.
rvs.10.89 10 Indra is Sovran Lord of Earth and Heaven, Indra is Lord of waters and of mountains.
rvs.10.89 Indra is Lord of prosperers and sages Indra must be invoked in rest and effort.
rvs.10.90 The Lord of Immortality which waxes greater still by food.
rvs.10.91 Hotar of all oblation, worthy of our choice, Lord, beaming, trusty friend to one who loveth him.
rvs.10.91 As Vasu, thou alone art Lord of all good things, of all the treasures that the heavens and earth
rvs.10.91 Thou art Director, thou the ministering Priest: thou art the Brahman, Lord and Master in our home.
rvs.10.92 1. I PRAISE your Charioteer of sacrifice, the Lord of men, Priest of the tribes, refulgent, Guest
rvs.10.92 14 With hymns of praise we sing him who is throned as Lord over these fearless tribes, the
rvs.10.92 We praise Nights' youthful Lord benevolent to men, the foeless One, the free, with all celestial
rvs.10.96 He, Lord of Tawny Coursers, Lord of fleetfoot- Mares, will bear his Bay Steeds safely over all
rvs.10.96 10 Yea, to the Dear Ones' seat in homes of heaven and earth the Bay Steeds' Lord hath whinnied
rvs.10.96 13 Juices aforetime, Lord of Bays, thou drankest; and thine especially is this libation.
rvs.10.97 22 With Soma as their Sovran Lord the Plants hold colloquy and say:
rvs.10.98 We have provided wagonloads- in thousands: come to the solemn rite, Lord of Red Horses.
rvs.10.99 6 Lord of the dwelling, he subdued the demon who roared aloud, sixeyed- and tripleheaded-.
rvs.10.104 2 Drink of the juice which men have washed in waters, and fill thee full, O Lord of Tawny Horses.
rvs.10.104 5 Through thy directions, Lord of Tawny Coursers, thine who art firm, splendid, and blest, the
rvs.10.104 6 Lord of the Bays, come with thy two Bay Horses, come to our prayers, to drink the juice of Soma.
rvs.10.105 With Rowing manes, like heaven and earth, he is the Lord with power to give.
rvs.10.110 Thou art, O Youthful Lord, the Gods Invoker, so, best of Sacrificers, bring them quickly.
rvs.10.112 9 Lord of the hosts, amid our bands be seated: they call thee greatest Sage among the sages.
rvs.10.112 10 Aim of our eyes be thou, for we implore thee, O Maghavan, Friend of friends and Lord of
rvs.10.118 Lord of the house, whom none deceives.
rvs.10.121 1. IN the beginning rose Hiranyagarbha, born Only Lord of all created beings.
rvs.10.121 The Lord of death, whose shade is life immortal. What God shall we adore with our oblation?
rvs.10.121 He who is Lord of men and Lord of cattle. What God shall we adore with our oblation?
rvs.10.124 O King, discerning truth and right from falsehood, come and be Lord and Ruler of my kingdom.
rvs.10.128 7 Lord of the world, Creator of creators the saviour God who overcomes the foeman.
rvs.10.128 Lord of Bay Coursers, Indra, blew our children: harm us not, give us not as prey to others.
rvs.10.132 1. MAY Dyaus the Lord of lauded wealth, and Earth stand by the man who offers sacrifice,
rvs.10.132 The chariots' Lord was well content, forbearing to anger Death by sin so great.
rvs.10.149 As man to wife, let Savitar come downward to us, heavens' bearer, Lord of every blessing.
rvs.10.150 3 I laud thee Jatavedas, thee Lord of all blessings, with my song.
rvs.10.152 2 Lord of the clan, who brings us bliss, Strong, Warrior, Slayer of the fiend,
rvs.10.159 I am victorious, and my Lord shall be submissive to my will.
rvs.10.159 I am victorious: over my Lord my song of triumph is supreme.
rvs.10.166 Press down these men, O Lord of Speech, that they may humbly speak to me.
rvs.10.167 1. THIS pleasant meath, O Indra, is effused for thee: thou art the ruling Lord of beaker and of
rvs.10.180 In thy right hand, O Indra, bring us treasures: thou art the Lord of rivers filled with riches.
rvs.10.190 Ordainer of the days nights, Lord over all who close the eye.

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