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rvs.1.68 3 Strong is the thought of Law, the Laws' behest; all works have they performed; he quickens all.
rvs.1.113 12 Foechaser-, born of Law, the Laws' protectress, joygiver-, waker of all pleasant voices,
rvs.1.147 So that on both sides fostering seed and offspring, the Gods may joy in Holy Laws' fulfilment?
rvs.2.30 1. THE streams unceasing flow to Indra, slayer of Ahi, Savitar, God, Laws' fulfiller,
rvs.3.61 7 On Laws' firm base the speeder of the Mornings, the Bull, hath entered mighty earth and heaven.
rvs.4.23 9 Firmseated- are eternal Laws' foundations in its fair form are many splendid beauties.
rvs.5.2 8 Thou hast sped from me, Agni, in thine anger: this the protector of Gods Laws hath told me.
rvs.5.63 1. GUARDIANS of Order, ye whose Laws are ever true, in the sublimest heaven your chariot ye ascend.
rvs.6.8 2 That Agni, when in loftiest heaven he sprang to life, Guardian of Holy Laws, kept and observed
rvs.7.56 By Law they came to truth, the Laws' observers, bright by their birth, and pure, and sanctifying.
rvs.7.83 9 One of you Twain destroys the Vrtras in the fight, the Other evermore maintains his holy Laws.
rvs.8.32 All holy Laws among the Gods.
rvs.8.43 Of holy Laws: may he give ear.
rvs.8.83 Maintain their everlasting Laws.
rvs.8.89 The Holy Laws' commandments make me mighty. Rending with strength I rend the worlds asunder.
rvs.8.89 5 When the Laws' lovers mounted and ap. proached me as 1 sate lone upon the dear skys' summit.
rvs.9.3 10 This Lord of many Holy Laws, even at his birth engendering strength,
rvs.9.114 1. THE man who waIketh as the Laws of Indu Pavamana bid,
rvs.10.32 6 He who maintains the Laws of God informed me that thou wast lying hidden in the waters.
rvs.10.85 In Laws' seat, to the world of virtuous action, I give thee up uninjured with thy consort.
rvs.10.93 6 And let the Asvins, Lords of splendour, set us free, both Gods, and, with their Laws, Mitra and
rvs.10.150 Agni, bring hitherward the Gods whose Laws we love, whose laws we love, to show us grace.
rvs.10.154 4 Yea, the first followers of Law, Laws' pure and holy strengtheners,

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