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rvs.1.1 8 Ruler of sacrifices, guard of Law eternal, radiant One,
rvs.1.2 8 Mitra and Varuna, through Law, lovers and cherishers of Law,
rvs.1.14 7 Adored, the strengtheners of Law, unite them, Agni, with their Dames:
rvs.1.23 5 Those who by Law uphold the Law, Lords of the shining light of Law,
rvs.1.36 Sprung from the Law, oilfed-, for Kanva hast thou blazed, thou whom the people reverence.
rvs.1.41 4 Thornless, Adityas, is the path, easy for him who seeks the Law:
rvs.1.44 14 Let those who strengthen Law, who bountifully give, the lifetongued- Maruts, hear our praise.
rvs.1.47 1 ASVINS, for you who strengthen Law this sweetest Soma hath been shed.
rvs.1.47 3 O Asvins, ye who strengthen Law, drink ye this sweetest Soma juice.
rvs.1.54 7 A herolord- is he, King of a mighty folk, who offers free oblations and promotes the Law,
rvs.1.65 2 The Gods approached the ways of holy Law; there was a gathering vast as heaven itself.
rvs.1.65 The waters feed with praise the growing Babe, born nobly in the womb, the seat of Law.
rvs.1.65 A Sage like Soma, sprung from Law, he grew like some young creature, mighty, shining far.
rvs.1.67 4 Whoso hath known him dwelling in his lair, and hath approached the stream of holy Law?
rvs.1.68 All truly share thy Godhead while they keep, in their accustomed ways, eternal Law.
rvs.1.68 3 Strong is the thought of Law, the Laws' behest; all works have they performed; he quickens all.
rvs.1.70 4 Whom many dawns and nights, unlike, make strong, whom, born in Law, all things that move and
rvs.1.72 8 Knowing the Law, the seven strong floods from heaven, full of good thought, discerned the doors
rvs.1.77 Who, deathless, true to Law, mid men a herald, bringeth the Gods as best of sacrificers?
rvs.1.77 2 Bring him with reverence hither, most propitious in sacrifices, true to Law, the herald;
rvs.1.83 5 Atharvan first by sacrifices laid the paths then, guardian of the Law, sprang up the loving Sun.
rvs.1.84 Streams of the bright have flowed to thee here at the seat of holy Law.
rvs.1.90 6 The winds waft sweets, the rivers pour sweets for the man who keeps the Law
rvs.1.105 6 What is your firm support of Law? What Varunas' observant eye?
rvs.1.105 The flowing of the floods is Law, Truth is the Suns' extended light. Mark this my woe, ye Earth
rvs.1.106 Law.
rvs.1.113 12 Foechaser-, born of Law, the Laws' protectress, joygiver-, waker of all pleasant voices,
rvs.1.123 13 Obedient to the rein of Law Eternal give us each thought that more and more shall bless us.
rvs.1.141 9 By thee, O Agni, Varuna who guards the Law, Mitra and Aryaman, the Bounteous, are made strong;
rvs.1.143 7 The kindler of the flame wins Agni as a Friend, promoter of the Law, whose face is bright with
rvs.1.144 2 To him sang forth the flowing streams of Holy Law, encompassed in the home and birthplace- of
rvs.1.144 Holy Law!
rvs.1.145 He hath declared the lore of works to mortals, Agni the Wise, for he knows Law, the Truthful.
rvs.1.151 Law.
rvs.1.152 All falsehood, MitraVaruna-! ye conquer, and closely cleave unto the Law Eternal.
rvs.1.152 The Babe Unborn supporteth this worlds' burthen, fulfilleth Law and overcometh falsehood.
rvs.1.156 Holy Law.
rvs.1.159 Law.
rvs.1.163 Here have I seen the auspicious reins that guide thee, which those who guard the holy Law keep
rvs.1.164 When the firstborn- of holy Law approached me, then of this speech I first obtain a portion.
rvs.1.189 6 Such as thou art, born after Law, O Agni when lauded give protection to our bodies,
rvs.2.9 Whose foresight keeps the Law from violation, excellent, puretongued-, bringing thousands, Agni.
rvs.2.23 That, Son of Law I which is with might refulgentthat- treasure wonderful bestow thou on us.
rvs.2.23 Guiltscourger-, guiltavenger- is Brhaspati, who slays the spoiler and upholds the mighty Law.
rvs.2.27 Provident, guarding well the world of spirits, true to eternal Law, the debtexactors-.
rvs.2.27 Mighty through Law, Adityas, is your greatness; fair is it, Aryaman, Varuna, and Mitra.
rvs.2.29 1. UPHOLDERS of the Law, ye strong Adityas, remove my sin like her who bears in secret.
rvs.3.2 1. To him, Vaisvanara, who strengthens Holy Law, to Agni we present our praise like oil made pure.
rvs.3.2 Law.
rvs.3.5 3 Amid mens' homes hath Agni been established, fulfilling with the Law, Friend, germ of waters.
rvs.3.10 Shine forth in thine own home as guardian of the Law.
rvs.3.12 Along the path of sacred Law.
rvs.3.20 4 Agni, like Bhaga, leads the godly people, he who is true to Law and guards the seasons.
rvs.3.30 For him who followeth thy Law the mountains and heaven and earth stand as if firmly stablished.
rvs.3.58 Sprung from high Law your car, urged on by pressstones-, goes round the earth and heaven in one
rvs.3.59 2 Foremost be he who brings thee food, O Mitra, who strives to keep thy sacred Law, Aditya.
rvs.3.59 Gives food fulfilling sacred Law.
rvs.3.61 Thou, Goddess, ancient, young, and full of wisdom, movest, allbounteous-! as the Law ordaineth.
rvs.3.62 To seat him at the seat of Law.
rvs.3.62 18 Lauded by Jamadagnis' song, sit in the place of holy Law:
rvs.4.1 True to the Law, the Aditya who supporteth men, the King, supporter of mankind.
rvs.4.1 13 Here did our human fathers take their places, fain to fulfil the sacred Law of worship.
rvs.4.3 4 Even as true knower of the Law, O Agni, to this our solemn rite he thou attentive.
rvs.4.3 10 Agni the Bull, the manly, hath been sprinkled with oil upon his back, by Law eternal.
rvs.4.3 11 By Law the Angirases cleft the rock asunder, and sang their hymns together with the cattle.
rvs.4.3 12 By Law the Immortal Goddesses the Waters, with meathrich- waves, O Agni, and uninjured,
rvs.4.5 11 With reverence I declare the Law, O Agni; what is, comes by thine order, Jatavedas.
rvs.4.7 3 Seeing thee faithful to the Law, most sapient, like the starry heaven,
rvs.4.19 7 He let the young Maids skilled in Law, unwedded, like fountains, bubbling, flow forth streaming
rvs.4.23 8 Eternal Law hath varied food that strengthens; thought of eternal Law, removes transgressions.
rvs.4.23 The praisehymn- of eternal Law, arousing, glowing, hath oped the deaf ears of the living.
rvs.4.23 By holy Law long lasting food they bring us; by holy Law have cows come to our worship.
rvs.4.23 10 Fixing eternal Law he, too, upholds it swift moves the might of Law and wins the booty.
rvs.4.23 To Law belong the vast deep Earth and Heaven: Milchkine- supreme, to Law their milk they render.
rvs.4.40 holy Law.
rvs.4.42 By Law the Son of Aditi, Law Observer, hath spread abroad the world in threefold measure.
rvs.4.56 And from of old observe the Law.
rvs.4.56 7 Furthering and fulfilling, ye, O Mighty, perfect Mitras' Law.
rvs.4.57 Distilling meath, wellpurified- like butter, and let the. Lords of holy Law be gracious.
rvs.5.1 Him who spread out both worlds by Law Eternal they balm with oil, strong Steed who never faileth.
rvs.5.3 O sapient Agni, when wilt thou regard us? When, skilled in holy Law, wilt thou direct us?
rvs.5.5 6 Fair strengtheners of vital power, young Mothers of eternal Law,
rvs.5.8 1. O AGNI urged to strength, the men of old who loved the Law enkindled thee,
rvs.5.12 1. To Agni, lofty Asura, meet for worship, Steer of eternal Law, my prayer I offer;
rvs.5.12 2 Mark the Law, thou who knowest, yea, observe it: send forth the full streams of eternal Order.
rvs.5.12 I use no sorcery with might or falsehood the sacred Law of the Red Steer I follow.
rvs.5.12 3 How hast thou, follower of the Law eternal, become the knower of a new song, Agni?
rvs.5.12 6 He who pays sacrifice to thee with homage, O Agni, keeps the Red Steers' Law eternal;
rvs.5.15 2 By holy Law they kept supporting Order, by help of sacrifice, in loftiest heaven,
rvs.5.20 For wealth, for Law. May we rejoice, Most Wise One! at the feast, with kine, rejoice, with heroes,
rvs.5.21 Shine forth enkindled, Radiant One. Sit in the chamber of the Law, sit in the chamber of the food.
rvs.5.27 Pays him who with his verse seeks gain, gives power to him who keeps the Law.
rvs.5.43 Exalted, worshipped with our gifts and homage, who knoweth holy Law, to drink sweet Soma.
rvs.5.44 Law.
rvs.5.44 of Law for him,
rvs.5.57 8 Ho! Maruts, Heroes, skilled in Law, immortal, be gracious unto us, ye rich in treasures,
rvs.5.58 8 Ho! Maruts, Heroes, skilled in Law, immortal, be gracious unto us, ye rich in treasures,
rvs.5.61 Born, spotless, after sacred Law?
rvs.5.62 1. BY your high Law firm order is established there where they loose for travel Suryas' horses.
rvs.5.63 7 Wise, with your Law and through the Asuras' magic power ye guard the ordinances, MitraVaruna-.
rvs.5.65 Lords of the brave, who strengthen Law, the Holy Ones with every race.
rvs.5.66 For Varuna, whose form is Law, place offerings for his great delight.
rvs.5.66 5 This is the Law sublime, O Earth: to aid the Rsis' toil for fame
rvs.5.67 4 For they are true, they cleave to Law, held holy among every race,
rvs.5.68 They, Mighty Lords, are lofty Law
rvs.5.68 4 Carefully tending Law with Law they have attained their vigorous might.
rvs.5.72 2 By Ordinance and Law ye dwell in peace secure, bestirring men.
rvs.5.80 Sublime, by Law true to eternal Order, bright on her path, redtinted-, farrefulgent-.
rvs.6.3 1. TRUE, guardian of the Law, thy faithful servant wins ample light and dwells in peace, O Agni,
rvs.6.13 Friend art thou of the lofty Law, like Mitra, Controller, Agni! God! of many a blessing.
rvs.6.13 Even he whom thou, Sage, born in Law, incitest by wealth, accordant with the Child of Waters.
rvs.6.15 Bring the Immortal Gods who strengthen holy Law: so let our sacrifice reach the Gods.
rvs.6.16 Set on the seat of holy Law.
rvs.6.21 Mortals who yearn to worship Never dishonour, O Mighty God, thy Law who art Immortal.
rvs.6.39 2 Craving the kine, rushing against the mountain led on by Law, with holyminded comrades,
rvs.6.39 4 He shone and caused to shme the worlds that shone not. By Law he lighted up the host of Mornings.
rvs.6.44 8 In course of Law the sapient juice was quaffed: the Deities to glory turned their mind.
rvs.6.48 5 He whom floods, stones, and trees support, the offspring of eternal Law;
rvs.6.50 All Gods who strengthen Law, invoked and lauded, and holy texts uttered by sages, help us.
rvs.6.51 3 I praise you Guards of mighty Law eternal, Aditi, Mitra, Varuna, the noble,
rvs.6.51 9 You Furtherers of Law, pure in your spirit, infallible, dwellers in the home of Order,
rvs.6.52 10 May all the Gods who strengthen Law, with Rtus, listening to our call,
rvs.6.59 4 Indra and Agni, Friends of Law, served with rich gifts, your speech is kind
rvs.6.68 With mighty strength, most liberal of the Princes, Chiefs of the host, by Law made Vrtras' slayers.
rvs.6.68 10 True to Law, IndraVaruna-, drinkers of the juice, drink this pressed Soma which shall give you
rvs.6.70 He in his seed is born again and spreads by Law: from you flow things diverse in form, but ruled
rvs.6.75 Guard us trom evil, Pusan, guard us strengtheners of Law: let not the evilwisher- master us.
rvs.7.35 15 They who of Holy Gods are very holy, Immortal, knowing Law, whom man must worship,
rvs.7.38 8 Deepskilled- in Law eternal, deathless, Singers, O Vajins, help us in each fray for booty.
rvs.7.40 4 This Varuna is guide of Law, he, Mitra, and Aryaman, the Kings, our work have finished.
rvs.7.56 By Law they came to truth, the Laws' observers, bright by their birth, and pure, and sanctifying.
rvs.7.66 10 Many are they who strengthen Law, Suneyed-, with Agni for their tongue,
rvs.7.66 Even as Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman deserve: ye are the charioteers of Law.
rvs.7.66 13 True to Law, born in Law the strengtheners of Law, terrible, haters of the false,
rvs.7.66 Drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law.
rvs.7.71 With coursers yoked by Law drive hither, Asvins, your car whose reins are light, laden with
rvs.7.75 1. BORN in the heavens the Dawn hath flushed, and showing her majesty is come as Law ordaineth.
rvs.7.76 4 They were the Gods companions at the banquet, the ancient sages true to Law Eternal.
rvs.7.82 Law.
rvs.7.83 Law.
rvs.7.85 4 Wise be the priest and skilled in Law Eternal, who with his sacred gifts and oration.
rvs.8.3 14 When shall they keep the Law and praise thee mid the Gods Who counts as Rsi and as sage?
rvs.8.6 2 When the priests, strengthening the Son of Holy Law, present their gifts,
rvs.8.6 10 I from my Father have received deep knowledge of the Holy Law
rvs.8.8 Both Sages, with the flight of Law come hither unto those who live.
rvs.8.12 To go the way ordained by Law, for that we long.
rvs.8.12 God, thy Bays turn not from the rite which Law ordains.
rvs.8.22 7 Come to us, Lords of ample wealth, by paths of everlasting Law,
rvs.8.23 Kind as a friend to men who keep the holy Law.
rvs.8.23 9 Him, true to Law, who perfecteth the sacrifice,. Lawloving- ones!
rvs.8.23 Imperial Sovrans, holyminded-, true to Law.
rvs.8.25 You, faithful to the Law, whose power is sanctified.
rvs.8.25 Aditi, Mighty Mother, true to Law, brought forth.
rvs.8.25 True to Eternal Law proclaim the high decree.
rvs.8.25 8 They, true to Law, exceeding strong, have sat them down for savran rule:
rvs.8.27 To the Adityas, Varuna whose Law stands fast, and the alllightening- Marut troop.
rvs.8.27 Born in his sons anew he spreads as Law commands, and prospers every way unharmed.
rvs.8.31 The paths of Law are fair to tread.
rvs.8.41 His dear Ones, following his Law, have prospered the Three Dawns for him.
rvs.8.62 1. ROUSE ye for him who keeps the Law, yoke your steeds, Asvins, to your car
rvs.8.62 16 The purpletinted- Dawn hath risen, and true to Law hath made the light
rvs.8.64 Art holy, faithful to the Law.
rvs.8.65 Delicate, faithful. to the Law.
rvs.8.72 3 Ye furtherers of holy Law, transport us safe over many woes,
rvs.8.75 5 About the holy Law toils Savitar the God the horn of holy Law hath he spread far and wide.
rvs.8.75 The holy Law hath quelled even mighty men of war. Break ye not off our ftiendship, come and act me
rvs.8.76 Ye Lords of splendour, wondrous, borne on paths of gold, drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law.
rvs.8.87 To him who guards the Law, inspired, and fain for praise.
rvs.9.4 9 By worship, Pavamana! men have strengthened thee to prop the Law:
rvs.9.7 1. FORTH on their way the glorious drops have flowed for maintenance of Law,
rvs.9.9 Great Son great Strengtheners of Law.
rvs.9.25 Pass into Vayu as Law bids.
rvs.9.35 6 On whose way, Lord of Holy Law, most richi as he is purified.
rvs.9.42 He sends the Gods who strengthen Law.
rvs.9.48 4 That each may see the light, the Bird brought us the guard of Law, the Friend
rvs.9.56 1. SWIFT to the purifying sieve flows Soma as exalted Law,
rvs.9.63 To Vayu mount as Law commands
rvs.9.64 Alighting in the home of Law.
rvs.9.66 24 He, Pavamana, hath produced the lofty Law, the brilliant light,
rvs.9.68 5 With energetic intellect the Sage is born, deposited as germ of Law, far from the Twins.
rvs.9.70 Knowing Eternal Law, the earliest light of heaven, he, passing wise, was chosen out to tell it
rvs.9.73 Law.
rvs.9.73 8 Guardian of Law, most wise, he may not be deceived: three Purifiers hath he set within his heart.
rvs.9.80 1. ON flows the stream of Soma who beholds mankind: by everlasting Law he calls the Gods from
rvs.9.86 This universe, O Pavamana, owns thy sway; thou, Indu, art the first establisher of Law.
rvs.9.86 29 Thou art the sea, O Sage who bringest alf to light: under thy Law are these five regions of the
rvs.9.86 He, guiding to the newest rules of Holy Law, comes as the Womens' Consort to the special place.
rvs.9.86 Law.
rvs.9.100 As cows, O Pavamana, lick the newborn- calf, as Law commands.
rvs.9.102 6 The Babe whom they who strengthen Law have generated fair to see,
rvs.9.102 Speeding at solemn rite the plan of Holy Law.
rvs.9.107 Giver of wealth, thou sittest in the place of Law, O God, a fountain made of gold.
rvs.9.108 Who born in Law hath waxen mighty by the Law, King, God, and lofty Ordinance.
rvs.9.109 6 Thou, bright Juice, art Sustainer of the sky: flow, mighty, in accordance with true Law.
rvs.9.110 4 Thou didst produce him, Deathless God mid mortal men for maintenance of Law and lovely Amrta:
rvs.9.113 4 Splendid by Law! declaring Law, truthspeaking, truthful in thy works,
rvs.10.10 Great is the Law of Varuna and Mitra. What, wanton! wilt thou say to men to tempt them?
rvs.10.12 2 As God comprising Gods by Law Eternal, bear, as the Chief who knoweth, our oblation,
rvs.10.16 11 With offerings meet let Agni bring the Fathers who support the Law.
rvs.10.35 8 Further me this declaring of Eternal Law, the Law of Gods, as we mortals acknowledge it!
rvs.10.36 2 May Dyaus and Prthivi, wise, true to Holy Law, keep us in safety from distress and injury.
rvs.10.44 1. MAY Sovran Indra come to the carousal, he who by Holy Law is strong and active,
rvs.10.44 Thou art the Lord, as such sit on this holy grass: thy vessels are inviolate as Law commands.
rvs.10.46 Thence, as Law bids, departs the Tribes' Companion having collected men with no compulsion.
rvs.10.55 Who through the might of Indras' operation came forth as Gods in course of Law and Order.
rvs.10.59 8 May both Worlds bless Subandhu, young Mothers of everlasting Law.
rvs.10.62 Eternal Law:
rvs.10.62 3 Ye raised the Sun to heaven by everlasting Law, and spread broad earth, the Mother, out on every
rvs.10.63 13 Untouched by any evil, every mortal thrives, and, following the Law, spreads in his progeny.
rvs.10.65 3 Skilled in the Law I lift the hymn of praise to these, Lawstrengtheners-, unassailed, and great
rvs.10.65 Whose statute shines on high through everlasting Law, whose places of sure refuge are the heavens
rvs.10.65 7 The Gods whose tongue is Agni dwell in heaven, and sit, aiders of Law, reflecting, in the seat
rvs.10.65 of Law.
rvs.10.65 Law.
rvs.10.65 14 With Holy Thoughts and with Purandhi may all Gods, knowing the Law immortal, Manus' Holy Ones,
rvs.10.66 Those who have waxen mightily, Masters of all wealth, Immortal, strengthening Law, the Gods whom
rvs.10.66 4 Aditi, Heaven and Earth, the great eternal Law, Indra, Visnu, the Maruts, and the lofty Sky.
rvs.10.66 Mighty be Heaven and Earth, true to eternal Law, strong be Parjanya, strong be they who laud the
rvs.10.66 13 I follow with success upon the path of Law the two celestial Hotars, Priests of oldest time.
rvs.10.67 1. THIS holy hymn, sublime and sevenheaded, sprung from eternal Law, our sire discovered.
rvs.10.78 As best of all foreknowers, excellent to guide, like Somas, good to guard the man who follows Law.
rvs.10.79 4 This holy Law I tell you, Earth and Heaven: the Infant at his birth dovours his Parents.
rvs.10.80 Stablished in holy oil is Agnis' pasture, on the Gandharva path of Law and Order.
rvs.10.85 By Law the Adityas stand secure, and Soma holds his place in heaven.
rvs.10.89 The men who injure, as it were a comrade, the lofty Law of Varuna and Mitra.
rvs.10.92 4 For then the net of Law, Dyaus, and the wide expanse, Earth, Worship, and Devotion meet for
rvs.10.100 of Law.
rvs.10.108 11 Hence, far away, ye Panis! Let the cattle lowing come forth as holy Law commandeth,
rvs.10.115 Men who are welldisposed- as friends and true to Law, even as the heavens in majesty surpass
rvs.10.118 Shine guardian of Eternal Law.
rvs.10.122 Thou, Agni, dropping oil, thrice lighting works of Law, showest thy wisdom circling home and
rvs.10.124 3 1, looking to the guest of other lineage, have founded many a rule of Law and Order.
rvs.10.133 Lead us beyond all pain and grief along the path of holy Law.
rvs.10.138 1. ALLIED with thee in friendship, Indra, these, thy priests, remembering Holy Law, rent Vrtra
rvs.10.138 from Holy Law.
rvs.10.139 Savitar, like a God, whose Law is constant, stands in the battle for the spoil like Indra.
rvs.10.154 4 Yea, the first followers of Law, Laws' pure and holy strengtheners,
rvs.10.175 1. MAY Savitar the God, O Stones, stir you according to the Law:
rvs.10.175 4 May Savitar the God, O Stones, stir you as Law commands for him
rvs.10.190 1. FROM Fervour kindled to its height Eternal Law and Truth were born:

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