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rvs.1.33 14 Indra, thou helpest Kutsa whom thou lovedst, and guardedst brave Dasadyu when he battled,
rvs.1.51 6 Thou savedst Kutsa when Susna was smitten down; to Atithigva gavest Sambara for a prey.
rvs.1.53 Thou madest Kutsa, Atithigva, Ayu, subject unto this King, the young, the mighty.
rvs.1.63 Thou, by his side, for young and glorious Kutsa, with steed and car in battle slewest Susna,
rvs.1.106 6 Sunk in the pit the Rsi Kutsa called, to aid, Indra the Vrtraslayer-, Lord of power and might.
rvs.1.112 And to Srutarya, Kutsa, Narya gave your help, Come hither unto us, O Asvins, with those aids.
rvs.1.112 23 Wherewith ye, Lords of Hundred Powers, helped Kutsa, son of Arjuni, gave Turviti and Dabhiti
rvs.1.121 When thou, O Muchinvoked-, assisting Kutsa with endless deadly darts didst compass Susna.
rvs.1.174 5 Indra, bear Kutsa, him in whom thou joyest: the darkred- horses of the Wind are docile.
rvs.1.175 Thou barest Kutsa with the steeds of Wind to Susna as his death.
rvs.2.14 Who quelled the valiant men of Atithigva, Kutsa, and Ayu, bring to him the Soma.
rvs.2.19 6 Once to the driver of his chariot, Kutsa, he gave up greedy Surya, plague of harvest;
rvs.4.16 10 Come to our home resolved to slay the Dasyu: Kutsa longed eagerly to win thy friendship.
rvs.4.16 11 Thou comest, fain to succour him, with Kutsa, a goad that masters both the WindGods-' horses,
rvs.4.16 12 For Kutsa, with thy thousand, thou at daybreak- didst hurl down greedy Susna, foe of harvest.
rvs.4.26 Kutsa the son of Arjuni I master. I am the sapient Usana behold me.
rvs.4.30 4 When for the sake of those oppressed, and Kutsa as he battled,
rvs.5.29 Thou camest thither conquering- together with Kutsa and the Gods: thou slewest Susna.
rvs.5.29 10 One carwheel- of the Sun thou rolledst forward, and one thou settest free to move for Kutsa.
rvs.5.31 Ye both assailed the fierce: thou barest Kutsa: when Gods and Usana came to you together.
rvs.5.31 9 Let the steeds bring you both, Indra and Kutsa, borne on the chariot within hearingdistance-.
rvs.6.18 Laidest low Kutsa, Ayu, Atithigva, and boldly didst deliver Turvayana.
rvs.6.20 Indra made room for his cardrivcr- Kutsa who sate beside him, when he gained the sunlight.
rvs.6.26 3 Thou didst impel the sage to win the daylight, didst ruin Susna for the pious Kutsa.
rvs.6.31 3 With Kutsa, Indra! thou didst conquer Susna, voracious, bane of crops, in fight for cattle.
rvs.7.19 2 Thou, verily, Indra, gavest help to Kutsa, willingly giving car to him in battle,
rvs.8.1 Indra bore Kutsa Arjuneya off, and mocked Gandharva. the unconquered One.
rvs.8.24 His foes for active Kutsa: send it down to us.
rvs.8.97 2 Thou who subduedst Ayu, Kutsa, Atithigva, waxing daily in thy might,
rvs.10.29 Let the victorious car with triple splendour bring hitherward the hundred chiefs with Kutsa.
rvs.10.38 Release thyself from Kutsa and come hither. How shall one like thee sit still bound that he may
rvs.10.40 6 O Asvins, ye are wise: as Kutsa comes to men, bring your car nigh the folk of him who sings your
rvs.10.49 3 With deadly blows I smote Atka for Kavis' sake; I guarded Kutsa well with these saving helps.
rvs.10.49 4 Smadibha, Tugra, and the Vetasus I gave as prey to Kutsa, fatherlike-, to succour him.
rvs.10.99 9 He with his potent Friends gave up the mighty, gave gusnia up to Kutsa for affliction.

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