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rvs.1.26 3 For here a Father for his son, Kinsman for kinsman worshippeth,
rvs.3.51 As Kinsman think thou of some fresh assistance; good Friend, give strength and life to those who
rvs.8.97 Come, most auspicious, with thy most auspicious help, good Kinsman, with good kinsmen, come!
rvs.10.7 3 Agni I deem my Kinsman and my Father, count him my Brother and my Friend for ever.
rvs.10.69 5 Be splendid, guard us Kinsman of Vadhryasva: let not the enmity of men overcome thee,
rvs.10.69 Like the bold hero Cyavana, I Sumitra tell forth the title of Vadhryasvas' Kinsman.
rvs.10.69 9 Even Immortal Gods, O Jatavedas, Vadhryasvas' Kinsman, have declared thy grandeur.

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