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rvs.1.126 Kine numbering sixty thousand followed after. Kaksivan gained them when the days were closing.
rvs.4.52 2 Unfailing, Mother of the Kine, in colour like a bright red mare,
rvs.4.52 3 Yea, and thou art the Asvins' Friend, the Mother of the Kine art thou:
rvs.5.14 He found the Kine, the Floods, the Sun.
rvs.5.29 Labouring at their task the men laid open the stall of Kine though firmly closed and fastened.
rvs.6.28 1. THE Kine have come and brought good fortune: let them rest in the cowpen- and be happy near us.
rvs.6.28 The master of the Kine lives many a year with these, the Cows whereby he pours his gifts and
rvs.8.46 5 Kine, steeds, and hero strength he gains, and prospers, by the Adityas sped,
rvs.8.54 Kine decked with golden ornaments.
rvs.8.59 The Kine who spread afar, sent their loud voices out, heavens, earths seat their loud voices out,
rvs.10.108 Kine which Brhaspati, and Soma, Rsis, sages, and pressingstones- have found when hidden.

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