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rvs.1.14 2 The Kanvas have invoked thee; they, O Singer, sing thee songs of praise
rvs.1.36 The glorious Bull, invoked, hath stood at Kanvas' side: loud neighed the Steed in frays for kine.
rvs.1.37 1 SING forth, O Kanvas, to your band of Maruts unassailable,
rvs.1.37 14 Come quick with swift steeds, for ye have worshippers among Kanvas' sons
rvs.1.39 Come to us with your aid as in the days of old, so now for frightened Kanvas' sake.
rvs.1.44 Skilled in fair rites, with Soma poured, the Kanvas light thee, the oblationwafting- God.
rvs.1.46 9 Kanvas, the drops are in the heaven; the wealth is at the waters' place:
rvs.1.47 To you at sacrifice the Kanvas send the prayer: graciously listen to their call.
rvs.1.47 For ye have ever in the Kanvas' wellloved- house, O Asvins, drunk the Soma juice.
rvs.1.48 4 Here Kanva, chief of Kanvas' race, sings forth aloud the glories of the heroes' names,
rvs.1.49 Thee, as thou art, the Kanvas, fain for wealth, have called with sacred songs.
rvs.8.1 Verses to bring the Thunderer to destroy the forts and sit on Kanvas' sacred grass.
rvs.8.2 The Kanvas praise thee with their hymns.
rvs.8.2 22 Pour forth the gift which Kanvas bring, for none more glorious do we know
rvs.8.2 38 Ye Kanvas, sing the Mighty One, Lord of the Brave, who loves renown,
rvs.8.3 16 The Bhrgus are like Suns, like Kanvas, and have gained all that their thoughts were bent upon.
rvs.8.4 Still do the Kanvas, bringing praises, with their prayers, O Indra, draw thee hither: come.
rvs.8.4 Come hither quickly both at morning and at eve, and with the Kanvas drink thy fill.
rvs.8.5 4 Kanvas must praise the Asvins dear to many, making many glad,
rvs.8.6 3 Since Kanvas with their lauds have made Indra complete the sacrifice.
rvs.8.6 Of sacrifice the Kanvas shine.
rvs.8.6 21 O Lord of Might, with hymns of praise the Kanvas have increased thy power,
rvs.8.6 31 Indra, the Kanvas all exalt thy wisdom and thy manly power,
rvs.8.6 34 To Indra have the Kanvas sung, like waters speeding down a slope:
rvs.8.6 43 The Kanvas with their hymns of praise have magnified this ancient thought
rvs.8.7 With Kanvas' hymns, increase your might.
rvs.8.7 32 The Kanvas sing forth Agnis' praise together with our Maruts? who
rvs.8.8 O Asvins, drink the savoury juice shed in the Kanvas' sacrifice.
rvs.8.8 Here Kanvas' son hath pressed for you the pleasant meath of Soma juice.
rvs.8.8 The Rsi Vatsa, Kanvas' son, hath magnified you with his songs.
rvs.8.10 2 Or if for Manuye. prepared the sacrifice, remember also Kanvas' son.
rvs.8.33 3 Boldly, Bold Hero, bring us spoil in thousands for the Kanvas' sake.
rvs.8.34 1. Come hither, Indra, with thy Bays, come thou to Kanvas' eulogy.
rvs.8.34 4 The Kanvas call thee hitherward for succour and to win the spoil.
rvs.8.93 Laud, Godlike Indra, which milchkine- make sweet for thee: with Kanvas' sons are gifts for thee.
rvs.10.115 5 This Agni is the best of Kanvas, Kanvas' Friend, Conqueror of the foe whether afar or near.

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