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rvs.1.95 2 Tvastars' ten daughters, vigilant and youthful, produced this Infant borne to sundry quarters.
rvs.1.95 4 Who of you knows this secret One? The Infant by his own nature hath brought forth his Mothers.
rvs.1.96 5 Night and Dawn, changing each the others' colour, meeting together suckle one same Infant:
rvs.1.164 9 Yoked was the Mother to the boon Cows' carpole-: in the dank rows of cloud the Infant rested.
rvs.2.10 3 On wood supine they got the wellformed- Infant: a germ in variousfashioned- plants was Agni;
rvs.3.1 10 He nursed the Infant of the Sire and Maker: alone the Babe sucked many a teeming bosom.
rvs.3.1 13 Him, varied in his form, the lovely Infant of floods and plants the blessed wood hath gendered.
rvs.3.29 The sisters ten, unwedded and united, together grasp the Babe, the newborn- Infant.
rvs.3.55 One Mother rests: another feeds the Infant. Great is the Gods supreme and sole dominion.
rvs.7.101 Quickly made manifest, the Bull hath bellowed, engendering the germ of plants, the Infant.
rvs.9.86 36 The Sisters Seven, the Mothers, stand around the Babe, the noble, newborn- Infant, skilled in
rvs.9.96 17 They deck him at his birth, the lovely Infant, the Maruts with their troop adorn the Carhorse-.
rvs.9.109 12 They deck the Goldhued- Infant, newlyborn, even Soma, Indu, in the sieve for Gods.
rvs.10.5 3 The Holy Pair, of wondrous power, have coupled: they formed the Infant, they who bred produced
rvs.10.5 4 For tracks of Order and refreshing viands attend from ancient times the goodly Infant.
rvs.10.27 The Mother carries on her breast the Infant of noble form and soothes it while it knows not.
rvs.10.40 9 The Woman hath brought forth, the Infant hath appeared, the plants of wondrous beauty
rvs.10.79 4 This holy Law I tell you, Earth and Heaven: the Infant at his birth dovours his Parents.

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