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rvs.1.17 HYMN XVII. IndraVaruna- 17
rvs.1.17 1 I CRAVE help from the Imperial Lords, from IndraVaruna-; may they
rvs.1.17 3 Sate you, according to your wish, O IndraVaruna-, with wealth:
rvs.1.17 7 O IndraVaruna-, on you for wealth in many a form I call:
rvs.1.17 8 O IndraVaruna-, through our songs that seek to win you to ourselves,
rvs.1.17 9 O IndraVaruna-, to you may fair praise which I offer come,
rvs.3.62 Where, IndraVaruna-, is now that glory wherewith ye brought support to those who loved you?
rvs.3.62 Accordant, IndraVaruna-, with Maruts, with Heaven and Earth, hear ye mine invocation.
rvs.3.62 3 O IndraVaruna-, ours be this treasure ours be wealth, Maruts, with full store of heroes.
rvs.4.41 HYMN XLI. IndraVaruna-. 41
rvs.4.41 1. WHAT laud, O IndraVaruna-, with oblation, hath like the Immortal Priest obtained your favour?
rvs.4.41 Hath our effectual laud, addressed with homage, touched you, O IndraVaruna-, in spirit?
rvs.4.41 5 O IndraVaruna-, be ye the lovers of this my song, as steers who love the milchCow-.
rvs.4.41 May IndraVaruna- with gracious favours work marvels for us in the stress of battle.
rvs.4.41 For glory have they gone, as milk to Soma, to IndraVaruna- my thoughts and praises.
rvs.4.41 11 Come with your mighty succours, O ye Mighty; come, IndraVaruna-, to us in battle.
rvs.4.42 HYMN XLIL IndraVaruna-. 42
rvs.4.42 9 The spouse of Purukutsa gave oblations to you, O IndraVaruna-, with homage.
rvs.4.42 And that Milchcow- who shrinks not from the milking, O IndraVaruna-, give to us daily.
rvs.6.68 HYMN LXVIII. IndraVaruna-. 68
rvs.6.68 The rite which IndraVaruna- shall carry this day to high success and glorious issue.
rvs.6.68 Ye, IndraVaruna-, have in might surpassed them, and thus were ye spread wide, O Earth and Heaven.
rvs.6.68 5 Righteous is he, and liberal and helpful who, IndraVaruna-, brings you gifts with gladness.
rvs.6.68 Wealth, Gods! which breaks the curse of those who vex us, be, IndraVaruna-, even our own
rvs.6.68 7 So also, IndraVaruna-, may our princes have riches swift to save, with Gods to guard them-
rvs.6.68 10 True to Law, IndraVaruna-, drinkers of the juice, drink this pressed Soma which shall give you
rvs.7.82 HYMN LXXXIT. IndraVaruna- 82
rvs.7.82 1. GRANT us your strong protection, IndraVaruna, our people, and our family, for sacrifice.
rvs.7.82 2 O IndraVaruna-, mighty and very rich One of you is called Monarch and One Autocrat.
rvs.7.82 Cheered by this magic draught ye, IndraVaruna-, made the dry places stream, made songs of praise
rvs.7.82 Invoke you, only you, the Lords of twofold wealth, you prompt to hear, we bards, O IndraVaruna-.
rvs.7.82 5 O IndraVaruna-, as ye created all these creatures of the world by your surpassing might,
rvs.7.82 7 No trouble, no misfortune, IndraVaruna-, no woe from any side assails the mortal man
rvs.7.82 Bestow ye upon us, O IndraVaruna-, your friendship and your kinship and your favouring grace.
rvs.7.82 9 In battle after battle, IndraVaruna-, be ye our Champions, ye who are the peoples' strength,
rvs.7.83 HYMN LXXXIII. IndraVaruna-. 83
rvs.7.83 Ye smote and slew his Dasa and his Aryan enemies, and helped Sudas with favour, IndraVaruna-.
rvs.7.83 Where all things that behold the light are terrified, there did ye comfort us, O IndraVaruna-.
rvs.7.83 3 The boundaries of earth were seen all dark with dust: O IndraVaruna-, the shout went up to
rvs.7.83 4 With your resistless weapons, IndraVaruna-, ye conquered Bheda and ye gave Sudas your aid.
rvs.7.83 5 O IndraVaruna-, the wickedness of foes and mine assailants' hatred sorely trouble me.
rvs.7.83 7 Ten Kings who worshipped not, O IndraVaruna-, confederate, in war prevailed not over Sudas.
rvs.7.83 8 O IndraVaruna-, ye gave Sudas your aid when the Ten Kings in battle compassed him about,
rvs.7.83 We call on you, ye Mighty, with our hymns of praise. Vouchsafe us your protection, IndraVaruna-.
rvs.7.84 HYMN LXXXIV. IndraVaruna-. 84
rvs.7.84 1. KINGS, IndraVaruna-, I would turn you hither to this our sacrifice with gifts and homage.
rvs.7.84 4 O IndraVaruna-, vouchsafe us riches with store of treasure, food, and every blessing;
rvs.7.85 HYMN LXXXV. IndraVaruna-. 85
rvs.7.85 O IndraVaruna-, smite back thoseour- foemenyea,, smite them withyour shaft to every quarter.
rvs.8.103 HYMN XI. IndraVaruna-. 103
rvs.8.103 1. IN offerings poured to you, O IndraVaruna-, these shares of yours stream forth to glorify your
rvs.8.103 2 The waters and the plants, O IndraVaruna-, had efficacious vigour, and attained to might:
rvs.8.103 These, dropping oil, are yours, O IndraVaruna-: with these enrich with gifts and help the
rvs.8.103 O Lords of splendour, aid us through the ThreetimesSeven—, as we pour holy oil, O IndraVaruna-.
rvs.8.103 7 O IndraVaruna-, grant to the worshippers cheerfulness void of pride, and wealth to nourish them.

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