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rvs.1.2 5 Well do ye mark libations, ye Vayu and Indra, rich in spoil!
rvs.1.2 6 Vayu and Indra, come to what the Somapresser- hath prepared:
rvs.1.3 4 O Indra marvellously bright, come, these libations long for thee,
rvs.1.3 5 Urged by the holy singer, sped by song, come, Indra, to the prayers,
rvs.1.3 6 Approach, O Indra, hasting thee, Lord of Bay Horses, to the prayers.
rvs.1.4 HYMN IV. Indra 4
rvs.1.4 4 Go to the wise unconquered One, ask thou of Indra, skilled in song,
rvs.1.4 Ye who serve Indra and none else;
rvs.1.4 That, Indra, we may win us wealth.
rvs.1.4 Yea, to this Indra sing your song.
rvs.1.5 HYMN V. Indra. 5
rvs.1.5 1 O COME ye hither, sit ye down: to Indra sing ye forth, your song,
rvs.1.5 Indra, with Soma juice outpoured.
rvs.1.5 To him, to Indra sing your song.
rvs.1.5 Strong Indra, for preminence.
rvs.1.5 7 O Indra, lover of the song, may these quick Somas enter thee:
rvs.1.5 9 Indra, whose succour never fails, accept these viands thousandfold,
rvs.1.5 10 O Indra, thou who lovest song, let no man hurt our bodies, keep
rvs.1.6 HYMN VI. Indra. 6
rvs.1.6 5 Thou, Indra, with the TempestGods-, the breakers down of what is firm,
rvs.1.6 10 Indra we seek to give us help, from here, from heaven above the earth,
rvs.1.7 HYMN VII. Indra. 7
rvs.1.7 1 INDRA the singers with high praise, Indra reciters with their lauds,
rvs.1.7 Indra the choirs have glorified.
rvs.1.7 2 Indra hath ever close to him his two bay steeds and wordyoked- car,
rvs.1.7 Indra the golden, thunderarmed-.
rvs.1.7 3 Indra hath raised the Sun on high in heaven, that he may see afar:
rvs.1.7 4 Help us, O Indra, in the frays, yea, frays, where thousand spoils are gained,
rvs.1.7 5 In mighty battle we invoke Indra, Indra in lesser fight,
rvs.1.7 9 Indra who rules with single sway men, riches, and the fivefold race
rvs.1.7 10 For your sake from each side we call Indra away from other men:
rvs.1.8 HYMN VIII. Indra. 8
rvs.1.8 3 Aided by thee, the thunderarmed-, Indra, may we lift up the bolt,
rvs.1.8 5 Mighty is Indra, yea supreme; greatness be his, the Thunderer:
rvs.1.8 9 For verily thy mighty powers, Indra, are saving helps at once
rvs.1.8 10 So are his lovely gifts; let lauds and praises be to Indra sung,
rvs.1.9 HYMN IX. Indra. 9
rvs.1.9 1 COME, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma feasts,
rvs.1.9 2 To Indra pour ye forth the juice, the active gladdening juice to him
rvs.1.9 4 Songs have outpoured themselves to thee, Indra, the strong, the guardian Lord,
rvs.1.9 5 Send to us bounty manifold, O Indra, worthy of our wish,
rvs.1.9 6 O Indra, stimulate thereto us emulously fain for wealth,
rvs.1.9 7 Give, Indra, wide and lofty fame, wealthy in cattle and in strength,
rvs.1.9 8 Grant us high fame, O Indra, grant riches bestowing thousands, those
rvs.1.9 Indra, the TreasureLord- of wealth.
rvs.1.9 10 To lofty Indra, dweller by each libation, the pious man
rvs.1.10 HYMN X. Indra. 10
rvs.1.10 Indra observes this wish of his, and the Rain hastens with his troop.
rvs.1.10 And, Indra, Somadrinker-, come to listen to our songs of praise.
rvs.1.10 Good Indra, make our prayer succeed, and prosper this our sacrifice.
rvs.1.10 5 To Indra must a laud be said, to strengthen him who freely gives,
rvs.1.10 For Indra, he is Sakra, he shall aid us while he gives us wealth.
rvs.1.10 7 Easy to turn and drive away, Indra, is spoil bestowed by thee.
rvs.1.10 O Indra, let this laud of mine come nearer even than thy friend.
rvs.1.10 11 O Indra, Son of Kusika, drink our libation with delight.
rvs.1.11 HYMN XI. Indra. 11
rvs.1.11 1 ALL sacred songs have magnified Indra expansive as the sea,
rvs.1.11 2 Strong in thy friendship, Indra, Lord of power and might, we have no fear.
rvs.1.11 3 The gifts of Indra from of old, his saving succours, never fail,
rvs.1.11 Sustainer of each sacred rite, Indra, the Thunderer, muchextolled-.
rvs.1.11 7 The wily Susna, Indra! thou overthrewest with thy wondrous powers.
rvs.1.11 8 Our songs of praise have glorified Indra who ruleth by his might,
rvs.1.13 12 With Svaha pay the sacrifice to Indra in the offerers' house:
rvs.1.14 3 Indra, Vayu, Brhaspati, Mitra, Agni, Pusan, Bhaga,
rvs.1.14 10 With all the Gods, with Indra, with Vayu, and Mitras' splendours, drink,
rvs.1.15 O Indra, is thy friendships' bond.
rvs.1.16 HYMN XVI. Indra. 16
rvs.1.16 Those, Indra, who are bright as suns.
rvs.1.16 Indra upon his easiest car.
rvs.1.16 3 Indra at early morn we call, Indra in course of sacrifice,
rvs.1.16 Indra to drink the Soma juice.
rvs.1.16 4 Come hither, with thy longmaned- Steeds, O Indra, to he draught we pour
rvs.1.16 Drink, Indra, to increase thy might.
rvs.1.16 8 To every draught of pressedout- juice Indra, the Vrtraslayer-, comes,
rvs.1.17 5 Indra and Varuna, among givers of thousands, meet for praise,
rvs.1.18 4 Never is the mortal hero harmed whom Indra, Brahmanaspati,
rvs.1.18 5 Do, thou, O Brahmanaspati, and Indra, Soma, Daksina,
rvs.1.20 2 They who for Indra, with their mind, formed horses harnessed by a word,
rvs.1.20 5 Together came your gladdening drops with Indra by the Maruts girt,
rvs.1.21 3 Indra and Agni we invite, the Somadrinkers-, for the fame
rvs.1.21 Indra and Agni, come to us.
rvs.1.21 5 Indra and Agni, mighty Lords of our assembly, crush the fiends:
rvs.1.21 Indra and Agni, send us bliss.
rvs.1.22 19 Look ye on Visnus' works, whereby the Friend of Indra, closeallied-,
rvs.1.23 2 Both Deities who touch the heaven, Indra and Vayu we invoke
rvs.1.23 3 The singers' for their aid, invoke Indra and Vayu, swift as mind,
rvs.1.23 7 Indra, by Maruts girt, we call to drink the Soma juice: may he
rvs.1.23 8 Gods, Marut hosts whom Indra leads, distributers of Pusans' gifts,
rvs.1.23 9 With conquering Indra for ally, strike Vrtra down, ye bounteous Gods
rvs.1.23 Shall know me even as I am, and Indra with the Rsis, know.
rvs.1.28 HYMN XXVIII. Indra, Etc. 28
rvs.1.28 O Indra, drink with eager thirst the droppings which the mortar sheds.
rvs.1.28 O Indra, drink with eager thirst the droppings which the mortar sheds.
rvs.1.28 O Indra, drink with eager thirst the droppings which the mortar sheds.
rvs.1.28 O Indra, drink with eager thirst the droppings which the mortar sheds.
rvs.1.28 Mortar, for Indra press thou forth the Soma juice that he may drink.
rvs.1.29 HYMN XXIX. Indra. 29
rvs.1.29 Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine,
rvs.1.29 Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine,
rvs.1.29 Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine,
rvs.1.29 Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine,
rvs.1.29 5 Destroy this ass, O Indra, who in tones discordant brays to thee:
rvs.1.29 Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine,
rvs.1.29 Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine,
rvs.1.29 Do thou, O Indra, give us hope of beauteous horses and of kine
rvs.1.30 HYMN XXX. Indra. 30
rvs.1.30 1 WE seeking strength with Somadrops- fill full your Indra like a well,
rvs.1.30 Indra the mightiest of all.
rvs.1.30 13 With Indra splendid feasts be ours, rich in all strengthening things wherewith,
rvs.1.30 16 With champing, neighing loudlysnorting- horses Indra hath ever won himself great treasures
rvs.1.32 HYMN XXXII. Indra. 32
rvs.1.32 1 I WILL declare the manly deeds of Indra, the first that he achieved, the Thunderwielder-.
rvs.1.32 4 When, Indra, thou hadst slain the dragons' firstborn, and overcome the charms of the enchanters,
rvs.1.32 5 Indra with his own great and deadly thunder smote into pieces Vrtra, worst of Vrtras.
rvs.1.32 6 He, like a mad weak warrior, challenged Indra, the great impetuous manyslaying- Hero.
rvs.1.32 7 Footless and handless still he challenged Indra, who smote him with his bolt between the
rvs.1.32 9 Then humbled was the strength of Vrtras' mother: Indra hath cast his deadly bolt against her.
rvs.1.32 The waters bear off Vrtras' nameless body: the foe of Indra sank to during darkness.
rvs.1.32 12 A horses' tail wast thou when he, O Indra, smote on thy bolt; thou, God without a second,
rvs.1.32 When Indra and the Dragon strove in battle, Maghavan gained the victory for ever.
rvs.1.32 14 Whom sawest thou to avenge the Dragon, Indra, that fear possessed thy heart when thou hadst
rvs.1.32 15 Indra is King of all that moves and moves not, of creatures tame and horned, the
rvs.1.33 HYMN XXXIII. Indra. 33
rvs.1.33 1 Come, fain for booty let us seek to Indra: yet more shall he increase his care that guides us.
rvs.1.33 With fairest hymns of praise adoring Indra, whom those who laud him must invoke in battle.
rvs.1.33 Gathering up great store of riches, Indra. be thou no trafficker with us, most mighty.
rvs.1.33 4 Thou slewest with thy bolt the wealthy Dasyu, alone, yet going with thy helpers, Indra!
rvs.1.33 5 Fighting with pious worshippers, the riteless turned and fled, Indra! with averted faces.
rvs.1.33 They, like emasculates with men contending, fled, conscious, by steep paths from Indra, scattered.
rvs.1.33 7 Whether they weep or laugh, thou hast overthrown them, O Indra, on the skys' extremest limit.
rvs.1.33 Although they hastened, they overcame not Indra: their spies he compassed with the Sun of morning.
rvs.1.33 9 As thou enjoyest heaven and earth, O Indra, on every side surrounded with thy greatness,
rvs.1.33 Indra, the Bull, made his ally the thunder, and with its light milked cows from out the darkness.
rvs.1.33 Then Indra, with his spirit concentrated, smote him for ever with his strongest weapon.
rvs.1.33 12 Indra broke through Ilibisas' strong castles, and Susna with his horn he cut to pieces:
rvs.1.33 14 Indra, thou helpest Kutsa whom thou lovedst, and guardedst brave Dasadyu when he battled,
rvs.1.40 May they who give good gifts, the Maruts, come to us. Indra, most swift, be thou with them.
rvs.1.40 Wherein Indra and Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, the Gods, have made their dwelling place.
rvs.1.51 HYMN LI. Indra. 51
rvs.1.51 1 MAKE glad with songs that Ram whom many men invoke, worthy of songs of praise, Indra, the sea of
rvs.1.51 2 As aids the skilful Rbhus yearned to Indra strong to save, who fills midair-, encompassed round
rvs.1.51 When thou hadst slain with might the dragon Vrtra, thou, Indra, didst raise the Sun in heaven for
rvs.1.51 9 Indra gives up the lawless to the pious man, destroying by the Strong Ones those who have no
rvs.1.51 11 When Indra hath rejoiced with Kavya Usana, he mounts his steeds who swerve wider and wider yet.
rvs.1.51 Indra, when thou art pleased with men whose Soma flows thou risest to unchallenged glory in the
rvs.1.51 13 To old Kaksivan, Somapresser-, skilled in song, O Indra, thou didst give the youthful Vrcaya.
rvs.1.51 14 The good mans' refuge in his need is Indra, firm as a doorpost, praised among the Pajras.
rvs.1.51 Indra alone is Lord of wealth, the Giver, lover of riches, chariots, kine, and horses.
rvs.1.51 May we and all the heroes, with the princes, be, in this fray, O Indra, in thy keeping.
rvs.1.52 HYMN LII. Indra. 52
rvs.1.52 With hymns may I turn hither Indra to mine aid, the Car which like a strong steed hasteth to the
rvs.1.52 When Indra, joying in the draughts of Soma juice, forced the clouds, slaying Vrtra stayer of their
rvs.1.52 Indra with thought, with skilled activity, I call, most liberal giver, for he sates him with the
rvs.1.52 Beside that Indra when he smote down Vrtra stood his helpers, straight in form, mighty, invincible.
rvs.1.52 When Indra, thunderarmed-, made bold by Soma draughts, as Trta cleaveth Valas' fences, cleft him
rvs.1.52 What time, O Indra, thou didst cast thy thunder down upon the jaws of Vritra hard to be restrained.
rvs.1.52 7 The hymns which magnify thee, Indra, reach to thee even as waterbrooks- flow down and fill the
rvs.1.52 8 When, Indra, thou whose power is linked with thy Bay Steeds hadst smitten Vrtra, causing floods
rvs.1.52 10 Then Heaven himself, the mighty, at that Dragons' roar reeled back in terror when, Indra, thy
rvs.1.52 11 O Indra, were this earth extended forth tenfold, and men who dwell therein multiplied day by
rvs.1.52 What time thou, Indra, with thy spiky weapon, thy deadly bolt, smotest the face of Vrtra.
rvs.1.53 HYMN LIII. Indra. 53
rvs.1.53 1 WE will present fair praise unto the Mighty One, our hymns to Indra in Vivasvans' dwellingplace-;
rvs.1.53 2 Giver of horses, Indra, giver, thou, of kine, giver of barley, thou art Lord and guard of wealth:
rvs.1.53 3 Indra, most splendid, powerful, rich in mighty deeds, this treasure spread around is known to be
rvs.1.53 With Indra scattering the Dasyu through these drops, freed from their hate may we obtain abundant
rvs.1.53 5 Let us obtain, O Indra, plenteous wealth and food, with strength exceeding glorious, shining to
rvs.1.53 Thou, Indra, with thy friend who makes the foe bow down, slewest from far away the guileful Namuci.
rvs.1.53 9 With alloutstripping- chariotwheel-, O Indra, thou farfamed-, hast overthrown the twice ten
rvs.1.53 10 Thou hast protected Susravas with succour, and Turvayana with thine aid, O Indra.
rvs.1.53 11 May we protected by the Gods hereafter remain thy very prosperous friends, O Indra.
rvs.1.54 HYMN LIV. Indra. 54
rvs.1.54 2 Sing hymns of praise to Sakra, Lord of power and might; laud thou and magnify Indra who heareth
rvs.1.54 Those, Indra, who increase the lordly power, the firm heroic strength of thee the Giver.
rvs.1.54 But Indra smote the rivers which the obstructer stayed, flood following after flood, down steep
rvs.1.54 11 So give us, Indra, blissincreasing- glory give us great sway and strength that conquers people.
rvs.1.55 HYMN LV. Indra. 55
rvs.1.55 3 Thou swayest, Indra, all kinds of great manly power, so as to bend, as it were, even that famed
rvs.1.55 And men have faith in Indra, the resplendent One, what time he hurleth down his bolt, his dart of
rvs.1.55 Those charioteers of thine, best skilled to draw the rein, the rapid sunbeams, Indra, lead thee
rvs.1.55 O Indra, in thy members many powers abide, like wells surrounded by the ministering priests.
rvs.1.56 HYMN LVI. Indra. 56
rvs.1.56 4 When Strength the Goddess, made more strong for help by thee, waits upon Indra as the Sun
rvs.1.56 In the lightwinning- war, Indra, in rapturous joy, thou smotest Vrtra dead and broughtest floods
rvs.1.57 HYMN LVII. Indra. 57
rvs.1.57 When the wellloved- one seems to rest upon the hill, the thunderbolt of Indra, shatterer wrought
rvs.1.57 4 Thine, Indra, praised by many, excellently rich! are we who trusting in thy help draw near to
rvs.1.57 5 Great is thy power, O Indra, we are thine. Fulfil, O Maghavan, the wish of this thy worshipper.
rvs.1.61 HYMN LXI. Indra. 61
rvs.1.61 My thought to him resistless, praisedeserving-, prayers offered most especially to Indra.
rvs.1.61 For Indra, who is Lord of old, the singers have decked their lauds with heart and mind and spirit.
rvs.1.61 Praises to him who gladly hears our praises, a hymn wellformed-, allmoving-, to wise Indra.
rvs.1.61 5 So with my tongue I deck, to please that Indra, my hymn, as it were a horse, through love of
rvs.1.61 8 To him, to Indra, when he slew the Dragon, the Dames, too, Consorts of the Gods, wove praises.
rvs.1.61 Indra, approved by all men, selfresplendent-, waxed in his home, loudvoiced- and strong for battle.
rvs.1.61 10 Through his own strength Indra with bolt of thunder cut piecemeal- Vrtra, drier up of waters.
rvs.1.61 Indra hath helped Etasa, Somapresser-, contending in the race of steeds with Surya.
rvs.1.61 16 Thus to thee, Indra, yoker of Bay Coursers, the Gotamas have brought their prayers to please
rvs.1.62 HYMN LXII. Indra. 62
rvs.1.62 3 When Indra and the Angirases desired it, Sarama found provision for her offspring.
rvs.1.62 Thou hast, with speeders, with Dasagvas, Indra, Sakra, with thunder rent obstructive Vala.
rvs.1.62 Thou Indra, hast spread out the earths' high ridges, and firmly fixed the region under heaven.
rvs.1.62 Splendid art thou, O Indra, wise, unbending: strengthen us with might, O Lord of Power.
rvs.1.62 13 O mighty Indra, Gotamas' son Nodhas hath fashioned this new prayer to thee Eternal,
rvs.1.63 HYMN LXIII. Indra. 63
rvs.1.63 1. THOU art the Mighty One; when born, O Indra, with power thou terrifiedst earth and heaven;
rvs.1.63 3 Faithful art thou, these thou defiest, Indra; thou art the Rbhus' Lord, heroic, victor.
rvs.1.63 4 That, as a friend, thou furtheredst, O Indra, when, Thunderer, strong in act, thou crushedst
rvs.1.63 5 This doest thou, and art not harmed, O Indra, even in the anger of the strongest mortal.
rvs.1.63 6 Hence men invoke thee, Indra, in the tumult of battle, in the lightbestowing- conflict.
rvs.1.63 7 Warring for Purukutsa thou, O Indra, Thunderarmed-! breakest down the seven castles;
rvs.1.63 8 O Indra, God who movest round about us, feed us with varied food plenteous as water;
rvs.1.63 9 Prayers have been made by Gotamas, O Indra, addressed to thee, with laud for thy Bay Horses.
rvs.1.80 HYMN LXXX. Indra. 80
rvs.1.80 Manliness, Indra, is thy might: stay Vrtra, make the waters thine, lauding thine own imperial sway.
rvs.1.80 4 Thou smotest Vrtra from the earth, smotest him, Indra, from the sky.
rvs.1.80 5 The wrathful Indra with his bolt of thunder rushing on the foe,
rvs.1.80 6 With hundredjointed- thunderbolt Indra hath struck him on the back,
rvs.1.80 7 Indra, unconquered might is thine, Thunderer, Caster of the Stone;
rvs.1.80 Great, Indra, is thy hero might, and strength is seated in thine arms, lauding thine own imperial
rvs.1.80 Hundreds have sung aloud to him, to Indra hath the prayer been raised, lauding his own imperial
rvs.1.80 10 Indra hath smitten down the power of Vrtra, might with stronger might.
rvs.1.80 When, Indra, Thunderer, Marutgirt-, thou slewest Vrtra in thy strength, lauding thine own imperial
rvs.1.80 12 But Vrtra scared not Indra with his shaking or his thunder roar.
rvs.1.80 Thy might, O Indra, fain to slay the Dragon, was set firm in heaven, lauding thine own imperial
rvs.1.80 15 There is not, in our knowledge, one who passeth Indra in his strength:
rvs.1.80 Dadhyach performed, their prayer and praise united in that Indra meet, lauding his own imperial
rvs.1.81 HYMN LXXXI. Indra. 81
rvs.1.81 1. THE men have lifted Indra up, the Vrtra slayer, to joy and strength:
rvs.1.81 Yoke thou thy wildlyrushing- Bays. Whom wilt thou slay and whom enrich? Do thou, O Indra, make us
rvs.1.81 None like thee ever hath been born, none, Indra, will be born like thee. Thou hast waxed mighty
rvs.1.81 May Indra lend his aid to us. Deal forth; abundant is thy wealth; that in thy bounty I may share.
rvs.1.81 9 These people, Indra, keep for thee all that is worthy of thy choice.
rvs.1.82 HYMN LXXXII. Indra. 82
rvs.1.82 As thou hast made us full of joy and lettest us solicit thee, now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.
rvs.1.82 The sages luminous in themselves have. praised thee with their latest hymn. Now, Indra, yoke thy
rvs.1.82 Thus praised, according to our wish come now with richly laden car. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay
rvs.1.82 Who thinks upon the wellfilled- bowl, the Tawny Coursers' harnesser. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay
rvs.1.82 Therewith in rapture of the juice, draw near to thy beloved Spouse. Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay
rvs.1.83 HYMN LXXXIII. Indra. 83
rvs.1.83 Where the stone rings as it were a singer skilled in laud, Indra in truth delights when these come
rvs.1.84 HYMN LXXXIV. Indra. 84
rvs.1.84 1. The Soma hath been pressed for thee, O Indra; mightiest, bold One, come.
rvs.1.84 2 His pair of Tawny Coursers bring Indra of unresisted might
rvs.1.84 4 This poured libation, Indra, drink, immortal, gladdening, excellent.
rvs.1.84 5 Sing glory now to Indra, say to him your solemn eulogies.
rvs.1.84 6 When, Indra, thou dost yoke thy Steeds, there is no better charioteer:
rvs.1.84 The ruler of resistless power, is Indra, sure.
rvs.1.84 When, verily, will Indra hear our songs of praise?
rvs.1.84 Verily Indra gains thereby tremendous might.
rvs.1.84 The milchkine- dear to Indra send forth his deathdealing- thunderbolt, good in their own supremacy.
rvs.1.84 13 With bones of Dadhyach for his arms, Indra, resistless in attack,
rvs.1.84 17 Who fleeth forth? who suffereth? who feareth? Who knoweth Indra present, Indra near us?
rvs.1.84 O Maghavan, there is no comforter but thou: Indra, I speak my words to thee.
rvs.1.85 Indra received it to perform heroic deeds. Vrtra he slew, and forced the flood of water forth.
rvs.1.87 When, shouting, they had joined Indra in toil of fight, then only they obtained their sacrificial
rvs.1.89 6 Illustrious far and wide, may Indra prosper us: may Pusan prosper us, the Master of all wealth.
rvs.1.90 4 May they mark out our paths to bliss, Indra, the Maruts, Pusan,
rvs.1.90 Indra, Brhaspati be kind, and Visnu of the mighty stride.
rvs.1.100 HYMN C. Indra. 100
rvs.1.100 Lord of true power, to he invoked in battles, may Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 Mightiest with his Friends in his own courses. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 With manly strength triumphant, foesubduer-, may Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 Praiser mid praisers, honoured most of singers. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 With his close comrades doing deeds of glory, may Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 May he this day gain with our men the sunlight. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 Sole Lord is he of every holy service. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 He hath found light even in the blinding darkness. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 Even with the humble he acquireth riches. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 With manly might he conquereth those who hate him. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 For gain of waters, and of sons and grandsons, may Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 In strength like Soma, guard of the Five Peoples, may Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 Rich gifts and treasures evermore attend him. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 May he, delighted with our service, save us. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour.
rvs.1.100 Both Earth and Heaven in vigour he surpasseth. May Indra, girt by Maruts, he our succour.
rvs.1.100 17 The Varsagiras unto thee, O Indra, the Mighty One, sing forth this laud to please thee,
rvs.1.100 19 May Indra evermore be our protector, and unimperilled may we win the booty.
rvs.1.101 HYMN CI. Indra. 101
rvs.1.101 2 Indra, who with triumphant wrath smote Vyamsa down, and Sambara, and Pipru the unrighteous one;
rvs.1.101 Indra, whose law the rivers follow as they flow, him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our Friend.
rvs.1.101 Indra who cast the Dasyus down beneath his feet, him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our Friend.
rvs.1.101 Indra, to whom all beings turn their constant thought, him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our
rvs.1.101 The hymn of praise extols Indra the farrenowned-: him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our Friend.
rvs.1.101 9 We, fain for thee, strong Indra, have pressed Soma, and, O thou sought with prayer, have made
rvs.1.101 10 Rejoice thee with thine own Bay Steeds, O Indra, unclose thy jaws and let thy lips be open.
rvs.1.101 11 Guards of the camp whose praisers are the Maruts, may we through Indra, get ourselves the booty.
rvs.1.102 HYMN CII. Indra. 102
rvs.1.102 In Indra, yea in him victorious through his strength, the Gods have joyed at feast and when the
rvs.1.102 The Sun and Moon in change alternate run their course, that we, O Indra, may behold and may have
rvs.1.102 Thou, Indra, whom our hearts praise highly in the war, grant shelter, Maghavan, to us who love
rvs.1.102 Indra, bestow on us joy and felicity break down, O Maghavan, the vigour of our foes.
rvs.1.102 Ascend the car that thou mayest bring spoil to us, for, Indra, thy fixt winneth the victory.
rvs.1.102 Is Indra: none may rival him in mighty strength. Hence, eager for the spoil the people call on him.
rvs.1.102 Above this whole world, Indra, thou hast waxen great: without a foe art thou, nature, from of old.
rvs.1.102 May Indra fill with spirit this our singers' heart, and make our car impetuous, foremost in attack.
rvs.1.102 11 May Indra evermore be our Protector, and unimperilled may we win the booty.
rvs.1.103 HYMN CIII. Indra. 103
rvs.1.103 Cast thy dart, knowing, Thunderer, at the Dasyu; increase the Aryas' might and glory, Indra.
rvs.1.103 7 Well didst thou do that hero deed, O Indra, in waking with thy bolt the slumbering Ahi.
rvs.1.103 8 As thou hast smitten Susna, Pipru, Vrtra and Kuyava, and Sambaras' forts, O Indra.
rvs.1.104 HYMN CIV. Indra. 104
rvs.1.104 2 These men have come to Indra for assistance: shall he not quickly come upon these pathways?
rvs.1.104 6 Indra, as such, give us a share of sunlight, of waters, sinlessness, and reputation.
rvs.1.104 In no unready house give us, O Indra invoked of many, food and drink when hungry.
rvs.1.104 8 Slay us not, Indra; do not thou forsake us: steal not away the joys which we delight in.
rvs.1.105 19 Through this our song may we, allied with Indra, with all our heroes conquer in the battle.
rvs.1.106 1. CALL we for aid on Indra, Mitra, Varuna and Agni and the Marut host and Aditi.
rvs.1.106 6 Sunk in the pit the Rsi Kutsa called, to aid, Indra the Vrtraslayer-, Lord of power and might.
rvs.1.107 May Indra with his powers, Maruts with Maruts, Aditi with Adityas grant us shelter.
rvs.1.107 3 This laud of ours may Varuna and Indra, Aryaman Agni, Savitar find pleasant.
rvs.1.108 1. ON that most wondrous car of yours, O Indra and Agni, which looks round on all things living,
rvs.1.108 So let this Soma be, Indra and Agni, made for your drinking till your soul be sated.
rvs.1.108 5 The brave deeds ye have done, Indra and Agni, the forms ye have displayed and mighty exploits,
rvs.1.108 13 Thus having drunk your fill of our libation, win us all kinds of wealth, Indra and Agni.
rvs.1.109 So offering to you this draught of Soma, I make you this new hymn, Indra and Agni,
rvs.1.109 4 For you the bowl divine, Indra and Agni, presses the Soma gladly to delight you.
rvs.1.109 7 Bring wealth and give it, ye whose arms wield thunder: Indra and Agni, with your powers protect
rvs.1.109 8 Give, ye who shatter forts, whose hands wield thunder: Indra and Agni, save us in our battles.
rvs.1.110 7 Rbhu to us is Indra freshest in his might, Rbhu with powers and wealth is giver of rich gifts.
rvs.1.110 9 Help us with strength where spoil is won, O Indra: joined with the Rbhus give us varied bounty.
rvs.1.111 1. WORKING with skill they wrought the lightly rolling car: they wrought the Bays who bear Indra
rvs.1.111 4 Indra, the Rbhus' Lord, I invocate for aid, the Rbhus, Vajas, Maruts to the Soma draught.
rvs.1.116 With Indra joined ye drove away misfortunes, yea foes of Prthusravas, O ye mighty.
rvs.1.118 9 A white horse, Asvins, ye bestowed on Pedu, a serpentslaying- steed sent down by Indra,
rvs.1.119 Invincible in war by arrows, seeking heaven worthy of fame, like Indra, vanquisher of men.
rvs.1.121 HYMN CXXI. Indra. 121
rvs.1.121 11 The mighty Heaven and Earth, those bright expanses that have no wheels, joyed, Indra, at thine
rvs.1.121 12 Mount Indra, lover of the men thou guardest, the wellyoked- horses of the wind, best bearers.
rvs.1.121 13 The strong Bay Horses of the Sun thou stayedst: this Etasa drew not the wheel, O Indra.
rvs.1.121 14 Indra, preserve thou us from this affliction Thunderarmed-, save us from the misery near us.
rvs.1.122 Sharpen our wits, O Parvata and Indra. May all the Gods vouchsafe to us this favour.
rvs.1.125 2 Rich shall he be in gold and kine and horses. Indra bestows on him great vital power,
rvs.1.129 HYMN CXXIX Indra. 129
rvs.1.129 1. THE car which Indra, thou, for service of the Gods though it be far away, O swift One, bringest
rvs.1.129 2 Hear, Indra, thou whom men in every fight must call to show thy strength, for cry of battle with
rvs.1.129 Indra, to thee I sing, to Dyaus, to Rudra glorious in himself,
rvs.1.129 4 We wish our Indra here that he may further you, the Friend, beloved of all, the very strong
rvs.1.129 Indra the Holy with our calls inspired and true, the Holy One with calls inspired.
rvs.1.129 8 On, for your good and ours, come Indra with the aid of his own lordliness to drive the wicked
rvs.1.129 9 With riches in abundance, Indra, come to us, come by an unobstructed path, come by a path from
rvs.1.129 10 Thou art our own, O Indra, with victorious wealth: let might accompany thee, the Strong, to
rvs.1.130 HYMN CXXX. Indra. 130
rvs.1.130 1. Come to us, Indra, from afar, conducting us even as a lord of heroes to the gatherings, home,
rvs.1.130 2 O Indra, drink the Soma juice pressed out with stones. poured from the reservoir, as an ox
rvs.1.130 So Indra hath disclosed the food concealed, disclosed the doors, the food that lay concealed.
rvs.1.130 4 Grasping his thunderbolt with both hands, Indra made its edge most keen, for hurling, like a
rvs.1.130 Endued with majesty and strength, O Indra, and with lordly might,
rvs.1.130 5 Thou, Indra, without effort hast let loose the floods to run their free course down,
rvs.1.130 7 For Puru thou hast shattered, Indra ninety forts, for Divodasa thy boon servant with thy bolt, O
rvs.1.130 8 Indra in battles help his Aryan worshipper, he who hath hundred helps at hand in every fray, in
rvs.1.130 Thou, Indra, praised by Divodasas' clansmen, as heaven grows great with days, shalt wax in glory.
rvs.1.131 HYMN CXXXI. Indra. 131
rvs.1.131 1. To Indra Dyaus the Asura hath bowed him down, to Indra mighty Earth with wideextending- tracts,
rvs.1.131 All Gods of one accord have set Indra in front preeminent.
rvs.1.131 For Indra all libations must be set apart, all mans' libations set apart.
rvs.1.131 As men who win with sacrifices Indras' thought, men who win Indra with their lauds.
rvs.1.131 kine, pouring gifts, Indra, seeking thee.
rvs.1.131 Thou showest, Indra, then the bolt thy constant friend, the Bull that ever waits on thee.
rvs.1.131 4 This thine heroic power men of old time have known, wherewith thou breakest down, Indra,
rvs.1.131 Thou hast chastised, O Indra, Lord of Strength, the man who worships not,
rvs.1.131 As thou, O Indra Thunderarmed-, wilt, as the Strong One, slay the foe,
rvs.1.131 7 O Indra, waxen strong and wellinclined- to us, thou very mighty, slay the man that is our foe,
rvs.1.132 HYMN CXXXII. Indra. 132
rvs.1.132 1. HELPED, Indra Maghavan, by thee in war of old, may we subdue in fight the men who strive with
rvs.1.132 Indra slew, even as we know, whom each bowed head must reverence.
rvs.1.132 Indra, indeed, is found a seeker after spoil, spoilseeker- for his own allies.
rvs.1.132 Their hymns with Indra find a welcome place of rest: the hymns go forward to the Gods.
rvs.1.132 6 Indra and Parvata, our champions in the fight, drive ye away each man who fain would war with
rvs.1.133 HYMN CXXXIII. Indra. 133
rvs.1.133 1. WITH sacrifice I purge both earth and heaven: I burn up great shefiends- who serve not Indra,
rvs.1.133 5 O Indra, crush and bray to bits the fearful fieryweaponed- fiend:
rvs.1.133 6 Tear down the mighty ones. O Indra, hear thou us. For heaven hath glowed like earth in fear, O
rvs.1.133 Indra gives lasting wealth to him who pours forth gifts, yea, wealth he gives that long shall last.
rvs.1.135 O Vayu, with your splendid bounty come ye both, Indra, with bounty come ye both.
rvs.1.135 house, yea, Indra, go ye both within.
rvs.1.135 yea, Indra, come ye to the rite.
rvs.1.136 Praise Indra, praise thou Agni, praise Bhaga and heavenly Aryaman.
rvs.1.136 7 With the Gods help, with Indra still beside us, may we be held selfsplendid- with the Maruts.
rvs.1.139 company, Indra and Vayu we elect.
rvs.1.139 6 These Somadrops-, strong Indra! drink for heroes, poured, pressed out by pressingstones-, are
rvs.1.139 To these, for their high station, I bow down with song, to Indra, Agni, bow with song.
rvs.1.142 4 Agni, besought, bring hitherward Indra the Friend, the Wonderful,
rvs.1.142 A home for Indra is adorned, wide, fittest to receive the Gods.
rvs.1.142 To Indra who inspires the hymn cry Glory! and present the gift.
rvs.1.142 O Indra, hear their calling; they invite thee to the sacrifice.
rvs.1.155 2 Your Somadrinker- keeps afar your furious rush, Indra and Visnu, when ye come with all your
rvs.1.156 5 Even he the Heavenly One who came for fellowship, Visnu to Indra, godly to the godlier,
rvs.1.161 6 Indra hath yoked his Bays, the Asvins' car is horsed, Brhaspati hath brought the Cow of every
rvs.1.162 1. SLIGHT us not Varuna, Aryaman, or Mitra, Rbhuksan, Indra, Ayu, or the Maruts,
rvs.1.162 The dappled goat goeth straightforward, bleating, to the place dear to Indra and to Pusan.
rvs.1.163 2 This Steed which Yama gave hath Trita harnessed, and him, the first of all, hath Indra mounted.
rvs.1.163 Indra.
rvs.1.164 And what so ye have made, Indra and Soma, steeds bear as it were yoked to the regions' carpole-.
rvs.1.164 46 They call him Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni, and he is heavenly noblywinged- Garutman.
rvs.1.165 HYMN CLXV. Indra. Maruts. 165
rvs.1.165 3 Whence comest thou alone, thou who art mighty, Indra, Lord of the Brave? What is thy purpose?
rvs.1.165 Our spotted deer with might, for thou, O Indra, hast learnt and understood our Godlike nature.
rvs.1.165 Much may we too achieve, O mightiest Indra, with our great power, we Maruts, when we will it.
rvs.1.165 For I am known as terrible, O Maruts I, Indra, am the Lord of what I ruined.
rvs.1.165 For me, for Indra, champion strong in battle, for me, yourselves, as lovers for a lover.
rvs.1.166 Lovely with pleasant tongues, sweet singers with their mouths, the Maruts, joined with Indra,
rvs.1.166 Even Indra by desertion never disannuls the boon bestowed by you upon the pious man.
rvs.1.167 HYMN CLXVII. Indra. Maruts. 167
rvs.1.167 1. A THOUSAND are thy helps for us, O Indra: a thousand, Lord of Bays, thy choice refreshments.
rvs.1.167 10 May we this day be dearest friends of Indra, and let us call on him in fight tomorrow-.
rvs.1.169 HYMN CLXIX. Indra. 169
rvs.1.169 1. As, Indra, from great treason thou protectest, yea, from great treachery these who approach us,
rvs.1.169 2 The various doings of all mortal people by thee are ordered, in thy wisdom, Indra.
rvs.1.169 3 That spear of thine sat firm for us, O Indra: the Maruts set their whole dread power in motion.
rvs.1.169 4 Vouchsafe us now that opulence, O Indra, as guerdon won by mightiest donation.
rvs.1.169 5 With thee, O Indra, are most bounteous riches that further every one who lives uprightly.
rvs.1.169 6 Bring forth the Men who rain down boons, O Indra: exert thee in the great terrestrial region;
rvs.1.169 8 Give to the Manas, Indra with Maruts, gifts universal, gifts of cattle foremost.
rvs.1.170 HYMN CLXX. Indra. Maruts. 170
rvs.1.170 2 The Maruts are thy brothers. Why, O Indra, wouldst thou take our lives?
rvs.1.170 O Indra, speak thou kindly with the Maruts, and taste oblations in their proper season.
rvs.1.171 4 I fled in terror from this mighty Indra, my body trembling in alarm, O Maruts.
rvs.1.171 6 Do thou, O Indra, guard the conquering Heroes, and rid thee of thy wrath against the Maruts,
rvs.1.173 HYMN CLXXIII. Indra. 173
rvs.1.173 May Indra, wondrous in his might, accept them, carborne- and swift to move like the Nasatyas.
rvs.1.173 5 Praise thou that Indra who is truly mighty, the carborne- Warrior, Maghavan the Hero;
rvs.1.173 Indra endues the earth to be his garment, and, Godlike-, wears the heaven as it were a frontlet,
rvs.1.173 Indra, the hosts agree beside the Soma, and joy, for his great actions, in the Chieftain.
rvs.1.173 That Indra still may linger at our worship, as one led swift to work, to hear our praises.
rvs.1.173 10 Like men in rivalry extolling princes, our Friend be Indra, wielder of the thunder.
rvs.1.173 11 For every sacrifice makes Indra stronger, yea, when he goes around angry in spirit;
rvs.1.173 12 Let us not here contend with Gods, O Indra, for here, O Mighty One, is thine own portion,
rvs.1.173 13 Addressed to thee is this our praise, O Indra: Lord of Bay Steeds, find us hereby advancement.
rvs.1.174 HYMN CLXXIV. Indra. 174
rvs.1.174 1. THOU art the King of all the Gods, O Indra: protect the men, O Asura, preserve us.
rvs.1.174 2 Indra, thou humbledst tribes that spake with insult by breaking down seven autumn forts, their
rvs.1.174 Indra,
rvs.1.174 4 They through the greatness of thy spear, O Indra, shall, to thy praise, rest in this earthly
rvs.1.174 5 Indra, bear Kutsa, him in whom thou joyest: the darkred- horses of the Wind are docile.
rvs.1.174 6 Thou Indra, Lord of Bays, made strong by impulse, hast slain the vexers of thy friends, who give
rvs.1.174 7 Indra, the bard sang forth in inspiration: thou madest earth a covering for the Dasa.
rvs.1.174 8 These thine old deeds new bards have sung, O Indra. Thou conqueredst, boundest many tribes for
rvs.1.174 9 A Stormer thou hast made the stormy waters flow down, O Indra, like the running rivers.
rvs.1.174 10 Indra, mayst thou be ours in all occasions, protector of the men, most gentlehearted-,
rvs.1.175 HYMN CLXXV. Indra. 175
rvs.1.175 Victorious, Indra! bringing gain, immortal conquering in fight,
rvs.1.175 6 As thou, O Indra, to the ancient singers wast ever joy, as water to the thirsty,
rvs.1.176 HYMN CLXXVI. Indra. 176
rvs.1.176 1. CHEER thee with draughts to win us bliss: Soma, pierce Indra in thy strength.
rvs.1.176 When Indra fought, O Soma, thou helpest the mighty in the fray.
rvs.1.176 6 As thou, O Indra, to the ancient singers wast ever joy, like water to the thirsty,
rvs.1.177 HYMN CLXXVII. Indra. 177
rvs.1.177 1. THE Bull of men, who cherishes all people, King of the Races, Indra, called of many,
rvs.1.177 2 Thy mighty Stallions, yoked by prayer, O Indra, thy. Coursers to thy mighty chariot harnessed,
rvs.1.177 Ascend thou these, and borne by them come hither: with Soma juice outpoured, Indra, we call thee.
rvs.1.177 4 Here is Godreaching- sacrifice, here the victim; here, Indra, are the prayers, here is the Soma.
rvs.1.177 5 Come to us, Indra, come thou highly lauded to the devotions of the singer Mana.
rvs.1.178 HYMN CLXXVIII. Indra. 178
rvs.1.178 1. IF, Indra, thou hast given that gracious hearing where with thou helpest those who sang thy
rvs.1.178 2 Let not the Sovran Indra disappoint us in what shall bring both Sisters to our dwelling.
rvs.1.178 To him have run the quickly flowing waters. May Indra come to us with life and friendship.
rvs.1.178 3 Victorious with the men, Hero in battles, Indra, who hears the singers' supplication,
rvs.1.178 4 Yea, Indra, with the men, through love of glory consumes the sacred food which friends have
rvs.1.178 5 Aided by thee, O Maghavan, O Indra, may we subdue our foes who count them mighty.
rvs.1.186 Hither shall come the Vrtraslayer- Indra, Ruler of men, as strongest of the Heroes.
rvs.2.1 3 Hero of Heroes, Agni! Thou art Indra, thou art Visnu of the Mighty Stride, adorable:
rvs.2.3 Bring thou the Marut host. Ye men do worship to Indra seated on the grass, eternal.
rvs.2.11 HYMN XI. Indra. 11
rvs.2.11 1. HEAR thou my call, O Indra; be not heedless: thine may we be for thee to give us treasures;
rvs.2.11 3 For, Hero, in the lauds wherein thou joyedst, in hymns of praise, O Indra, songs of Rudras,
rvs.2.11 With us mayst thou, O Indra, waxen splendid, with Surya overcome the Dasa races.
rvs.2.11 6 Indra, we laud thy great deeds wrought aforetime, we laud thine exploits later of achievement;
rvs.2.11 7 Indra, thy Bay Steeds showing forth their vigour have sent a loud cry out that droppeth fatness.
rvs.2.11 Swelling the roar in the far distant limits, they have spread wide the blast sent forth by Indra.
rvs.2.11 9 Indra hath hurled down the magician Vrtra who lay beleaguering the mighty river.
rvs.2.11 11 Drink thou, O Hero Indra, drink the Soma; let the joygiving- juices make thee joyful.
rvs.2.11 They, filling both thy flanks, shall swell thy vigour. The juice that satisfies hath helped Indra.
rvs.2.11 12 Singers have we become with thee, O Indra: may we serve duly and prepare devotion.
rvs.2.11 13 May we be thine, such by thy help, O Indra, as swell thy vigour while they seek thy favour.
rvs.2.11 14 Give us a friend, give us an habitation; Indra, give us the company of Maruts,
rvs.2.11 15 Let those enjoy in whom thou art delighted. Indra, drink Soma for thy strength and gladness.
rvs.2.11 They who strew sacred grass to be thy dwelling, helped by thee have got them strength, O Indra.
rvs.2.11 17 Upon the great Trikadruka days, Hero, rejoicing thee, O Indra, drink the Soma.
rvs.2.11 Thou hast disclosed the light to light the Arya: on thy left hand, O Indra, sank the Dasyu.
rvs.2.11 Indra sent forth his whirling wheel like Surya, and aided by the Angirases rent Vala.
rvs.2.11 21 Now let that wealthy Cow of thine, O Indra, yield in return a boon to him who lauds thee.
rvs.2.12 HYMN XII. Indra. 12
rvs.2.12 Before whose breath through greatness of his valour the two worlds trembled, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Who measured out the airs' wide middle region and gave the heaven support, He, men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Begat the fire between two stones, the spoiler in warriors' battle, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Who, like a gambler gathering his winnings seized the foes' riches, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 He sweeps away, like birds, the foes' possessions. Have faith in him, for He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Who, fairfaced-, favours him who presses Soma with stones made ready, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 He who gave being to the Sun and Morning, who leads the waters, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Whom two invoke upon one chariot mounted, each for himself, He, O ye men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 He of whom all this world is but the copy, who shakes things moveless, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Who pardons not his boldness who provokes him, who slays the Dasyu, He, O men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Who slew the Dragon putting forth his vigour, the demon lying there, He, men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Who, thunderarmed-, rent Rauhina in pieces when scaling heaven, He, O ye men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Known as the Somadrinker-, armed with thunder, who wields the bolt, He, O ye men, is Indra.
rvs.2.12 Whom prayer exalts, and pouring forth of Soma, and this our gift, He, O ye men, Is Indra.
rvs.2.12 So may we evermore, thy friends, O Indra, speak loudly to the synod with our heroes.
rvs.2.13 HYMN XIII. Indra. 13
rvs.2.13 The lifesupport- of conquering Jatusthira. Indra, for all thy deeds, worthy of lauds art thou.
rvs.2.13 Snatch up the wonderful, O Indra, daily. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.
rvs.2.14 HYMN XIV. Indra. 14
rvs.2.14 1. MINISTERS, bring the Soma juice for Indra, pour forth the gladdening liquor with the beakers.
rvs.2.14 Bring it to him, him who is fain to taste it, a draught of this which Indra here deserveth.
rvs.2.14 Who cast down headlong Arbuda and slew him, speed ye that Indra to our offered Soma.
rvs.2.14 And Rudhikras and Namuci and Pipru, to him, to Indra, pour ye forth libation.
rvs.2.14 Who cast down Varcins' sons, a hundred thousand, to him, to Indra, offer ye the Soma.
rvs.2.14 8 Ministers, men, whatever thing ye long for obtain ye quickly bringing gifts to Indra.
rvs.2.14 Bring to the Glorious One what bands have cleansed; to Indra bring, ye pious ones, the Soma.
rvs.2.14 Well pleased he longs for what your hands have tended: offer the gladdening Soma juice to Indra.
rvs.2.14 10 As the cows' udder teems with milk, Adhvaryus, so fill with Soma Indra, liberal giver.
rvs.2.14 Him, Indra, fill with Soma as a garner is filled with barley full: be this your labour.
rvs.2.14 Gather up wondrous wealth, O Indra, daily. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.
rvs.2.15 HYMN XV. Indra 15
rvs.2.15 In the Trikadrukas he drank the Soma: then in its rapture Indra slew the Dragon.
rvs.2.15 Earth he upheld, and gave it wide expansion. These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 And made them flow at ease by paths farreaching-, These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 And made him rich with kine and cars and horses. These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 They having crossed the stream attained to riches. These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 Rending her slow steeds with his rapid coursers. These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 The cripple stood erect, the blind beheld them. These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 He tore away their deftlybuilt- defences. These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 There the staffbearer- found the golden treasure. These things did Indra in the Somas' rapture.
rvs.2.15 10 Now let that wealthy Cow of thine, O Indra , yield in return a boon to him who lauds thee.
rvs.2.16 HYMN XVI. Indra. 16
rvs.2.16 We invocate for help Indra untouched by eld, who maketh all decay, strengthened, for ever young.
rvs.2.16 2 Without whom naught exists, Indra the Lofty One; in whom alone all powers heroic are combined.
rvs.2.16 None cometh near, O Indra, to thy thunderbolt, when with swift steeds thou fliest over many a
rvs.2.16 Pay worship with oblation, strong and passing wise. Drink thou the Soma, Indra, through the mighty
rvs.2.16 Thou, Indra, Bull, art Lord of the strong gladdening drink. with the strong Soma, Indra, satisfy
rvs.2.16 Verily he will hear and mark this word of ours: we will pour Indra forth as it were a spring of
rvs.2.16 9 Now let that wealthy Cow of thine, O Indra, yield in return a boon to him who lauds thee.
rvs.2.17 HYMN XVII. Indra. 17
rvs.2.17 8 May we invoke thee as a liberal giver thou givest us, O Indra, strength and labours.
rvs.2.17 Help us with manifold assistance, Indra: Mighty One, Indra, make us yet more wealthy.
rvs.2.17 9 Now may that wealthy Cow of thine, O Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds thee.
rvs.2.18 HYMN XVIII. Indra 18
rvs.2.18 4 Indra, come hitherward with two Bay Coursers, come thou with four, with six when invocated.
rvs.2.18 5 O Indra, come thou hither having harnessed thy car with twenty, thirty, forty horses.
rvs.2.18 Come thou with fifty well trained coursers, Indra, sixty or seventy, to drink the Soma.
rvs.2.18 6 Come to us hitherward, O Indra, carried by eighty, ninety, or an hundred horses.
rvs.2.18 This Soma juice among the Sunahotras hath been poured out, in love, to glad thee, Indra.
rvs.2.18 7 To this my prayer, O Indra, come thou hither: bind to thy cars' pole all thy two Bay Coursers.
rvs.2.18 8 Never be my love from Indra disunited still may his liberal Milchcow- yield us treasure.
rvs.2.18 9 Now may that wealthy Cow Of thine, O Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds thee.
rvs.2.19 HYMN XIX. Indra. 19
rvs.2.19 Wherein, grown mighty in the days aforetime, Indra hath found delight, and men who worship.
rvs.2.19 2 Cheered by this meath Indra, whose hand wields thunder, rent piecemeal Ahi who barred up the
rvs.2.19 3 Indra, this Mighty One, the Dragons' slayer, sent forth the flood of waters to the ocean.
rvs.2.19 4 To him who worshippeth hath Indra given many and matchless gifts. He slayeth Vrtra.
rvs.2.19 5 To him who poured him gifts he gave up Surya, Indra, the God, the Mighty, to the mortal;
rvs.2.19 And Indra, for the sake of Divodasa demolished Sambaras' nineandninety— castles.
rvs.2.19 7 So have we brought our hymn to thee, O Indra, strengthening thee and fain ourselves for glory.
rvs.2.19 May they who worship thee afresh, O Indra, gain food and strength, bliss, and a happy dwelling.
rvs.2.19 9 Now may that wealthy Cow of thine, O Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds thee,
rvs.2.20 HYMN XX. Indra. 20
rvs.2.20 1. As one brings forth his car when fain for combat, so bring we power to thee, regard us, Indra;
rvs.2.20 2 Indra, thou art our own with thy protection, a guardian near to men who love thee truly,
rvs.2.20 3 May Indra, called with solemn invocations. the young, the Friend, be mens' auspicious keeper,
rvs.2.20 4 With laud and song let me extol that Indra in whom of old men prospered and were mighty.
rvs.2.20 5 He, Indra whom the Angirases' praise delighted, strengthened their prayer and made their goings
rvs.2.20 6 He verily, the God, the glorious Indra, hath raised him up for man, best WonderWorker-.
rvs.2.20 7 Indra the Vrtraslayer-, Fortdestroyer-, scattered the Dasa hosts who dwelt in darkness.
rvs.2.20 8 To him in might the Gods have ever yielded, to Indra in the tumult of the battle.
rvs.2.20 9 Now may that wealthy Cow of thine, O Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds thee.
rvs.2.21 Him who is Lord of horses, Lord of kine, of floods, to Indra, to the Holy bring sweet Soma juice.
rvs.2.21 The mightyvoiced-, the rider, unassailable, to Indra everconquering speak your reverent prayer.
rvs.2.21 Who speeds the good, the breakerdown-, the firm, the vast, Indra whose rites bring joy hath made
rvs.2.21 In Indra seeking help with worship and with hymn, they drew him to themselves and won them kine
rvs.2.21 6 Indra, bestow on us the best of treasures, the spirit of ability and fortune;
rvs.2.22 HYMN XXII. Indra. 22
rvs.2.22 So may the God attain the God, true Indu Indra who is true.
rvs.2.22 So may the God attend the God, true Indu Indra who is true.
rvs.2.22 Indu Indra who is true.
rvs.2.22 4 This, Indra, was thy hero deed, Dancer, thy first and ancient work, worthy to be told forth in
rvs.2.23 Thou, O Brhaspati, with Indra for ally didst hurl down waterfloods- which gloom had compassed
rvs.2.24 Come to us, Brahmanaspati and Indra, to our oblation like yoked steeds to fodder.
rvs.2.27 May I obtain the broad light free from peril: O Indra, let not during darkness seize us.
rvs.2.29 O Aditi, and Varuna and Mitra, Indra and Maruts, make us well and happy.
rvs.2.30 HYMN XXX. Indra and Others. 30
rvs.2.30 1. THE streams unceasing flow to Indra, slayer of Ahi, Savitar, God, Laws' fulfiller,
rvs.2.30 Enveloped in a cloud he rushed upon him. Indra subdued the foe with sharpened weapons.
rvs.2.30 Even as in time of old with might thou slewest, so slay even now our enemy, O Indra.
rvs.2.30 For gain of children make us thine, O Indra, of many childrens' children and of cattle.
rvs.2.30 Graciously favour us, Indra and Soma; give us firm standing in this time of danger.
rvs.2.30 While Indra does to death the daring chieftain of Sandikas exulting in his prowess.
rvs.2.31 3 Or may our Indra here, the Friend of all mankind, coming from heaven, most wise, girt by the
rvs.2.36 Drink, Indra, from the Hotars' bowl, first right is thine, Soma hallowed and poured with Vasat and
rvs.2.38 9 Him whose high law not Varuna nor Indra, not Mitra, Aryaman, nor Rudra breaketh,
rvs.2.41 3 Indra and Vayu, drawn by teams, ye Heroes, come today and drink.
rvs.2.41 10 Verily Indra, conquering all, driveth even mighty fear away,
rvs.2.41 11 Indra be gracious unto us: sin shall not reach us afterward,
rvs.2.41 12 From all the regions of the world let Indra send security,
rvs.2.41 15 Ye Maruts led by Indra, Gods with Pusan for your bounteousest,
rvs.3.4 That Varuna and Mitra may accept us, and Indra, girt by Maruts, with his glories.
rvs.3.4 11 Come thou to us, O Agni, duly kindled, together with the potent Gods and Indra.
rvs.3.12 4 Indra and Agni I invoke, jointvictors-, bounteous, unsubdued,
rvs.3.12 5 Indra and Agni, singers skilled in melody hymn you, bringing lauds:
rvs.3.12 6 Indra and Agni, ye cast down the ninety forts which Dasas held,
rvs.3.12 9 Indra and Agni, in your deeds of might ye deck heavens' lucid realms:
rvs.3.22 1 THIS is that Agni whence the longing Indra took the pressed Soma deep within his body.
rvs.3.25 4 Come to the sacrifice, Agni and Indra come to the offerers' house who hath the Soma.
rvs.3.30 HYMN XXX. Indra. 30
rvs.3.30 They bear unmoved the cursing of the people, for all our wisdom comes from thee, O Indra.
rvs.3.30 3 Fair cheeks hath Indra, Maghavan, the Victor, Lord of a great host, Stormer, strong in action.
rvs.3.30 even these two boundless worlds to thee, O Indra, what time thou graspest them, are but a handful.
rvs.3.30 6 Forthwith thy Bay steeds down the steep, O Indra, forth, crushing foemen, go thy bolt of thunder!
rvs.3.30 Blest, Indra, is thy favour dropping fatness: thy worship, Muchinvoked-! brings gifts in thousands.
rvs.3.30 8 Thou, Indra, Muchinvoked-! didst crush to pieces Kunaru handless fiend who dwelt with Danu.
rvs.3.30 Thou with might, Indra, smotest dead the scorner, the footless Vrtra as he waxed in vigour.
rvs.3.30 9 Thou hast established in her seat, O Indra, the level earth, vast, vigorous, unbounded.
rvs.3.30 10 He who withheld the kine, in silence I yielded in fear before thy blow, O Indra.
rvs.3.30 11 Indra alone filled full the earth and heaven, the Pair who meet together, rich in treasures.
rvs.3.30 And all acknowledge, when she comes in glory, the manifold and goodly works of Indra.
rvs.3.30 All sweetness is collected in the Heifer, sweetness which Indra made for our enjoyment.
rvs.3.30 15 Barring the way they come. Be firm, O Indra; aid friends to sacrifice and him who singeth.
rvs.3.30 17 Root up the race of Raksasas, O Indra rend it in front and crush it in the middle.
rvs.3.30 May we be winners of abundant riches. May Indra be our wealth with store of children.
rvs.3.30 19 Bestow on us resplendent wealth. O Indra let us enjoy thine overflow of bounty.
rvs.3.30 Seeking the light, with hymns to thee, O Indra, Kusikas have brought their gift, the singers.
rvs.3.30 22 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.31 HYMN XXXI. Indra. 31
rvs.3.31 The conscious Dawns went forth to meet his coming, and the sole Master of the kine was Indra.
rvs.3.31 11 Indra drove forth the kine, that Vrtraslayer-, while hymns of praise rose up and gifts were
rvs.3.31 Him in whom blameless songs are all united: all powers invincible belong to Indra.
rvs.3.31 Indra who shone together with the Heroes begot the song, the fire, and Sun and Morning.
rvs.3.31 The while thy ovely storming Friends, O Indra, fail to attain the measure of thy greatness.
rvs.3.31 Save us, our Charioteer, from harm, O Indra, soon, very soon, make us win spoil of cattle.
rvs.3.31 22 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered.
rvs.3.32 HYMN XXXII. Indra 32
rvs.3.32 1. DRINK thou this Soma, Indra, Lord of Soma; drink thou the draught of noonday which thou Iovest.
rvs.3.32 2 Quaff it pure, mealblent-, mixt with milk, O Indra; we have poured forth the Soma for thy
rvs.3.32 3 Those who gave increase to thy strength and vigour; the Maruts singing forth thy might, O Indra.
rvs.3.32 4 They, even the Maruts who were there, excited with song the meathcreated- strength of Indra.
rvs.3.32 5 Pleased, like a man, with our libation, Indra, drink, for enduring hero might, the Soma.
rvs.3.32 With flying weapon where he lay, O Indra, and, godless, kept the Goddesses encompassed.
rvs.3.32 7 With reverence let us worship mighty Indra, great and sublime, eternal, everyouthful,
rvs.3.32 Days may not check the power of thee the Mighty, nor the nights, Indra, nor the months, nor
rvs.3.32 10 As soon as thou wast born in highest heaven thou drankest Soma to delight thee, Indra;
rvs.3.32 12 Sacrifice, Indra, made thee wax so mighty, the dear oblation with the flowing Soma.
rvs.3.32 13 With sacrifice and wish have I brought Indra; still for new blessings may I turn him hither,
rvs.3.32 14 I have brought forth a song when longing seized me: ere the decisive day will I laud Indra;
rvs.3.32 Presented on the right, dear Soma juices have brought us Indra, to rejoice him, hither.
rvs.3.32 Since here incited, for thy friends, O Indra, thou breakest even the firm built stall of cattle.
rvs.3.32 17 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.33 HYMN XXXIII. Indra. 33
rvs.3.33 2 Impelled by Indra whom ye pray to urge you, ye move as it were on chariots to the ocean.
rvs.3.33 6 Indra who wields the thunder dug our channels: he smote down Vrtra, him who stayed our currents.
rvs.3.33 7 That hero deed of Indra must be lauded for ever that he rent Ahi in pieces.
rvs.3.33 11 Soon as the Bharatas have fared across thee, the warrior band, urged on and sped by Indra,
rvs.3.34 HYMN XXXIV. Indra. 34
rvs.3.34 1. FORTRENDER-, Lord of Wealth, dispelling foemen, Indra with lightnings hath overcome the Dasa.
rvs.3.34 O Indra, thou art equally the Leader of heavenly hosts and human generations.
rvs.3.34 3 Leading, his band Indra encompassed Vrtra; weak grew the wily leader of enchanters.
rvs.3.34 4 Indra, lightwinner-, days' Creator, conquered, victorious, hostile bands with those who loved
rvs.3.34 5 Forward to fiercely falling blows pressed Indra, herolike doing many hero exploits.
rvs.3.34 6 They laud the mighty acts of him the Mighty, the many glorious deeds performed by Indra.
rvs.3.34 7 Lord of the brave, Indra who rules the people gave freedom to the Gods by might and battle.
rvs.3.34 He who hath won this broad earth and this heaven, in- Indra they rejoice who love devotions.
rvs.3.34 9 He gained possession of the Sun and Horses, Indra obtained the Cow who feedeth many.
rvs.3.34 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.35 HYMN XXXV Indra. 35
rvs.3.35 Thou, hastening to us, shalt drink the Soma. Hail, Indra. We have poured it for thy rapture.
rvs.3.35 That they in fleet course may bring Indra hither, even to this sacrifice arranged completely.
rvs.3.35 Mounting thy firm and easy car, O Indra, wise and allknowing- come thou to the Soma.
rvs.3.35 Sit on the sacred grass at this our worship, and take these drops into thy belly, Indra.
rvs.3.35 8 This the sweet draught, with cows, the men, the mountains, the waters, Indra, have for thee made
rvs.3.35 9 The Maruts, they with whom thou sharedst Soma, Indra, who made thee strong and were thine army,
rvs.3.35 10 Drink, Indra, of the juice by thine own nature, or by the tongue of Agni, O thou Holy.
rvs.3.35 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.36 HYMN XXXVI. Indra. 36
rvs.3.36 2 For Indra were the Somas erst- discovered, whereby he grew strongjointed-, vast, and skilful.
rvs.3.36 Indra , take quickly these presented juices: drink of the strong, that which the strong have
rvs.3.36 3 Drink and wax great. Thine are the juices, Indra, both Somas of old time and these we bring thee.
rvs.3.36 Even as thou drankest, Indra, earlier Somas, so drink today-, a new guest, meet for praises.
rvs.3.36 Indra is our kind Lord; his steers have vigour; his cows are many with abundant offspring.
rvs.3.36 Vaster is Indra even than his dwelling, what time the stalk milked out, the Soma, fills him.
rvs.3.36 7 Eager to mingle with the sea, the rivers carry the wellpressed- Soma juice to Indra.
rvs.3.36 When Indra had consumed the first sweet viands, he, after slaying Vrtra, claimed the Soma.
rvs.3.36 That splendid gift which is thine own, O Indra, vouchsafe to us, Lord of the Tawny Coursers.
rvs.3.36 10 O Indra, Maghavan, impetuous mover, grant us abundant wealth that brings all blessings.
rvs.3.36 Give us a hundred autumns for our lifetime: give us, O fairchecked- Indra, store of heroes.
rvs.3.36 11 Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.37 HYMN XXXVII. Indra. 37
rvs.3.37 2 O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, may those who praise thee hitherward.
rvs.3.37 3 O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, with all our songs we invocate
rvs.3.37 Of Indra who supports mankind.
rvs.3.37 5 For Vrtras' slaughter I address Indra whom many invocate,
rvs.3.37 Indra, that Vrtra may be slain.
rvs.3.37 Indra, be victor over foes.
rvs.3.37 O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers.
rvs.3.37 These, Indra, do I claim of thee.
rvs.3.37 10 Indra, great glory hast thou gained. Win splendid fame which none may mar
rvs.3.37 Indra, wherever be thy home, come to us thence, O Thunderarmed-.
rvs.3.38 HYMN XXXVIII. Indra. 38
rvs.3.38 10 Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.39 HYMN XXXIX. Indra. 39
rvs.3.39 1. To Indra from the heart the hymn proceedeth, to him the Lord, recited, built with praises;
rvs.3.39 The wakening song sung forth in holy synod: that which is born for thee, O Indra, notice.
rvs.3.39 Their strengthener was Indra the Majestic he spread their stalls of kine the WonderWorker-.
rvs.3.39 There, verily with ten Dasagvas Indra found the Sun lying hidden in the darkness.
rvs.3.39 6 Indra found meath collected in the milchcow-, by foot and hoof, in the cows' place of pasture.
rvs.3.39 These songs, O Somadrinker-, cheered by Soma, Indra, accept from thy most zealous poet.
rvs.3.39 9 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.40 HYMN XL. Indra. 40
rvs.3.40 1. THEE, Indra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the Soma is expressed.
rvs.3.40 2 Indra, whom many laud, accept the strengthconferring- Soma juice:
rvs.3.40 3 Indra, with all the Gods promote our wealthbestowing- sacrifice,
rvs.3.40 5 Within thy belly, Indra, take juice, Soma the most excellent: Thine are the drops celestial.
rvs.3.40 Our glory, Indra, is thy gift.
rvs.3.40 7 To Indra go the treasures of the worshipper, which never fail:
rvs.3.40 Thence, Indra. come thou hitherward.
rvs.3.41 HYMN XLI. Indra. 41
rvs.3.41 Come, Indra, hitherward to me.
rvs.3.41 Songloving- Indra, with our lauds.
rvs.3.41 Indra, as mothercows- their calf.
rvs.3.41 7 We, Indra, dearly loving thee, bearing oblation, sing thee hymns
rvs.3.41 Here glad thee, Indra, Lord divine.
rvs.3.41 Indra, to seat thee on the grass.
rvs.3.42 HYMN XLII. Indra. 42
rvs.3.42 1. COME to the juice that we have pressed, to Soma, Indra, bleat with milk:
rvs.3.42 2 Come, Indra, to this gladdening drink, placed on the grass, pressed out with stones:
rvs.3.42 3 To Indra have my songs of praise gone forth, thus rapidly sent hence,
rvs.3.42 4 Hither with songs of praise we call Indra to drink the Soma juice:
rvs.3.42 5 Indra, these Somas are expressed. Take them within thy belly, Lord
rvs.3.42 7 Borne hither by thy Stallions, drink, Indra, this juice which we have pressed,
rvs.3.42 8 Indra, for thee, in thine own place, I urge the Soma for thy draught:
rvs.3.42 9 We call on thee, the Ancient One, Indra, to drink the Soma juice,
rvs.3.43 HYMN XLIII. Indra. 43
rvs.3.43 For these our hymns are calling thee, O Indra, hymns formed for praise, soliciting thy friendship.
rvs.3.43 3 Pleased, with thy Bay Steeds, Indra, God, come quickly to this our sacrifice that heightens
rvs.3.43 Pleased with the cornblent- offering which we bring thee, may Indra, Friend, hear his friends'
rvs.3.43 6 Yoked to thy chariot, led thy tall Bays, Indra, companions of thy banquet, bear thee hither,
rvs.3.43 7 Drink of the strong pressed out by strong ones, Indra, that which the Falcon brought thee when
rvs.3.43 8 Call we on Indra, Makhavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.44 HYMN XLIV. Indra. 44
rvs.3.44 Joying thereat, O Indra, with thy Bay Steeds come:. ascend thy goldencoloured- car.
rvs.3.44 Thou, Indra, knowing, thinking, Lord of Tawny Steeds, above all glories waxest great.
rvs.3.44 The golden Pair yield Indra plenteous nourishment: between them moves the golden One.
rvs.3.44 5 The bright, the wellloved- thunderbolt, girt with the bright, Indra disclosed,
rvs.3.45 HYMN XLV. Indra. 45
rvs.3.45 1. COME hither, Indra, with Bay Steeds, joyous, with tails like peacocks' plumes.
rvs.3.45 Indra who mounts his chariot at his Bay Steeds' cry, shatters even things that stand most firm.
rvs.3.45 Shake, Indra, as with hooks, the tree for ripened fruit, for wealth to satisfy our wish.
rvs.3.45 5 Indra, selfruling- Lord art thou, good Leader, of most glorious fame.
rvs.3.46 HYMN XLVI. Indra. 46
rvs.3.46 The undecaying One who wields the thunder, renowned and great, great are the exploits, Indra.
rvs.3.46 Impetuous Indra in his might cxccedcth wide vast midair- and heaven and earth together.
rvs.3.46 4 To Indra, even as rivers to the ocean, flow forth from days of old the Soma juices;
rvs.3.46 5 The Soma, Indra, which the earth and heaven bear for thee as a mother bears her infant,
rvs.3.47 HYMN XLVII. Indra. 47
rvs.3.47 1. DRINK, Indra, Marutgirt-, as Bull, the Soma, for joy, for rapture even as thou listest.
rvs.3.47 2 Indra, accordant, with the banded Maruts, drink Soma, Hero, as wise Vrtraslayer-.
rvs.3.47 3 And, drinker at due seasons, drink in season, Indra, with friendly Gods, our pressedout- Soma.
rvs.3.47 4 Drink Soma, Indra, banded with the Maruts who, Maghavan, strengthened thee at Ahis' slaughter,
rvs.3.47 5 The Bull whose strength hath waxed, whom Maruts follow, freegiving- Indra, the celestial Ruler,
rvs.3.48 HYMN XLVIII. Indra. 48
rvs.3.48 even from his birthtime- Indra conquered Tvastar, bore off the Soma and in beakers drank it.
rvs.3.48 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.49 HYMN XLIX. Indra. 49
rvs.3.49 1. GREAT Indra will I laud, in whom all people who drink the Soma have attained their longing;
rvs.3.49 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.50 HYMN L. Indra. 50
rvs.3.50 1. LET Indra drink, Allhail-! for his is Soma, the mighty Bull come, girt by Maruts, hither.
rvs.3.50 3 With milk they made Indra their good Preserver, lauding for help and rule the bounteous rainer.
rvs.3.50 Seeking the light, with hymns to thee, O Indra, the Kusikas have brought their gift, the singers.
rvs.3.50 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.51 HYMN LI. Indra. 51
rvs.3.51 1. HIGH hymns have sounded forth the praise of Maghavan, supporter of mankind, of Indra meet for
rvs.3.51 2 To Indra from all sides go forth my songs of praise, the Lord of Hundred Powers, strong, Hero,
rvs.3.51 3 Where battles' spoil is piled the singer winneth praise, for Indra taketh care of matchless
rvs.3.51 Indra.
rvs.3.51 6 To thee, O Indra, Lord of Bays, for ever are offered prayers and songs: accept them gladly.
rvs.3.51 7 Here, Indra, drink thou Soma with the Maruts, as thou didst drink the juice beside Saryata.
rvs.3.51 8 So eagerly desirous drink the Soma, our juice, O Indra, with thy friends the Maruts,
rvs.3.51 9 He was your comrade in your zeal, O Maruts: they, rich in noble gifts, rejoiced in Indra.
rvs.3.51 12 Brave Indra, let it work through both thy flanks, and through thy head by prayer,
rvs.3.52 HYMN LII. Indra. 52
rvs.3.52 2 Accept, O Indra, and enjoy the welldressed- sacrificial cake: Oblations are poured forth to thee.
rvs.3.52 Forgreat, O Indra, is thy power.
rvs.3.52 5 Let roasted corn of our midday libation, and sacrificial cake here please thee, Indra,
rvs.3.52 Indra, may hymns accordant with thee daily strengthen thee, Bold One, for the draught of Soma.
rvs.3.53 HYMN LIII. Indra, Parvata, Etc. 53
rvs.3.53 1. ON a high car, O Parvata and Indra, bring pleasant viands, with brave heroes, hither.
rvs.3.53 With sweetest song I grasp, O Mighty Indra, thy garments' hem as a child grasps his fathers'.
rvs.3.53 3 Adhvaryu, sing we both; sing thou in answer: make we a laud acceptable to Indra.
rvs.3.53 Upon this sacrificers' grass he seated: to Indra shall our eulogy be uttered.
rvs.3.53 5 Depart, O Maghavanagain; come hither: both there and here thy goat is Indra, Brother,
rvs.3.53 6 Thou hast drunk Soma, Indra, turn thee homeward; thy joy is in thy home, thy racious Consort;
rvs.3.53 When Visvamitra was Sudass' escort, then Indra through the Kusikas grew friendly.
rvs.3.53 12 Praises to Indra have I sung, sustainer of this earth and heaven. This prayer of Visvamitra
rvs.3.53 13 The Visvamitras have sung forth this prayer to Indra Thunderaimed-:
rvs.3.53 May Indra, keep the yokepins- from decaying: attend us, thou whose fellies are uninjured.
rvs.3.53 18 O Indra, give our bodies strength, strength to the bulls who draw the wains,
rvs.3.53 21 With various aids this day come to us, Indra, with best aids speed us, Maghavan, thou Hero.
rvs.3.53 O Indra, like a caldron cracked and seething, so he pours out foam.
rvs.3.53 24 These men, the sons of Bharata, O Indra, regard not severance or close connexion.
rvs.3.54 15 Indra, who rules through all his powers heroic, hath with his majesty filled earth and heaven.
rvs.3.54 17 This is, ye Wise, your great and glorious title, that all ye Deities abide in Indra.
rvs.3.55 Indra.
rvs.3.57 Her who hath straightway poured me food in plenty: Indra and Agni therefore are her praisers.
rvs.3.57 2 Indra and Pusan, deft of hand and mighty, wellpleased- have drained the heavens' exhaustless
rvs.3.60 3 Friendship with Indra have the Rbhus, fully gained: grandsons of Manu, they skilfully urged the
rvs.3.60 4In: company with Indra come ye to the juice, then gloriously shall your wishes be fulfilled.
rvs.3.60 5 O Indra, with the Rbhus, Mighty Ones, pour down the Soma juice effused, wellblent-, from both
rvs.3.60 6 With Rbhu near, and Vaja, Indra, here exult, with Saci, praised of many, in the juice we pour.
rvs.3.60 7 Come with the mighty Rbhus, Indra, come to us, strengthening with thy help the singers' holy
rvs.3.62 HYMN LXII. Indra and Others. 62
rvs.4.2 4 Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, and Indra with Visnu, of the Gods, Maruts and Asvins-
rvs.4.2 Enkindling Agni and exalting Indra, they came encompassing the stall of cattle.
rvs.4.16 HYMN XVI. Indra. 16
rvs.4.16 5 Indra, Impetuous One, hath waxed immensely: he with his vastness hath filled earth and heaven.
rvs.4.16 15 Wishes for wealth have gone to Indra, longing for him in war for light and at libation,
rvs.4.16 16 Call we for you that Indra, prompt to listen, him who hath done so much for mens' advantage;
rvs.4.16 19 O Indra, with these men who love thee truly, free givers, Maghavan, in every battle,
rvs.4.16 20 Now, as the Bhrgus wrought a car, for Indra the Strong, the Mighty, we our prayer have
rvs.4.16 21 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let power swell. high like rivers for the singer.
rvs.4.17 HYMN XVII. Indra. 17
rvs.4.17 1. GREAT art thou, Indra; yea, the earth, with gladness, and heaven confess to thee thine high
rvs.4.17 5 He who alone overthrows the world of creatures, Indra the peoples' King, invoked of many-
rvs.4.17 Thou ever wast the TreasureLord- of treasures: Indra, thou lettest all folk share thy bounty.
rvs.4.17 7 Moreover, when thou first wast born, O Indra, thou struckest terror into all the people.
rvs.4.17 8 The everslaying-, bold and furious Indra, the bright bolts' Lord, infinite, strong and mighty,
rvs.4.17 When Indra hardeneth his indignation all that is fixed and all that moveth fear him.
rvs.4.17 11 Indra hath won all kine, all gold, all horses, Maghavan, he who breaketh forts in pieces;
rvs.4.17 12 What is the care of Indra for his Mother, what cares he for the Father who begat him?
rvs.4.17 16 Eager for booty, craving strength and horses, wesingers- stir Indra, the strong, for friendship,
rvs.4.17 18 Be helping Friend of those who seek thy friendship . give life, when lauded, Indra, to the
rvs.4.17 For, Indra, we the priests have paid thee worship, exalting thee with these our sacrifices.
rvs.4.17 19 Alone, when Indra Maghavan is lauded, he slayeth many Neverresisted- Vrtras.
rvs.4.17 20 even so let Maghavan, the loudvoiced- Indra, give us true blessings, foeless, mens' upholder.
rvs.4.17 21 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let power swell high like rivers for the singer.
rvs.4.18 HYMN XVIII. Indra and Others. 18
rvs.4.18 5 Deeming him a reproach, his mother hid him, Indra, endowed with all heroic valour.
rvs.4.18 7 Are they addressing him with words of welcome? Will the floods take on them the shame of Indra?
rvs.4.18 To him, mine infant, were the waters gracious. Indra, my Son, rose up in conquering vigour.
rvs.4.18 10 The Heifer hath brought forth the Strong, the Mighty, the unconquerable Bull, the furious Indra.
rvs.4.18 Then Indra said, about to slaughter Vrtra, O my friend Vrtra, stride full boldly forward.
rvs.4.19 HYMN XIX. Indra. 19
rvs.4.19 1. THEE, verily, O Thunderwielding- Indra, all the Gods here, the Helpers swift to listen,
rvs.4.19 2 The Gods, as worn witheld, relaxed their efforts: thou, Indra, born of truth, wast Sovran Ruler.
rvs.4.19 3 The insatiate one, extended, hard to waken, who slumbered in perpetual sleep, O Indra,
rvs.4.19 4 Indra with might shook earth and her foundation as the wind stirs the water with its fury.
rvs.4.19 Thou didst refresh the streams and force the billows: thou, Indra, settest free obstructed rivers.
rvs.4.19 Yea, at their prayer didst check the rushing river and make the floods easy to cross, O Indra.
rvs.4.19 Indra hath set at liberty to wander on earth the streams encompassed pressed together.
rvs.4.19 11 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let powers swell high, like rivers, for the singer.
rvs.4.20 HYMN XX. Indra. 20
rvs.4.20 1. FROM near or far away may mighty Indra giver of succour, come for our protection
rvs.4.20 2 May Indra come to us with Tawny Coursers, inclined to us, to favour and enrich us.
rvs.4.20 3 Thou, honouring this our sacrifice, O Indra, shalt give us strength and fill us full of courage.
rvs.4.20 4 Loving us well, benevolent, close beside us, drink, Godlike Indra, of the wellpressed- Soma.
rvs.4.20 I, like a bridegroom thinking of his consort, call hither Indra, him invoked of many;
rvs.4.20 6 Him who in native strength is like a mountain, the lofty Indra born or old for conquest,
rvs.4.20 At this new gift, with this laud sung before thee, extolling thee, we, Indra, will declare it.
rvs.4.20 11 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let power swell high, like rivers, for the singer.
rvs.4.21 HYMN XXI. Indra. 21
rvs.4.21 1. MAY Indra come to us for our protection; here be the Hero, praised, our feastcompanion-.
rvs.4.21 3 Hither let Indra come from earth or heaven, hither with speech from firmament or ocean;
rvs.4.21 4 That Indra will we laud in our assemblies, him who is Lord of great and lasting riches,
rvs.4.21 Vent to his voice, inciteth men to worship; with lauds bring Indra hither to our dwellings.
rvs.4.21 9 Auspicious are thy hands, thine arms wellfashioned- which proffer bounty, Indra, to thy praiser.
rvs.4.21 10 So Indra is the truthful Lord of treasure. Freedom he gave to man by slaying Vrtra.
rvs.4.21 11 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let power swell high, like rivers, for the singer.
rvs.4.22 HYMN XXII. Indra. 22
rvs.4.22 1. THAT gift of ours which Indra loves and welcomes, even that he makes for us, the Great and
rvs.4.22 5 These are thy great deeds, Indra, thine, the Mighty, deeds to be told aloud at all libations,
rvs.4.22 7 With joy, O Indra, Lord of Tawny Coursers, the Sisters then, these Goddesses, extolled thee,
rvs.4.22 10 Graciously listen to our prayer, O Indra, and strength of varied sort bestow thou on us.
rvs.4.22 11 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let wealth swell high like rivers to the singer.
rvs.4.23 HYMN XXIII. Indra. 23
rvs.4.23 3 How heareth Indra offered invocation? How, hearing, marketh he the invokers' wishes?
rvs.4.23 11 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let power swell high like rivers to the singer.
rvs.4.24 HYMN XXIV. Indra. 24
rvs.4.24 1. WHAT worthy praise will bring before us Indra, the Son of Strength, that he may grant us riches;
rvs.4.24 2 To be invoked and hymned in fight with Vrtra, that wellpraised- Indra gives us real bounties.
rvs.4.24 When warrior bands encounter one another some in the grapple quit themselves like Indra.
rvs.4.24 5 Hence many a one worships the might of Indra: hence let the brew succeed the mealoblation-.
rvs.4.24 6 Indra gives comfort to the man who truly presses, for him who longs for it, the Soma,
rvs.4.24 7 He who this day for Indra presses Soma, prepares the brew and fries the grains of barley;
rvs.4.24 Loving the hymns of that devoted servant, to him may Indra give heroic vigour.
rvs.4.24 10 Who for ten milchkine- purchaseth from me this Indra who is mine?
rvs.4.24 11 Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let wealth swell high like rivers for the singer.
rvs.4.25 HYMN XXV. Indra. 25
rvs.4.25 Who seeks bond, friendship, brotherhood with Indra? Who hath recourse unto the Sage for succour?
rvs.4.25 Of whose pressed stalk of Soma drink the Asvins, Indra, and Agni, wellinclined- in spirit?
rvs.4.25 Who sayeth, Let us press the juice for Indra, mans' Friend, the Hero manliest of heroes.
rvs.4.25 Dear is the pious, the devout, to Indra dear is the zealous, dear the Somabringer-.
rvs.4.25 6 This Hero curbs the mighty for the zealous: the pressers' brew Indra possesses solely:
rvs.4.25 7 Not with the wealthy churl who pours no Soma doth Indra, Somadrinker-, bind alliance.
rvs.4.25 Indra.
rvs.4.26 HYMN XXVI. Indra. 26
rvs.4.27 The best of sweet meath which the priests have offered: that Indra to his joy may drink, the Hero,
rvs.4.28 1. ALLIED with thee, in this thy friendship, Soma, Indra for man made waters flow together,
rvs.4.28 2 Indu, with thee for his confederate, Indra swiftly with might pressed down the wheel of Surya.
rvs.4.28 3 Indra smote down, Agni consumed, O Indu, the Dasyus ere the noontide in the conflict.
rvs.4.28 4 Lower than all besides hast thou, O Indra, cast down the Dasyus, abject tribes of Dasas.
rvs.4.28 5 So, of a truth, Indra and Soma, Heroes, ye burst the stable of the kine and horses,
rvs.4.29 HYMN XXIX. Indra. 29
rvs.4.29 1. COME, lauded, unto us with powers and succours, O Indra, with thy Tawny Steeds; exulting,
rvs.4.29 May mighty Indra pouring forth in bounty bestow on us good roads and perfect safety;
rvs.4.29 5 O Indra Maghavan, by thee protected may we be thine, princes and priests and singers,
rvs.4.30 HYMN XXX. Indra. 30
rvs.4.30 3 Not even all the gathered Gods conquered thee, Indra, in the war,
rvs.4.30 5 When, fighting singly, Indra. thou overcamest all the furious Gods, thou slewest those who
rvs.4.30 6 When also for a mortal man, Indra, thou speddest forth the Sun,
rvs.4.30 8 And this heroic deed of might thou, Indra, also hast achieved,
rvs.4.30 9 Thou, Indra, Mighty One, didst crush Usas, though Daughter of the Sky.
rvs.4.30 12 Thou, Indra, didst. with magic power resist the overflowing stream
rvs.4.30 14 Thou, Indra, also smotest down Kulitaras' son Sambara,
rvs.4.30 16 So Indra, Lord of Heroes, Powers, caused the unwedded damsels' son,
rvs.4.30 17 So sapient Indra, Lord of Might, brought Turvasa and Yadu, those
rvs.4.30 18 Arna and Citraratha, both Aryas, thou, Indra, slewest swift,
rvs.4.30 20 For Divodasa, him who brought oblations, Indra overthrew
rvs.4.30 23 Indra, whatever deed of might thou hast this day to execute,
rvs.4.31 HYMN XXXI. Indra. 31
rvs.4.31 6 What time thy courage and his wheels together, Indra, run their course
rvs.4.31 12 Favour us, Indra, evermore with overflowing store of wealth:
rvs.4.31 13 With new protections, Indra, like an archer, open thou for us
rvs.4.31 14 Our chariot, Indra, boldly moves endued with splendour, Never repulsed,
rvs.4.32 HYMN XXXII. Indra. 32
rvs.4.32 1. O THOU who slewest Vrtra, come, O Indra, hither to our side,
rvs.4.32 4 O Indra, we are close to thee; to thee we sing aloud our songs:
rvs.4.32 6 May we be friends of one like thee, O Indra, with the wealth of kine,
rvs.4.32 7 For thou, O Indra, art alone the Lord of strength that comes from kine
rvs.4.32 Indra, for lively energy.
rvs.4.32 11 The sages sing those manly deeds which, Indra, Lover of the Song,
rvs.4.32 12 Indra, the Gotamas who bring thee praises have grown strong by thee.
rvs.4.32 13 For, Indra, verily thou art the general treasure even of all .
rvs.4.32 14 Excellent Indra, turn to us: glad thee among us with the juice
rvs.4.32 15 May praise from us who think Qn thee, O Indra, bring thee near to us.
rvs.4.32 Much, Indra, wilt thou fain bestow.
rvs.4.33 May Vaja, Vibhvan, Rbhu, joined with Indra , protect our sacrifice, the Somalovers-.
rvs.4.33 Indra,
rvs.4.34 1. To this our sacrifice come Rbhu, Vibhvan, Vaja, and Indra with the gift of riches,
rvs.4.34 Drink of this meath, Wealthgivers-, joined with Indra with whom ye are in full accord, ye Princes.
rvs.4.34 7 Close knit with Varuna drink the Soma, Indra; closeknit-, Hymnlover-! with the Maruts drink it:
rvs.4.34 Rejoice you with the Maruts and with Indra, with the Kings, Gods! that ye may give us riches.
rvs.4.35 With cunning, Rbhus, rich in treasure, fashioned the two swift Tawny Steeds who carry Indra.
rvs.4.35 Now drink thou with the wealthbestowing- Rbhus, whom for their skill thou madest friends, O Indra.
rvs.4.37 Ye Sons of Strength, ye progeny of Indra, to you the best is offered to delight you.
rvs.4.37 6 The mortal man whom, Rbhus, ye and Indra favour with your help,
rvs.4.37 8 O Vajas and Rbhuksans, ye Nasatyas, Indra, bless this wealth,
rvs.4.39 Varuna, Mitra, we invoke for welfare, and Agni, and the thunderwielding- Indra.
rvs.4.39 5 Both sides invoke him as they call on Indra when they stir forth and turn to sacrificing.
rvs.4.41 2 He who with dainty food hath won you, Indra and Varuna, Gods, as his allies to friendship,
rvs.4.41 3 Indra and Varuna are most liberal givers of treasure to the men who toil to serve them,
rvs.4.41 4 Indra and Varuna, ye hurl, O Mighty, on him your strongest flashing bolt of thunder
rvs.4.41 9 To Indra and to Varuna, desirous of gaining wealth have these my thoughts proceeded.
rvs.4.42 3 I Varuna am Indra: in their greatness, these the two wide deep fairlyfashioned- regions,
rvs.4.42 I Indra Maghavan, excite the conflict; I stir the dust, Lord of surpassing vigour.
rvs.4.42 For her they gained by sacrifice Trasadasyu, a demigod-, like Indra, conquering foemen.
rvs.4.43 3 So many days do ye come swiftly hither, as Indra to give help in stress of battle.
rvs.4.46 2 Come, teamdrawn-, with thy hundred helps, with Indra, seated in the car,
rvs.4.46 3 May steeds a thousand bring you both, Indra. and Vayu, hitherward
rvs.4.47 2 O Vayu, thou and Indra are meet drinkers of these Somadraughts-,
rvs.4.48 2 Removing curses, drawn by teams, with Indra, seated by thy side,
rvs.4.49 1. DEAR is this offering in your mouth, O Indra and Brhaspati:
rvs.4.49 2 This lovely Soma is effused, O Indra and Brhaspati,
rvs.4.49 3 As Somadrinkers- to our house come, Indra and Brhaspatiand- Indrato- drink Soma juice.
rvs.4.49 4 Vouchsafe us riches hundredfold, O Indra, and Brhaspati,
rvs.4.49 5 O Indra. and Brhaspati, we call you when the meath is shed,
rvs.4.49 6 Drink, Indra and Brhaspati, the Soma in the givers' house:
rvs.4.50 10 Indra, Brhaspati, rainers of treasure, rejoicing at this sacrifice drink the Soma.
rvs.4.50 11 Brhaspati and Indra, make us prosper may this be your benevolence to usward-.
rvs.4.54 5 To lofty hills thou sendest those whom Indra leads, and givest fixed abodes with houses unto
rvs.4.54 May Indra, Heaven, Earth, Sindhu with the Waters, Aditi with Adityas, give us shelter.
rvs.4.55 10 So then may Bhaga, Savitar, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Indra, with bounty come to us.
rvs.4.57 7 May Indra press the furrow down, may Pusan guide its course aright.
rvs.4.58 Indra produced one shape, Surya another: by their own power they formed the third from Vena.
rvs.5.2 Indra who knoweth bent his eye upon thee: by him instructed am I come, O Agni.
rvs.5.3 In thee, O Son of Strength, all Gods are centred. Indra art thou to man who brings oblation.
rvs.5.5 3 Adored, O Agni, hither bring Indra the Wonderful, the Friend,
rvs.5.5 11 To Agni and to Varuna, Indra, the Maruts, and the Gods,
rvs.5.11 With Indra and the Gods together on the grass let the wise Priest sit to complete the sacrifice.
rvs.5.29 The Maruts gifted with pure strength adore thee, for thou, O Indra, art their sapient Rsi.
rvs.5.29 2 What time the Maruts sang their song to Indra, joyous when he had drunk of Soma juices,
rvs.5.29 3 And, O ye Brahmans, Maruts, so may Indra drink draughts of this my carefully pressed Soma;
rvs.5.29 For this oblation found for man the cattle, and Indra, having quaffed it, slew the Dragon.
rvs.5.29 So Indra forced the Engulfer to disgorgement, and slew the Danava. panting against him.
rvs.5.29 The Maruts, where they met, glorified Indra: ye with the Trstup hymn obstructed heaven.
rvs.5.29 And Indra, from mans' gift, for Vrtras' slaughter, drank ofr at once three lakes of pressedout-
rvs.5.29 All the Gods raised as it were a shout of triumph to Indra praise because he slew the Dragon.
rvs.5.29 9 What time ye came with strong steeds swiftly speeding, O Usana and Indra, to the dwelling,
rvs.5.29 12 Navagvas and Dasgvas with libations of Soma juice sing hymns of praise to Indra.
rvs.5.29 14 Resistless from of old through hero courage, thou hast done all these many acts, O Indra.
rvs.5.29 15 Indra, accept the prayers which now are offered, accept the new prayers, Mightiest! which we
rvs.5.30 HYMN XXX. Indra. 30
rvs.5.30 1. WHERE is that Hero? Who hath looked on Indra borne on lightrolling- car by Tawny Coursers,
rvs.5.30 I asked of others, and they said in answer, May we, awakened men, attain to Indra.
rvs.5.30 3 We will tell, Indra, when we pour libation, what mighty deeds thou hast performed to please us.
rvs.5.30 4 Indra, when born, thou madest firm thy spirit: alone thou seekest war to fight with many.
rvs.5.30 Since then even Gods have been afraid of Indra: he conquered all the floods which served the Dasa.
rvs.5.30 Indra with wondrous powers subdued the Dragon, the guileful lurker who beset the waters.
rvs.5.30 8 Pounding the head of Namuci the Dasa, me, too thou madest thine associate, Indra!
rvs.5.30 Well he distinguished his two different voices, and Indra then advanced to fight the Dasyu.
rvs.5.30 These Indra reunited- with his helpers, what time the wellpressed- Soma made him joyful.
rvs.5.30 So Indra drank thereof, the Fortdestroyer-, and gave him guerdon, in return, of milchkine-.
rvs.5.30 The strong libations have made Indra joyful, when night, whose course was ending, changed to
rvs.5.31 HYMN XXXI. Indra. 31
rvs.5.31 1. MAGHAVAN Indra turns his chariot downward, the strengthdisplaying- car which he hath mounted.
rvs.5.31 There is naught else better than thou art, Indra: even to the wifeless hast thou given spouses.
rvs.5.31 3 When out of strength arose the strength that conquers, Indra displayed all powers that he
rvs.5.31 The Brahmans with their songs exalting Indra increased his strength that he might slaughter Ahi.
rvs.5.31 5 When heroes sang their laud to thee the Hero, Indra! and stones and Aditi accordant,
rvs.5.31 Without or steed or chariot were the fellies which, sped by Indra, rolled upon the Dasytis.
rvs.5.31 8 Thou, Indra, on the farther bank forYadu and Turvaga didst stay the gushing waters.
rvs.5.31 9 Let the steeds bring you both, Indra and Kutsa, borne on the chariot within hearingdistance-.
rvs.5.31 Here are the Maruts, all, thy dear companions: prayers have increased thy power and might, O Indra.
rvs.5.31 12 This Indra, O ye men, hath come to see you, seeking a friend who hath expressed the Soma.
rvs.5.32 HYMN XXXII. Indra. 32
rvs.5.32 Thou, Indra, laying the great mountain open, slaying the Danava, didst loose the torrents.
rvs.5.32 Strong Indra, thou by slaying even the Dragon that lay extended there hast shown thy vigour.
rvs.5.32 3 Indra with violence smote down the weapon,
rvs.5.32 Him, after loudvoiced- threats, the Hero Indra, rejoicing in the poured libation, slaughtered.
rvs.5.32 7 When gainst' the mighty Danava his weapon Indra uplifted, power which none could combat,
rvs.5.32 10 even the Celestial Axe bows down before him, and the Earth, loverlike-, gives way to Indra.
rvs.5.32 As such my wishes have most lately grasped him, invoking Indra both at eve and morning.
rvs.5.32 Indra?
rvs.5.33 HYMN XXXIII. Indra. 33
rvs.5.33 1. GREAT praise to Indra, great and strong mid heroes, I ponder thus, the feeble to the Mighty,
rvs.5.33 2 So made attentive by our hymns, Steer! Indra! thou fastenedst the girth of thy Bay Coursers,
rvs.5.33 3 They were not turned to uswtrd-, lofty Indra! while yet through lack of prayer they stood
rvs.5.33 4 Thou, because many lauds are thine, O Indra, wast active warring in the fields
rvs.5.33 5 Thine are we, Indra; thine are all these people, conscious of might, whose cars are set in
rvs.5.33 6 Strength much to be desired is in thee, Indra: the Immortal dances forth his hero exploits.
rvs.5.33 7 Thus favour us, O Indra, with ihy succour; Hero, protect the bards who sing thy praises.
rvs.5.34 HYMN XXXIV. Indra. 34
rvs.5.34 Indra the terrible, tamer of every man, as Arya leads away the Dasa at his will.
rvs.5.34 8 When Indra Maghavan hath marked two wealthy men fighting for beauteous cows with all their
rvs.5.35 HYMN XXXV. Indra. 35
rvs.5.35 2 Indra, whatever aids be thine, four be they, or, O Hero, three,
rvs.5.35 For thou wast born with hero might, conquering, Indra, with the Strong.
rvs.5.35 In native power thy soul is firm: thy valour, Indra, slays a host.
rvs.5.35 5 O Satakratu, Lord of Strength, O Indra, Caster of the Stone.
rvs.5.35 7 Indra, do thou protect our car that mingles foremost in the fights,
rvs.5.35 8 Come to us, Indra, and protect our car with thine intelligence.
rvs.5.36 HYMN XXXVI. Indra. 36
rvs.5.36 1. MAY Indra come to us, he who knows rightly to give forth treasures from his store of riches.
rvs.5.36 4 Like the pressstone- is this thy praiser, Indra. Loudly he lifts his voice with strong endeavour.
rvs.5.37 HYMN XXXVII. Indra. 37
rvs.5.37 For him may mornings dawn without cessation who saith, Let us press Soma out for Indra.
rvs.5.37 4 No troubles vex that King in whose home Indra drinks the sharp Soma juice with milk commingled.
rvs.5.38 HYMN XXXVIII. Indra. 38
rvs.5.38 1. WIDE, Indra Satakratu, spreads the bounty of thine ample grace:
rvs.5.38 2 The food which, Mightiest Indra, thou possessest worthy of renown
rvs.5.38 Indra, may we be guarded well, Hero, may we be guarded well.
rvs.5.39 HYMN XXXIX. Indra. 39
rvs.5.39 1. STONEDARTING- Indra. Wondrous One, what wealth is richly given from thee,
rvs.5.39 2 Bring what thou deemest worth the wish, O Indra, that which is in heaven.
rvs.5.39 4 Singers with many songs have made Indra propitious to their fame,
rvs.5.39 5 To him, to Indra must be sung the poets' word, the hymn of praise.
rvs.5.40 HYMN XL. Indra. Surya. Atri. 40
rvs.5.40 Indra best Vrtraslayer- Strong One, with the Strong.
rvs.5.40 Indra, best Vrtraslayer-, Strong One with the Strong.
rvs.5.40 Indra, best Vrtraslayer-, Strong One with the Strong.
rvs.5.40 May he come hither with his yoked Bay Horses; may Indra gladden him at the noon libation.
rvs.5.40 6 What time thou smotest down Svarbhanus' magic that spread itself beneath the sky, O Indra,
rvs.5.41 2 May Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman, and Ayu, Indra Rbhuksan, and the Maruts, love us,
rvs.5.42 4 With willing mind, Indra, vouchsafe us cattle, prosperity, Lord of Bays! and pious patrons;
rvs.5.42 5 God Bhaga, Savitar who deals forth riches, Indra, and they who conquer Vrtras' treasures,
rvs.5.43 Invoked, turn hither in thy car, O Indra, at need, thy two welltrained- and dear Bay Horses.
rvs.5.45 4 With hymns and Godloved- words will I invoke you, Indra and Agni, to obtain your favour,
rvs.5.46 2 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Visnu.
rvs.5.46 3 Indra and Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven,
rvs.5.49 May Indra, Visnu, Varuna, Mitra, Agni produce auspicious days, the WonderWorkers-.
rvs.5.51 4 To Indra and to Vayu dear, this Soma, by the mortar pressed,
rvs.5.51 6 Ye, Indra, Vayu, well deserve to drink the juices pressed by us.
rvs.5.51 7 For Indra and for Vayu pressed are Soma juices blent with curd,
rvs.5.51 10 Associate with Vasus, with Adityas, Indra, Viyu, come, Agni as erst with Atri, so enjoy the
rvs.5.51 Indra and Agni, prosper us; prosper us thou, O Aditi.
rvs.5.57 1. OF one accord, with Indra, O ye Rudras, come borne on your golden car for our prosperity.
rvs.5.86 1. THE mortal man whom ye, the Twain, Indra and Agni, help in fight,
rvs.5.86 Lords of the Fivefold. People, these, Indra and Agni, we invoke.
rvs.5.86 4 Indra and Agni, we invoke you both, as such, to send your cars:
rvs.6.4 The best men praise thee as the peer of Indra in strength, mid Gods, like Viyu in thy bounty.
rvs.6.17 HYMN XVII. Indra. 17
rvs.6.17 1. DRINK Soma, Mighty One, for which, when lauded, thou breakest through the cattlestall-, O Indra;
rvs.6.17 Indra.
rvs.6.17 4 These gladdening drops, O Indra, Selfsustainer-, quaffed shall augment thee in thy mighty
rvs.6.17 The mighty rock that compassed in the cattle, Never moved, thou shookest from its seat, O Indra.
rvs.6.17 Indra.
rvs.6.17 8 Yea, Indra, all the Deities installed thee their one strong Champion in the van for battle.
rvs.6.17 What time the godless was the Gods assailant, Indra they chose to win the light of heaven.
rvs.6.17 When Indra, life of every living creature, smote down within his lair the assailing Dragon.
rvs.6.17 11 He dressed a hundred buffaloes, O Indra, for thee whom all accordant Maruts strengthen.
rvs.6.17 Along steep slopes their course thou tumedst, Indra, directed downward, speeding to the ocean.
rvs.6.17 Indra, who made these worlds, the Strong, the ty, who never groweth old, the victorygiver-.
rvs.6.17 14 So, Indra, form us brilliant holy singers for strength, for glory, and for food and riches.
rvs.6.17 Give Bharadvaja hero patrons, Indra Indra, be ours upon the day of trial.
rvs.6.18 HYMN XVIII. Indra. 18
rvs.6.18 1. GLORIFY him whose might is allsurpassing-, Indra the muchinvoked- who fights uninjured.
rvs.6.18 In this, or is it not, thine hero exploit, Indra? Declare it at the proper season.
rvs.6.18 Indra crushed Cumuri, Dhuni, Sambara, Pipru, and Susna, that their castles fell in ruin.
rvs.6.18 9 With saving might that must be praised and lauded, Indra, ascend thy car to smite down Vrtra.
rvs.6.18 10 As Agni, as the dart burns the dry forest, like the dread shaft burn down the fiends, O Indra;
rvs.6.18 Indra.
rvs.6.19 HYMN XIX. Indra. 19
rvs.6.19 1. GREAT, herolike- controlling men is Indra, unwasting in his powers, doubled in vastness.
rvs.6.19 2 The bowl made Indra swift to gather booty, the High, the Lofty, Youthful, Undecaying,
rvs.6.19 4 Now, fain for strength, let us invite your Indra hither, who lieth hidden with his Heroes,
rvs.6.19 7 Bring us, grown mighty in its strength, O Indra, thy friendly rapturous joy that wins the battle,
rvs.6.19 8 Indra, bestow on us the power heroic skilled and exceeding strong, that wins the booty,
rvs.6.19 From every side may it approach us, Indra. Give us the glory of the realm of splendour.
rvs.6.19 10 With most heroic aid from thee, like heroes Indra, may we win wealth by deeds glory.
rvs.6.19 11 The Bull, whose strength hath waxed, whom Maruts follow, freegiving- Indra, the Celestial Ruler,
rvs.6.20 HYMN XX. Indra. 20
rvs.6.20 1. GIVE us wealth, Indra, that with might, as heaven overtops the earth, overcomes our foes in
rvs.6.20 2 Even as the power of Dyaus, to thee, O Indra, all Asura sway was by the Gods entrusted,
rvs.6.20 3 Indra, Strong, Victor, Mightier than the mighty, addressed with prayer and perfect in his
rvs.6.20 4 There, Indra, while the light was won, the Panis f1ed, neath' a hundred blows, for wise Dasoni,
rvs.6.20 Indra made room for his cardrivcr- Kutsa who sate beside him, when he gained the sunlight.
rvs.6.20 Hath Indra, gladdening with strong assistance, forced near as it were to glorify the Mother.
rvs.6.20 He mounts his Bays, as the carseat- an archer: yoked at a word they bear the lofty Indra.
rvs.6.20 10 May we, O Indra, gain by thy new favour: so Parus laud thee, with their sacrifices,
rvs.6.20 11 Favouring Usana the son of Kavi, thou wast his ancient strengthener, O Indra.
rvs.6.20 12 Thou, roaring Indra, drovest on the waters that made a roaring sound like rushing rivers,
rvs.6.20 13 This Indra, was thy work in war: thou sentest Dhuni and Cumuri to sleep and slumber.
rvs.6.21 HYMN XXI. Indra. Visvedevas. 21
rvs.6.21 2 I praise that Indra, known to all men, honoured with songs, extolled with hymns at sacrifices,
rvs.6.21 4 And he who did these things, where is that Indra? among what tribes? what people doth he visit?
rvs.6.21 What sacrifice contents thy mind , and wishes? What priest among them all? what hymn, O Indra?
rvs.6.21 6 Inquiring after him, thy later servants, Indra, have gained thy former old traditions.
rvs.6.21 8 Hear, too, the prayer of this thy present beadsman, O Indra, Hero, cherishing the singer.
rvs.6.21 9 Bring to our help this day, for our protection, Varuna, Mitra , Indra, and the Maruts,
rvs.6.21 Bring power to us, O Indra, with thy Horses, Steeds that are best to draw, broadbacked-, unwearied.
rvs.6.22 HYMN XXII. Indra. 22
rvs.6.22 1. WITH these my hymns I glorify that Indra who is alone to be invoked by mortals,
rvs.6.22 3 We seek that Indra to obtain his riches that bring much food, and men, and store of heroes.
rvs.6.22 5 He who for carborne- Indra, armed with thunder, hath a hymn, craving, deeplypiercing-, fluent,
rvs.6.22 So may that Indra, boundless, faithful Leader, conduct us over all places hard to traverse.
rvs.6.22 In thy right hand, O Indra, grasp die thunder: Eternal! thou destroyest all enchantments.
rvs.6.22 10 Give us confirmed prosperity, O Indra, vast and exhaustless for the foes' subduing.
rvs.6.23 HYMN XXIII. Indra. 23
rvs.6.23 1. THOU art attached to pressedout- Soma, Indra, at laud, at prayer, and when the hymn is chanted;
rvs.6.23 Or when with yoked Bays, Maghavan, thou comest, O Indra, bearing in thine arms the thunder.
rvs.6.23 Or when thou, while the strong one feared, undaunted, gavest to death, Indra, the daring Dasyus.
rvs.6.23 3 Let Indra drink the pressedout- Soma, Helper and mighty Guide of him who sings his praises.
rvs.6.23 5 What he hath longed for we have brought to Indra, who from the days of old hath done us service.
rvs.6.23 6 Thou hast made prayer the means of thine exalting, therefore we wait on thee with hymns, O Indra.
rvs.6.23 7 Mark well our sacrificial cake, delighted Indra, drink Soma and the milk commingled.
rvs.6.23 9 Friends, when thejuices flow, replenish duly your own, your bounteous Indra with the Soma.
rvs.6.23 Will it not aid him to support us? Indra. spares him who sheds the juice to win his favour.
rvs.6.23 10 While Soma flowed, thus Indra hath been lauded, Ruler of nobles, mid the Bharadvajas,
rvs.6.23 That Indra may become the singers' patron and give him wealth in every kind of treasure.
rvs.6.24 HYMN XXIV. Indra. 24
rvs.6.24 1. STRONG rapturous joy, praise, glory are with Indra: impetuous God, he quaffs the juice of Soma:
rvs.6.24 Like branches of a tree, Invoked of many manifold aids spring forth from thee, O Indra.
rvs.6.24 Like bonds of cord, Indra, that bind the younglings, no bonds are they, O thou of boundless bounty.
rvs.6.24 5 One act today-, another act tomorrow oft Indra makes what is not yet existeni.
rvs.6.24 6 By song and sacrifice men brought the waters from thee, as from a mountains' ridge, O Indra.
rvs.6.24 7 That Indra whom nor months nor autumn seasons wither with age, nor fleeting days enfeeble,
rvs.6.24 High mountains are as level plains to Indra: even in the deep he finds firm ground to rest on.
rvs.6.24 10 Hasting to help, come hither and protect him, keep him from harm when he is here, O Indra.
rvs.6.25 HYMN XXV. Indra. 25
rvs.6.25 1. WITH thine assistance, O thou Mighty Indra, be it the least, the midmost, or the highest,
rvs.6.25 3 Those who array themselves as foes to smite us, O Indra, be they kin or be they strangers,
rvs.6.25 Not one of these is match for thee, O Indra. Thou far surpassest all these living creatures.
rvs.6.25 7 And when the people stir themselves for battle, be thou their saviour, Indra, and protector,
rvs.6.25 Indra.
rvs.6.25 All lordly power and might, O Holy Indra, given by Gods for victory in battle.
rvs.6.25 Singing, at morn may we find thee with favour, yea, Indra, and even now, we Bharadvajas.
rvs.6.26 HYMN XXVI. Indra. 26
rvs.6.26 Along with Vetasu thou slewest Tugra, and madest Tuji strong, who praised thee, Indra.
rvs.6.26 7 May I too, with the liberal chiefs, O Indra, acquire thy blin supreme and domination,
rvs.6.26 8 So may we he thy friends, thy best beloved, O Indra, at this holy invocation.
rvs.6.27 HYMN XXVII. Indra. 27
rvs.6.27 1 WHAT deed hath Indra done in the wild transport, in quaffing or in friendship with, the Soma?
rvs.6.27 2 In its wild joy Indra hath proved him faithful, faithful in quaffing, faithful in its friendship.
rvs.6.27 No one hath seen that might of thine, productive of bounty every day renewed, O Indra.
rvs.6.27 5 In aid of Abhyavartin Cayamana, Indra destroyed the seed of Varasikha.
rvs.6.27 6 Three thousand, mailed, in quest of fame, together, on the Yavyavati, O muchsought- Indra,
rvs.6.28 Here let them stay prolific, manycoloured-, and yield through many morns their milk for Indra.
rvs.6.28 2 Indra aids him who offers sacrifice and gifts: he takes not what is his, and gives him more
rvs.6.28 5 To me the Cows seem Bhaga, they seem Indra, they seem a portion of the firstpoured- Soma.
rvs.6.28 These present Cows, they, O ye Indra. I long for Indra with my heart and spirit.
rvs.6.28 Mixt with the Steers' prolific flow, and, Indra, with thy hero might.
rvs.6.29 HYMN XXIX Indra. 29
rvs.6.29 1. YOUR men have followed Indra for his friendship, and for his lovingkindness- glorified him.
rvs.6.29 By which the men who pray, extolling Indra chief favourites of Gods, recite their praises.
rvs.6.29 6 So be the lofty Indra prompt to listen, Helper unaided, goldenvisored- Hero.
rvs.6.30 HYMN XXX. Indra. 30
rvs.6.30 Indra transcendeth both the worlds in greatness: one half of him equalleth earth and heaven.
rvs.6.30 3 even now endures thine exploit of the Rivers, when, Indra, for their floods thou clavest passage.
rvs.6.30 4 This is the truth, none else is like thee, Indra, no God superior to thee, no mortal.
rvs.6.30 5 Indra, thou breakest up the floods and portals on all sides, and the firmness of the mountain.
rvs.6.31 HYMN XXXI Indra. 31
rvs.6.31 1. SOLE Lord of wealth art thou, O Lord of riches: thou in thine hands hast held the people, Indra!
rvs.6.31 2 Through fear of thee, O Indra, all the regions of earth, though naught may move them, shake and
rvs.6.31 3 With Kutsa, Indra! thou didst conquer Susna, voracious, bane of crops, in fight for cattle.
rvs.6.32 HYMN XXXII Indra. 32
rvs.6.32 5 Indra with rush and might, sped by his Coursers, hath swiftly won the waters from the southward.
rvs.6.33 HYMN XXXIII. Indra. 33
rvs.6.33 1. GIVE us the rapture that is mightiest, Indra, prompt to bestow and swift to aid, O Hero,
rvs.6.33 2 For with loud voice the tribes invoke thee, Indra, to aid them in the battlefield of heroes.
rvs.6.33 3 Both races, Indra, of opposing foemen, O Hero, both the Arya and the Dasa,
rvs.6.33 4 Indra, befriend us with no scanty succour, prosper and aid us, Loved of all that liveth,
rvs.6.33 5 Be ours, O Indra, now and for the future, be graciously inclined and near to help us.
rvs.6.34 HYMN XXXIV. Indra. 34
rvs.6.34 1. FULL Many songs have met in thee, O Indra, and many a noble thought from thee proceedeth.
rvs.6.34 Now and of old the eulogies of sages, their holy hymns and lauds, have yearned for Indra.
rvs.6.34 Like a car harnessed for some great achievement, Indra must be the cause of our rejoicing.
rvs.6.34 3 They make their way to Indra and exalt him, bim whom no prayers and no laudations trouble;
rvs.6.34 4 As brightness mingles with the Moon in heaven, the offered Soma yearns to mix with Indra.
rvs.6.34 5 To him this mighty eulogy, to Indra hath this our laud been uttered by the poets,
rvs.6.34 That in the great encounter with the foemen, Loved of all life, Indra may guard and help us.
rvs.6.35 HYMN XXXV. Indra. 35
rvs.6.35 2 When wilt thou gatber men with men, O Indra, heroes with heroes, and prevail in combat?
rvs.6.35 Thou shalt win triply kine in frays for cattle, so, Indra, give thou us celestial glory.
rvs.6.35 3 Yea, when wilt thou, O Indra, thou Most Mighty, make the prayer allsustaining- for the singer?
rvs.6.36 HYMN XXXVI. Indra. 36
rvs.6.36 3 Associate with him, as teams of horses, help, manly might, and vigour follow Indra.
rvs.6.36 4 Lauded by us, let flow the spring, O Indra, of excellent and brightlyshining- riches.
rvs.6.37 HYMN XXXVII Indra. 37
rvs.6.37 1. LET thy Bay Horses, yoked, O mighty Indra, bring thy car hither fraught with every blessing.
rvs.6.37 May Indra drink of this, our guest aforetime, Celestial King of the strong draught of Soma.
rvs.6.37 3 Bringing us hitherward allpotent- Indra on wellwheeled- chariot, may the Steeds who bear him
rvs.6.37 4 Supreme, he stirs this man to give the guerdon, Indra, most efficacious of the princes,
rvs.6.37 5 Indra is hewho gives enduring vigour: may our songs magnify the God Most Mighty.
rvs.6.37 Best Vrtraslayer- be the Hero Indra these things he gives as Prince, with strong endeavour.
rvs.6.38 HYMN XXXVIII. Indra. 38
rvs.6.38 1. HE hath drunk hence, Most Marvellous, and carried away our great and splendid call on Indra.
rvs.6.38 2 The speaker filleth with a cry to Indra his ears who cometh nigh even from a distance.
rvs.6.38 May this my call bring Indra to my presence, this call to Gods composed in sacred verses.
rvs.6.38 3 Him have I sung with my best song and praises, Indra of ancient birth and Everlasting.
rvs.6.38 For prayer and songs in him are concentrated: let laud wax mighty when addressed to Indra:
rvs.6.38 4 Indra, whom sacrifice shall strengthen, Soma, and song and hymn, and praises and devotion,
rvs.6.38 Whom Dawns shall strengthen when the night departeth, Indra whom days shall strengthen, months,
rvs.6.39 HYMN XXXIX Indra. 39
rvs.6.39 He broke the neverbroken- ridge of Vala. With words of might Indra subdued the Panis.
rvs.6.39 3 This Indu lighted darksome nights, O Indra, throughout the years, at morning and at evening.
rvs.6.40 HYMN XL. Indra 40
rvs.6.40 1. DRINK, Indra; juice is shed to make thee joyful: loose thy Bay Steeds and give thy friends
rvs.6.40 2 Drink thou of this whereof at birth, O Indra, thou drankest, Mighty One for power and rapture.
rvs.6.40 3 The fire is kindled, Soma pressed, O Indra: let thy Bays, best to draw, convey thee hither.
rvs.6.40 With mind devoted, Indra, I invoke thee. Come, for our great prosperity approach us.
rvs.6.40 4 Indra, come hither: evermore thou camest through our great strong desire to drink the Soma.
rvs.6.40 5 Mayst thou, O Indra, on the day of trial, present or absent, wheresoeer thou dwellest,
rvs.6.41 HYMN XLI. Indra. 41
rvs.6.41 1. COME gracious to our sacrifice, O Indra: pressed Somadrops- are purified to please thee.
rvs.6.41 As cattle seek their home, so Thunderwielder, come, Indra, first of those who claim our worship.
rvs.6.41 5 We call on thee, O Indra: come thou hither: sufficient be the Soma for thy body.
rvs.6.42 HYMN XLII. Indra. 42
rvs.6.42 With beakers to the Impetuous God, to Indra with the drops effused.
rvs.6.43 HYMN XLIII. Indra 43
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
rvs.6.43 This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!
rvs.6.44 HYMN XLIV. Indra. 44
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libations' Lord! is this.
rvs.6.44 The Hero Indra, conquering all, Most Bounteous, God of all the tribes.
rvs.6.44 6 To seat your Indra, I will spread abroad with power this song of praise.
rvs.6.44 10 We turn to thee as Giver, liberal Indra. Lord of the Bay Steeds, be not thou ungracious.
rvs.6.44 12 As Indra thundering impels the rainclouds-, so doth he send us store of kine and horses.
rvs.6.44 13 Adhvaryu, hero, bring to mighty Indra, for he is King thereofthe- pressedout- juices;
rvs.6.44 14 In the wild joy of this hath Indra, knowing full many a form, struck down resistless Vrtras.
rvs.6.44 15 May Indra drink this Soma poured to please him, and cheered therewith slay Vrtra with his
rvs.6.44 16 The cup whence Indra drinks the draught is present: the Amrta dear to Indra hath been drunken,
rvs.6.44 Those who still aim their hostile darts to smite us, turn them to flight, O Indra, crush and kill
rvs.6.44 18 O Indra Maghavan, in these our battles win easy paths for us and ample freedom.
rvs.6.44 That we may gain waters and seed and offspring, set thou our princes on thy side, O Indra.
rvs.6.44 Indra, they bring to thee, the Strong and Mighty, Soma of juices shed by mighty pressstones-.
rvs.6.44 22 This God, with might, when first he had his being, with Indra for ally, held fast the Pani.
rvs.6.45 HYMN XLV. Indra. 45
rvs.6.45 1. THAT Indra is our youthful Friend, who with his trusty guidance led
rvs.6.45 2 Even to the dull and uninspired Indra, gives vital power, and wins
rvs.6.45 10 Thee, thee as such, O Lord of Power, O Indra, Somadrinker-, true,
rvs.6.45 12 With hymns and coursers we will gain, Indra, through thee, both steeds and spoil
rvs.6.45 13 Thou, Indra, Lover of the Song, whom men must stir to help, hast been
rvs.6.45 As such, O Indra, favour us.
rvs.6.45 25 O Indra Satakratu, these our songs have called aloud to thee,
rvs.6.45 30 Nearest and most attractive may our laud, O Indra come to thee.
rvs.6.46 HYMN XLVI. Indra. 46
rvs.6.46 In war men call on thee, Indra, the heros' Lord, in the steeds' racecourse- call on thee.
rvs.6.46 Pour on us boldly, Indra, kine and chariotsteeds, ever to be the conquerors' strength.
rvs.6.46 3 We call upon that Indra, who, most active, ever slays the foe:
rvs.6.46 5 O Indra, bring us name and fame, enriching, mightiest, excellent,
rvs.6.46 7 All strength and valour that is found, Indra, in tribes of Nahusas, and all the splendid fame
rvs.6.46 9 O Indra, grant a happy home, a triple refuge triply strong.
rvs.6.46 From these, O Indra Maghavan who lovest song, be closest guardian of our lives.
rvs.6.46 11 And now, O Indra, strengthen us: come near and aid us in the fight,
rvs.6.46 13 When, Indra, in the mighty fray thou urgest chargers to their speed,
rvs.6.47 HYMN XLVII. Indra, Etc. 47
rvs.6.47 No one may conquer Indra in the battle when he hath drunken of the draught we offer.
rvs.6.47 2 This sweet juice here had mightiest power to gladden: it boldened Indra when he siaughtered
rvs.6.47 6 Drink Soma boldly from the beaker, Indra, in war for treasures, Hero, Vrtraslayer-!
rvs.6.47 7 Look out for us, O Indra, as our Leader, and guide us on to gain yet goodlier treasure.
rvs.6.47 High, Indra, are the arms of thee the Mighty: may we betake. us to their lofty shelter.
rvs.6.47 9 Set us on widest chariotseat-, O Indra, with two steeds best to draw, O Lord of Hundreds!
rvs.6.47 10 Be gracious, Indra, let my days be lengthened: sharpen my thought as it were a blade of iron
rvs.6.47 11 Indra the Rescuer, Indra the Helper, Hero who listens at each invocation,
rvs.6.47 Sakra I call, Indra invoked of many. May Indra Maghavan prosper and bless us.
rvs.6.47 12 May helpful Indra as our good Protector, Lord of all treasures, favour us with succour,
rvs.6.47 May helpful Indra as our good Preserver drive from us, even from afar, our foemen.
rvs.6.47 14 Like rivers rushing down a slope, O Indra, to thee haste songs and prayers and linked verses.
rvs.6.47 King of both worlds, hating the high and haughty, Indra protects the men who are his people.
rvs.6.47 Rejecting those who disregard his worship, Indra victorious lives through many autumns.
rvs.6.47 Indra moves multiform by his illusions; for his Bay Steeds are yoked, ten times a hundred.
rvs.6.47 Brhaspati, provide in war for cattle; find a path, Indra, for this faithful singer.
rvs.6.47 22 Out of thy bounty, Indra, hath Prastoka bestowed ten coffers and ten mettled horses.
rvs.6.47 28 Thou Bolt of Indra, Vanguard of the Maruts, close knit to Varuna and Child of Mitra,
rvs.6.47 O Drum, accordant with the Gods and Indra, drive thou afar, yea, very far, our foemen.
rvs.6.47 Drive hence, O Wardrum-, drive away misfortune: thou art the Fist of Indra: show thy firmness.
rvs.6.47 Our heroes, winged with horses, come together. Let our carwarriors-, Indra, be triumphant.
rvs.6.48 14 Your friend like Indra passing wise, with magic power like Varuna.
rvs.6.50 6 With a new hymn extol, O thou who singest, the Lover of the Song, the Hero Indra.
rvs.6.51 11 May they, Earth, Aditi, Indra, Bhaga, Pusan increase our laud, increase the Fivefold people.
rvs.6.51 15 Ye, O most bountiful, are they who, led by Indra, seek the sky.
rvs.6.52 6 Most near, most oft comes Indra with protection, and she Sarasvati, who swells with rivers -
rvs.6.52 11 May Indra, with the Marut host, with Tvastar, Mitra, Aryaman,
rvs.6.55 Brother of Indra, and my Friend.
rvs.6.56 2 And he is best of charioteers. Indra, the heros' Lord, allied
rvs.6.57 HYMN LVII. Indra and Pusan. 57
rvs.6.57 4 When Indra, wondrous strong, brought down the streams, the mighty waterfloods,
rvs.6.57 And Indra, for our great success.
rvs.6.59 Indra and Agni, Gods armed with the thunderbolt, we call this day to come with help.
rvs.6.59 4 Indra and Agni, Friends of Law, served with rich gifts, your speech is kind
rvs.6.59 5 What mortal understands, O Gods, Indra and Agni, this your way?
rvs.6.59 8 The foemans' sinful enmities, Indra and Agni, vex me sore.
rvs.6.59 9 Indra and Agni, yours are all the treasures of the heavens and earth.
rvs.6.60 1. HE slays the foe and wins the spoil who worships Indra and Agni, strong and mighty Heroes,
rvs.6.60 2 So battle now, O Indra and thou, Agni, for cows and waters, sunlight, stolen Mornings.
rvs.6.60 Teamborne-, thou makest kine thine own, O Agni: thou, Indra, light, Dawns, regions, wondrous
rvs.6.60 3 With Vrtraslaying- might, Indra and Agni, come, drawn by homage, O ye Vrtraslayers-.
rvs.6.60 Indra and Agni, show yourselves among us with your supreme and unrestricted bounties.
rvs.6.60 5 The Strong, the scatterers of the foe, Indra and Agni, we invoke;
rvs.6.60 7 Indra and Agni, these our songs of praise have sounded forth to you:
rvs.6.60 12 Give us fleet coursers to convey Indra and Agni, and bestow
rvs.6.60 13 Indra and Agni, I will call you hither and make you joyful with the gifts I offer.
rvs.6.60 Indra and Agni, we invoke you both, the Gods, as Friends for friendship, bringing bliss.
rvs.6.60 15 Indra and Agni, hear his call who worships. with libations poured.
rvs.6.61 Like Indra when he smites the foe.
rvs.6.68 3 Praise those Twain Gods for powers that merit worship, Indra and Varuna, for bliss, the joyous.
rvs.6.68 8 Indra. and Varuna, Gods whom we are lauding, mingle ye wealth with our heroic glory.
rvs.6.68 11 Indra and Varuna, drink your fill, ye Heroes, of this invigorating sweetest Soma.
rvs.6.69 2 Ye who inspire all hymns, Indra and Visnu, ye vessels who contain the Soma juices,
rvs.6.69 3 Lords of joygiving- draughts, Indra and Visnu, come, giving gifts of treasure, to the Soma.
rvs.6.69 4 May your foeconquering- horses bring you hither, Indra and Visnu, sharers of the banquet.
rvs.6.69 7 Drink of this meath, O Indra, thou, and Visnu; drink ye your fill of Soma, WonderWorkers-.
rvs.6.72 1. GREAT is this might of yours, Indra and Soma: the first high exploits were your own
rvs.6.72 3 Ye slew the flood obstructing- serpent Vrtra, Indra and Soma: Heaven approved your exploit.
rvs.6.72 4 Ye in the unripe udders of the milchkine- have set the ripe milk, Indra, thou, and Soma.
rvs.6.72 5 Verily ye bestow, Indra and Soma, wealth, famed, victorious, passing to our children.
rvs.7.2 11 Come thou to us, O Agni, duly kindled, together with the potent Gods and Indra.
rvs.7.6 I laud his deeds who is as strong as Indra, and lauding celebrate the Fortdestroyer-.
rvs.7.10 4 joined with the Vasus, Agni, bring thou Indra bring hither mighty Rudra with the Rudras,
rvs.7.11 5 O Agni, bring the Gods to taste our presents: with Indra leading, here let them be joyful.
rvs.7.18 HYMN XVIII. Indra. 18
rvs.7.18 1. ALL is with thee, O Indra, all the treasures which erst our fathers won who sang thy praises.
rvs.7.18 Hitherward come thy path that leads to riches: may we find shelter in thy favour, Indra.
rvs.7.18 All these my people call thee Lord of cattle: may Indra. come unto the prayer we offer.
rvs.7.18 5 What though the floods spread widely, Indra made them shallow and easy for Sudas to traverse.
rvs.7.18 Indra abandoned, to Sudas the manly, the swiftly flying foes, unmanly babblers.
rvs.7.18 As the skilled priest clips grass within the chamber, so hath the Hero Indra, wrought their
rvs.7.18 13 Indra at once with conquering might demolished all their strong places and their seven castles.
rvs.7.18 And sixandsixty— heroes. For the pious were all these mighty exploits done by Indra.
rvs.7.18 Indra brought down the fierce destroyers' fury. He gave them various roads, the paths' Controller.
rvs.7.18 He pared the pillars' angles with a needle. Thus to Sudas Indra gave all provisions.
rvs.7.18 Cast down thy sharpened thunderbolt, O Indra, on him who harms the men who sing thy praises.
rvs.7.18 19 Yamuna and the Trtsus aided Indra. There he stripped Bheda bare of all his treasures.
rvs.7.18 20 Not to be scorned, but like Dawns past and recent, O Indra, are thy favours and thy riches.
rvs.7.18 Seven flowing Rivers glorify like Indra. He slew Yudhyamadhi in close encounter.
rvs.7.19 HYMN XIX. Indra. 19
rvs.7.19 2 Thou, verily, Indra, gavest help to Kutsa, willingly giving car to him in battle,
rvs.7.19 6 Old are the blessings, Indra, which thou gavest Sudas the worshipper who brought oblations.
rvs.7.19 Favour these, Indra, when they fight with faemen, as Friend and Hero and the heroes' Helper.
rvs.7.19 11 Now, lauded for thine aid, Heroic Indra, sped by our prayer, wax mighty in thy body.
rvs.7.20 HYMN XX. Indra. 20
rvs.7.20 Saving us even from great transgression, Indra, the Youthful, visiteth mans' home with favour.
rvs.7.20 2 Waxing greatness Indra slayeth Vrtra: the Hero with his aid hath helped the singer.
rvs.7.20 Indra the very strong hath scattered armies; yea, he hath slain each foe who fought against him.
rvs.7.20 4 Thou with thy greatness hast filled full, O Indra, even both the worlds with might, O thou Most
rvs.7.20 Lord of Bays, Indra, brandishing his thunder, is gratified with Soma at the banquet.
rvs.7.20 He who with sacrifices worships Indra is lord of wealth, lawborn- and laws' protector.
rvs.7.20 Shall the Immortal sit aloof' inactive? O Wondrous Indra, bring us wondrous riches.
rvs.7.20 8 Thy dear folk, Indra, who present oblations, are, in chief place, thy friends, O Thunderwielder-.
rvs.7.20 10 Place us by food which thou hast given, O Indra, us and the wealthy patrons who command us.
rvs.7.21 HYMN XXI. Indra. 21
rvs.7.21 1. PRESSED is the juice divine with milk commingled: thereto hath Indra ever been accustomed.
rvs.7.21 3 Indra, thou settest free the many waters that were encompassed, Hero, by the Dragon.
rvs.7.21 Indra in rapturous joy shook down their castles he slew them in his might, the Thunderwielder-.
rvs.7.21 5 No evil spirits have impelled us, Indra, nor fiends, O Mightiest God, with their devices.
rvs.7.21 Indra wins wealth and deals it out to others': men in the strife for booty call on Indra.
rvs.7.21 8 The humble hath invoked thee for protection, thee, Lord of great felicity, O Indra.
rvs.7.21 9 May we, O Indra, be thy friends for ever, eagerly, Conqueror, yielding greater homage.
rvs.7.21 10 Place us by food which thou hast given, O Indra, us and the wealthy patrons who command us.
rvs.7.22 HYMN XXII Indra. 22
rvs.7.22 1. DRINK Soma, Lord of Bays, and let it cheer thee: Indra, the stone, like a well guided courser,
rvs.7.22 Delight thee, Indra, Lord of princely treasures.
rvs.7.22 Nor, Indra, thine heroic power and bounty.
rvs.7.22 9 Among all Rsis, Indra, old and recent, who have engendered hymns as sacred singers,
rvs.7.23 HYMN XXIII. Indra. 23
rvs.7.23 1. PRAYERS have been offered up through love of glory: Vasistha, honour Indra in the battle.
rvs.7.23 2 A cry was raised which reached the Gods, O Indra, a cry to them to send us strength in combat.
rvs.7.23 Indra, when he had slain resistless foemen, forced with his might the two worldhalves- asunder.
rvs.7.23 4 Like barren cows, moreover, swelled the waters: the singen sought thy holy rite, O Indra.
rvs.7.23 5 So may these gladdening draughts rejoice thee, Indra, the Mighty, very bounteous to the singer.
rvs.7.23 6 Thus the Vasisthas glorify with praises Indra, the Powerful whose arm wields thunder.
rvs.7.24 HYMN XXIV. Indra. 24
rvs.7.24 1. A HOME is made for thee to dwell in, Indra: O Muchinvoked-, go thitherwith the heroes.
rvs.7.24 2 Indra, thy wish, twicestrong-, is comprehended: pressed is the Soma, poured are pleasant juices.
rvs.7.24 This hymn of praise, from loosened tongue, made perfect, draws Indra to itself with loud invoking.
rvs.7.24 Fairhelmeted-, overcoming with the mighty, and lending us the strength of bulls, O Indra.
rvs.7.24 6 With precious things. O Indra, thus content us: may we attain to thine exalted favour.
rvs.7.25 HYMN XXV. Indra. 25
rvs.7.25 WHEN with thy mighty help, O potent Indra, the armies rush together in their fury.
rvs.7.25 2 O Indra, where the ground is hard to traverse, smite down our foes, the mortals who assail us,
rvs.7.25 4 I wait the power of one like thee, O Indra, gifts of a Helper such as thou art, Hero.
rvs.7.25 5 Here are the Kutsas supplicating Indra for might, the Lord of Bays for Godsent- conquest.
rvs.7.25 6 With precious things, O Indra, thus content us: may we attain to thine exalted favour.
rvs.7.26 HYMN XXVI. Indra. 26
rvs.7.26 1. SOMA unpressed Never gladdened liberal Indra, no juices pressed without a prayer have pleased
rvs.7.26 2 At every laud the Soma gladdens Indra: pressed juices please him as each psalm is chanted,
rvs.7.26 Indra hath taken and possessed all castles, like as one common husband doth his spouses.
rvs.7.26 4 Even thus have they declared him. Famed is Indra as Conqueror, sole distributer of treasures;
rvs.7.26 5 Thus, to bring help to men, Vasistha laudeth Indra, the peoples' Hero, at libation.
rvs.7.27 HYMN XXVII. Indra. 27
rvs.7.27 1. MEN call on Indra in the armed encounter that he may make the hymns they sing decisive.
rvs.7.27 2 Grant, Indra Maghavan, invoked of many, to these my friends the strength which thou possessest.
rvs.7.27 3 King of the living world, of men, is Indra, of all in varied form that earth containeth.
rvs.7.27 4 Maghavan Indra, when we all invoke him, bountiful ever sendeth strength to aid us:
rvs.7.27 5 Quick, Indra, give us room and way to riches, and let us bring thy mind to grant us treasures,
rvs.7.28 HYMN XXVIII. Indra. 28
rvs.7.28 1. COME to our prayers, O Indra, thou who knowest: let thy Bay Steeds be yoked and guided hither.
rvs.7.28 4 Honour us in these present days, O Indra, for hostile men are making expiation.
rvs.7.28 5 We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra, that he may grant us gifts of ample riches,
rvs.7.29 HYMN XXIX Indra. 29
rvs.7.29 1. THIS Soma hath been pressed for thee, O Indra: come hither, Lord of Bays, for this thou lovest.
rvs.7.29 Hymns, only hymns, with love for thee, I weave thee: then hear, O Indra, these mine invocations.
rvs.7.29 Hence I, O Indra Maghavan, invoke thee: thou art our Providence, even as a Father.


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