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rvs.1.12 2 With callings ever they invoke Agni, Agni, Lord of the House,
rvs.1.12 6 By Agni Agni is inflamed, Lord of the House, wise, young, who bears
rvs.1.36 5 Thou, Agni, art a cheering Priest, Lord of the House, mens' messenger:
rvs.1.46 4 He, liberal, lover of the flood, Lord of the House, the vigilant,
rvs.3.2 15 The cheerful Priest, the pure, in whom no guile is found, Friend of the House, praiseworthy-,
rvs.4.4 Mark thou this speech of ours, O thou Most Youthful, Friend of the House, exceeding wise, Invoker.

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