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rvs.2.36 Drink, Indra, from the Hotars' bowl, first right is thine, Soma hallowed and poured with Vasat and
rvs.2.37 1. Enjoy thy fill of meath out of the Hotars' cup: Adhvaryus he desires a full draught poured for
rvs.2.37 Bring it him: seeking this he gives. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the Hotars'
rvs.2.37 4 From Hotars' cup and Potars' he hath drunk and joyed: the proffered food hath pleased him from
rvs.3.35 Accept the sacrificial gift, O Sakra, from the Adhvaryus' hand or from the Hotars'.
rvs.10.66 13 I follow with success upon the path of Law the two celestial Hotars, Priests of oldest time.
rvs.10.98 7 When as chief priest for Santanu, Devapi, chosen for Hotars' duty, prayed beseeching,
rvs.10.110 7 Come the two first celestial sweetvoiced- Hotars, arranging sacrifice for man to worship

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